Names Meaning Dragon

By on April 25, 2018

There are a number of reasons why you might choose to pick a word that means dragon for your child. Perhaps you’re looking for a cool new screen name for that online website you use? Or a new password that you know no one else will guess? 

The dragon has meant a lot of things to a lot of cultures and civilizations over the generations, primarily associated with East Asian cultures. The mythical creature seems to mean the same or similar things across the board, however, and in Chinese culture alone, the animal is used as the name for people who are going to grow into outstanding people. Also known as a sign of good luck, a symbol of bravery and strength, and also a note of power, you can understand why the mythical being would mean a lot to a lot of people, and also why different variations of the name and word are commonly used as names across the globe. 

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In some places, particularly Chinese cultures, dragons are considered to be a sign of weather and also water, and are often depicted as the rules of such bodies of water. 

A common tattoo and art design, what does the dragon mean to you? 

Names Meaning Dragon: 

  • Doryu – from Buddhism, this male name means the one who understands the dragon’s ways. 
  • Draco – old English way of saying dragon. 
  • Draco – another male name, this time from Christianity, means the one who is like a dragon or serpent. 
  • Dracon – a male name that means the high and mighty dragon, this Christian name can also mean modern dragon, and also one who has a desire to constantly learn. 
  • Dracul – another Christian name, this one has two meanings — it can mean dragon, but it can also mean evil. (Maybe one to avoid?) 
  • Drago – the name means a mighty and precious dragon, and it’s another boy-orientated name from Christianity. 
  • Dragua – means dragon in Albanian. 
  • Drake – not just one of our favorite singers, this Christian name can mean both dragon and snake, and also one who has the power of these two mythical and great creatures. 
  • Draken – This name is Greek, and means to be powerful, or the powerful dragon. 
  • Drayce – an English-borne male name, this one means to be intelligent and mighty and is also linked to mythical dragons. 
  • Drayke – a name derived from ‘drake’ (duck), means someone who has the power of a dragon in English, usually for a boy. 
  • Dreki – means dragon in Icelandic. 
  • Druk – means dragon in Bhutanese. 
  • Ejder – this Kurdish name means one who has a very thoughtful and serious nature, and is also another male name for dragon. 
  • Eragon – another English name for boys, Eragon is the name of a fictional dragon-riding chap. 
  • Fafner – a name derived from Norse mythology, this boy name symbolises the power and strength of a dragon. 
  • Hiryur – aJapanese name for boys, it can be used to depict someone who is very spontaneous and adaptable, and also a flying dragon. 
  • Jiao-long – a Chinese name for boys, it can mean both a scaled dragon, and one who looks or appears dragon-like. 
  • Ju-long – another Chinese name for boys, it can be used to symbolise someone who is mighty or large, and also strong, just like the mythical dragon. 
  • Kaida – this Islamic name for girls actually has origins in Japan, and literally translates to “Little Dragon”. 
  • Kayda – similar to Kaida, the female-orientated name also translates to “Little Dragon”. 
  • Kelekona – means dragon in Hawaiian. 
  • Khuzaimah – this Arabic name is unisex, and doesn’t mean dragon, but more dragon tree. 
  • Libelle – a girl name of German descent, this name translates into “dragonfly”. 
  • Long – this male name of Chinese descent is said to mean one who is like the mythical dragon. 
  • Naga – means dragon in Malay. 
  • Pandragon – this Anglo-Saxon name means to be as powerful, mighty, and strong as the head of the mythical dragon. 
  • Ryoko – this female name is Japanese in origin, and means a woman who is just like the dragon — has the same traits as the dragon. 
  • Ryoto – this male name is Japanese in origin, and means a man who is just like the dragon — has the same traits as the dragon. 
  • Ryu – this male name is Japanese, once again, and means to be as mighty and as powerful as the dragon. 
  • Ryuu – same as Ryu, but with a slightly different spelling. 
  • Tatsuo – another Japanese name, this one female, it comes from the Shinto religion and means a dragon who is female. 
  • Tatsuya – another Japanese and Shinto name, this male name means “sign of the dragon”.

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