100 Baby Names That Mean Water

By on August 10, 2017

Water is the font of life and something that human beings have to have to life. It is tranquil, peaceful and effortlessly beautiful. As such, it is a beautiful thing to name your baby after. These 100 baby names that mean water are excellent choices for a baby name. To get started on your baby name search, check out these 100 baby names that mean water.

50 Baby Names That Mean Water for Girls

1. Isla

Isla is a beautiful name that actually means island. In Scotland, it is the name of a river.

2. Maya

This is a beautiful, simple baby name for your little girl. In Roman myths, Maya was the incarnation of the goddess of the spring as well as the mother of the earth. In Hebrew, this name means water.

3. Sedna

This classic name was once the name of the Inuit goddess of the sea.

4. Zarya

This name comes from Slavic mythology. In the myths, Zarya is the protector of warriors as well as a water priestess.

5. Oceane

This pretty name is a feminine way of writing ocean. It is a popular name in France. In Greek myths, Oceanus was the god of the sea.

6. Monroe

This name means the mouth of the Roe River. It was popularized by the celebrity Marilyn Monroe. Mariah Carey also named her little girl Monroe.

7. Marella

This stylish name comes from Japan. In Japanese, it means of the bright sea.

8. Firth

This clever name is a Scottish name for Fjord.

9. Aqua

Aqua means water in Spanish.

10. Cordelia

Cordelia is a lovely, old-fashioned sounding name. It means daughter of the sea, which makes it a perfect baby name that means water for your baby girl.

11. Lake

Lake is a clear cut way to bring the tranquility of water to your baby’s life.

12. Moselle

Moselle is a pretty name from Hebrew that means from the water.

13. Rialta

This unusual name comes from Italy. In Italian, it means deep brook.

14. Talise

This pretty name is actually Native American. It means lovely water. The shorter name Tali means dew.

15. Nixie

This short, cute name is a name for a water spirit.

16. Meredith

This pretty name means sea lord in Welsh. It can also be shortened to the nickname Merry.

17. Hali

In ancient Greece, this was a word for the sea.

18. Ara

Ara is the perfect, short name for a baby girl. In Arabic, this name means brings rain.

19. Loire

In France, this is the name of a river.

20. Rosemary

Rosemary means dew of the sea, but the actual herb has wonderful medical qualities and a pleasant scent. In Greek mythology, rosemary is the symbol of lovers.

21. Noelani

This lovely name means mist of heaven. Since it sounds similar to Noel, we think this would be a great name for baby girls who are born around the holidays.

22. Marlowe

This adorable baby name means from the hill by the lake.

23. Lynn

Lynn, the short and sweet Irish name, meaning ‘lake’, arrived in the 1940s as a diminutive of Linda, but went on to become wildly popular as a first name.

24. Cascade

This lovely baby name calls to mind cascading waterfalls and is the name of the English actress, Cascade Brown.

25. Delta

Delta is a term that means the place where a river divides into smaller sections.

26. Laguna

Laguna is a part of water that is separated by some kind of reef.

27. Michal

This name comes from the Bible. In the Bible, Michal is the daughter of King Saul. She is also the wife of King David. The name means brook.

28. Rain

This pretty name is the perfect way to bring the tranquility of water and rainfall into your baby’s future life.

29. Muriel

This pretty name comes from Celtic mythology and means of the bright sea.

30. Marina

This pretty name comes from the word marine, which means ocean. Marinas are also the place where you dock your boat.

31. Guadalupe

This pretty name means river of black stones. While it was popular a few decades ago, it is less popular today.

32. Darya

This lovely name comes from Iran and means sea.

33. Kai

Kai is one of the only names on this list, and it comes from Hawaii. It is already in the top 200 names for babies today and can be used for boys or girls. This pretty name means sea in Hawaiian.

34. Shannon

Shannon is a popular Irish name that is often heard in the United States. This name means an old, wise river.

35. Rainey

This lovely name means rain.

36. Marilla

In Latin, Marilla means shining sea.

37. Evian

Evian is the name of bottled water, so people often think of water whenever they hear this name. It actually means the Lord is gracious though.

38. Coral

Coral is a beautiful part of the ocean and makes up the beautiful coral reefs.

39. Bayou

Bayou means small stream and would be a great name for a little girl.

40. Kendall

This charming name means valley of the River Kent.

41. Nerida

This is by far one of the more exotic names on this list. In ancient Greek, this name meant sea nymph or mermaid.

42. Tallulah

Tallulah is a variation on an Irish name that meant leaping water.

43. Mira

This lovely name means sea or ocean in Sanskrit. While it may have started in Sanskrit, it is actually fairly common in the United States and Europe as well.

44. Maris

Maris is a pretty name that means of the sea. It is considered one of the names of the Virgin Mary.

45. Kendra

This lovely name is becoming increasingly popular and is said to mean clear water.

46. Fjord

This name means a passage of the sea. Fjord comes from Old Norse and Norwegian, and it can be used for either gender.

47. Anahita

We think that this is one of the prettier names on this list. In Persian, this beautiful name means a river or water goddess.

48. Como

This is an Italian name for lakes and is used in naming the locations.

49. Lucerne

Lucerne is a lovely name that means light.

50. Misty

Misty certainly conjures up images of waters since a misty day is a day when there are many droplets of water in the air.

50 Baby Names That Mean Water for Boys

1. Clifford

Clifford calls to mind the big red dog of children’s books. It actually means lives near the ford by the cliff.

2. Morrissey

This is such a lovely name for a beautiful baby boy. This name comes from Ireland and is a great water-inspired name. This name means choice of the sea.

3. Zale

Zale is such a hip, trendy name. In Greek, this name is said to mean power of the sea or a strong sea.

4. Seaton

This is a cool name for a little boy. It means town by the sea.

5. Ocean

If you want your son to have a name that is clearly related to the sea, Ocean is the name to choose. This beautiful name calls to mind the luminous blue waves of the rolling sea.

6. Hurley

This is an old Irish name that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It can be used for a boy or a girl and is even heard as a surname sometimes. In old Irish, this name means sea tide.

7. Douglas

Douglas is a Scottish name that was more common a few decades ago than it is today. In Scottish, this serene baby name means dark water.

8. Waverly

This lovely name actually means meadow of quivering aspen, but it calls to mind the rippling movement of ocean waves.

9. Morgan

Morgan is a pretty name that means circling sea. It is actually a traditional Welsh name for baby boys.

10. Caspian

This cute name was popularized because of C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. Caspian is the name of a sea between Europe and Asia.

11. Dover

The cliffs of Dover are one of the most iconic images of England. These cliffs are next to the British seaport that connects Britain to France across the English Channel. In Welsh, this lovely name for a baby boy means water.

12. Lincoln

Lincoln is an increasingly popular name because of President Lincoln. During and after his lifetime, Lincoln was known for freeing slaves and leading the Union army during the American Civil War. Lincoln actually means town by the lake.

13. Murphy

Murphy is an English variation of a Gaelic name that means sea warrior.

14. Trent

Trent is a lovely name that actually dates back to ancient Rome. In addition to being the name of an English river, this name also means gushing water in Latin. In 2014, it was one of the top 500 names in the United States.

15. River

River is both a water-based name and a wonderful hippie name. To make this name even more awesome, add a nature-inspired middle name like Robin, Oak or Willow.

16. Po

Po is actually the longest river in Italy, but it would make for a short, cute name for a baby boy.

17. Lir

Lir is a wonderful name for a baby boy, and it has a certain musical quality to it. This name is actually the Irish name for the god of the sea.

18. Hudson

Hudson is a perennial favorite among baby boys. This name actually means Hugh’s son, but it is also the name of a major river in New York state.

19. Coburn

Coburn is a clever, strong name for a little boy. Hailing from Wales, this Welsh name means either rocky water or stony river.

20. Ripley

Ripley calls to mind the rippling movements of the ocean, so it would be a wonderful way to use water to inspire your baby’s name. It is one of our favorite names on this list.

21. Tahoe

Tahoe actually comes from a Native American word that means edge of the lake. Today, most people think of Lake Tahoe in California and Nevada. Along with other place names like Dallas and Nevada, this name is growing in popularity over the last decade or so.

22. Adrian

Adrian is a wonderful name that comes from the Adriatic Sea. It is one of the top 50 baby names in the United States.

23. Llyr

This beautiful name comes to us from Wales. In Welsh, this lovely name means the sea.

24. Sailor

If you want a more obvious selection of a baby name for your little boy, the name Sailor quickly calls to mind nautical themes and the ocean.

25. Harbor

Harbor is the place along the ocean where boats take refuge as they wait out the storm. In poetry, a safe harbor is often a metaphor. This attractive name would be an excellent choice for your baby boy.

26. Bay

Bay is a body of water that is encircled by land.

27. Murray

Murray would be an unusual name choice, but we think that it will quickly become popular in the future. This traditional Irish nae actually means lord of the sea. Before it was used as a given name, it was often just the person’s surname instead.

28. Calder

Calder is one of the hippest names on this list, although it is actually a traditional English name. This trending name means rocky water.

29. Dylan

Dylan has been one of the top 50 names several times during the last five years. This name comes from a sea god, so it means son of the sea. It is short and easy to combine with just about any middle name that you like.

30. Reef

Reef sounds like such a hip, trendy name, although it is rarely used at the moment. A reef is generally a sand bar or a rock beneath the water.

31. Irving

Irving would be a wonderful name. It was originally a Scottish surname, but it is now a first name as well. This Scottish name means green river or sea friend.

32. Beck

This adorable name means stream in Old Norse.

33. Thames

The Thames is the major river that runs through London, and the word actually means river as well.

34. Neptune

Neptune is the god of the water in Roman myths, which makes this a wonderful, water-inspired name.

35. Ford

Ford would be a strong, clever name for your little boy. This English name traditional means a river crossing.

36. Conway

Conway is such a great name for a little boy. In Welsh, this name means holy water. Since few parents are choosing this name at the moment, your son will get to have an entirely original name.

37. Bourne

Bourne is such a strong sounding name for a little boy. This robust name comes from a Middle English word that means one who lives near a stream.

38. Shore

Shore is one of the more straightforward ways to bring water-like inspiration into your baby’s name.

39. Arno

Arno is such an awesome, unusual name. It has a pleasant ring to it and is the name of a river in Florence, Italy. This name is said to mean flower water.

40. Destan

Are you looking for an unusual name? Destan is the one to choose. In French, this name means by the still waters. Unless you move to France, you probably will not hear anyone else with this name.

41. Marsh

A marsh is a low-lying area that tends to flood during wet season or at high tide.

42. Nile

The Nile is the major river in Egypt, and it plays a strong role in Egyptian mythology and history.

43. Wade

Wade is a word that means river crossing. As a verb, it is also what you do when you try to wade through water.

44. Jordon

The Jordan River figures prominently in the Bible and was the place where people where baptized. In honor of their baptism, many of the children baptized in the Jordan River were given this name.

45. Cove

Cove is a small bay or an inlet along the coast, but it would also be a great name for your baby boy.

46. Brook

While Brook was once a girls name, it is becoming increasingly common among boys as well.

47. Rio

Rio is such a hip name for a little boy. In addition to being used in city and place names, this name means river in Spanish and Portuguese.

48. Zambezi

This amazing name has such a wonderful ring to it. It also happens to be the name of the fourth longest river in all of Africa.

49. Arroyo

Arroyo is an unusual name, but it would be a great choice if you want a water-inspired name. This name is used for a gully that is deep and cut by a stream that runs periodically.

50. Danube

The Danube is a river in Vienna, but it would also make for a great name for a little boy.

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