Never Settle for Less in a Relationship

By on July 21, 2016

Relationships can be incredibly difficult, that’s for sure. But what if you are settling for LESS in a relationship? This is a hardship many of us have gone through at least once in our lives, but we should know how to deal with it and stop it from happening again. These 6 simple tips and tricks will help you to realize when you’re settling for less in a relationship and what to do about it.


1 Know Your Worth

One of the best pieces of advice anyone will ever give you in life is to know your worth, because if you don’t nobody else will know either and they will think they can treat you however they want. Knowing your worth will allow you to decide what kinds of things you will put up with- and what things you won’t. This will help you to never settle for less in a relationship, because you will be sticking to your guns. Knowing your worth means having confidence in yourself, which will also help you in other areas of your life as well. If you don’t yet have confidence, there’s many ways to can achieve this: start by simply pointing out the GOOD qualities about yourself, and write them down on a piece of paper by your mirror. You will notice all of the new qualities being added to your list and realize how amazing you are. Buy clothes that fit you well, and take care of your body by eating healthy and exercising. Hang out with your friends and do well in work or school. Confidence is not something you’re born with, but learned- so teach yourself and reap the astounding benefits.

2 Know What You Want

Okay, so you know your worth; but do you know what you WANT? This may sound like a somewhat silly question, but if you go out into the dating world and don’t know exactly what you are looking for, you may end up with someone you’re not truly happy with- otherwise known as, ‘settling for less’. Before you even THINK about finding someone to be your potential boyfriend, you need to assess what you want. Make a list and be positive about everything you want out of a man, from his looks to his personality, his goals to his behavior- and everything in between. But don’t stop there! You also need to make a list of what you want out of the relationship. Are you expecting a full commitment that may one day lead to marriage? Are you looking for something a little bit more casual? Will you expect certain things from him? These are all imperative questions you need to know before you start seeing someone, that way you will know right off the bat if you are settling for less or not.


3 Don’t Fear Being Alone

This is probably the best piece of advice you will ever get from anyone on this planet! How many of us know a girl who stays in a bad relationship because she’s simply afraid of being alone? (Well, men do this too..) Do you know how awful that is? Yes, I know all too well how frightening the thought of being alone is- it sucks. But in the long run, you will be much happier being with someone who deserves you than simply settling for less because you don’t want to be by yourself. So ladies, I say once more, don’t be afraid of being alone. You will survive. It may be hard at first, but you will reap the benefits later on. Have a good support system around you- friends, family, ice cream- and you will feel better about your decision in no time.

4 Don’t Get Accustomed

After months and months and years and years of dating someone, you can get ‘used’ to them. You can get ‘used’ to the way they treat you, and because you’re so accustomed to it, you don’t even notice that you are settling for less. Don’t be that girl! Don’t be the girl that accepts things she should not simply because she is used to them. If you don’t feel something is right, then don’t settle! If your friends and family mention things to you that you’ve become accustomed to, do a fact check and make sure you aren’t allowing things just because you are comfortable. Again, this is where knowing your worth and knowing what you want comes into handy. When you have those two things, you’re less likely to become accustomed to something because you won’t allow it from the very beginning.

5 Have Goals for Yourself

When you have goals for yourself, you become very focused on them. Being focused on goals of your own will ensure you don’t get sidetracked by any guy that may come your way. Having this type of focus will make you feel more confident in yourself, which is imperative in never settling for less. And remember, whatever guy you end up should back you on all of your goals and help you achieve them. And if he doesn’t? Well, girlfriend, I hate to tell you but that would definitely mean that you are settling for less than you deserve.


6 Don’t Stick Around for the Wrong Reasons

Here’s another thing most of us have done at least once in our lives: sticking around for the wrong reasons. Maybe he is incredibly good-looking, or maybe you don’t want to lose a boyfriend so close to prom night. Maybe the sex is really great, or her has a lot of money. I’m telling you girls, don’t stick around for the wrong reasons if it is less than you deserve. Know when you are settling with someone for a bad reason, and move on. You will be much happier in the long run being with someone else, because eventually the thing you’re sticking around for won’t make you happy enough anymore- or maybe it will disappear completely. basically- it’s not worth it!!

Have you ever settled for less in a relationship? What was the outcome?

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