60 Nail Designs For Short Nails

By on July 8, 2015

A woman’s manicure says a lot about her personality and sense of style. Nowadays, having beautiful nails is just as important as wearing the right accessories. There are hundreds of designs available, but not all of them are in trend. The key to having a chic manicure is to adhere to a couple of basic principles. First, you should know that certain designs are not appropriate for daytime; second, before applying nail polish make sure your nails have a beautiful, even shape. Last but not least, don’t wear colors and designs you don’t feel comfortable with. Here are 60 amazing nail design for short nails you might want to consider for this summer.

1. Gray Combo with Reverse Negative Design

short nail design_2

via zuri

It looks like negative designs are getting more and more popular with every day that goes by. We love the reverse pattern, as well as the dark/light beige combo. Roundly shaped and neatly polished, this nail design is clean, modern and stylish; perfect for a night out with the girls.

2. Romantic Pastels

short nail design_3

via leda_7/instagram

The summer season is all about vivid colors and beautiful pastels. If you want to make an impression with a cool nail design, the photo above can be used as inspiration. Combine light blue polish with almost nude-yellow and your hands will look lovely. If you’re in the mood for something more, consider discreet floral designs on top.

3. Pink with Stripes and Glittery Accents 

short nail design_4via fenzyme

Delicious pink is a nuance we just can’t ignore. It is absolutely fabulous, and it work beautifully in combination with matte white and glitter. In terms of design, stripes are in high demand this season. They’ll make your nails looks like the yummiest lollipop.

4. Classic Light Pink & Golden Stripes 

short nail design_5

via jayannecosmetics

Since we just mentioned that stripes are in trend this season, how about making your classic French manicure pop with thin golden stripes? Consider the design on your index finger, and complete your hand’s look with an equally striking ring. As for the base color of the nail, coral looks fantastic on women with short nails.

5. Glittery Nail Design & Trio Coloring

short nail design_5

via tumblr

If you’re crazy about colorful nail polish but you don’t want your hands to look tacky or cheap, you should consider a palette from the same family. Red, black and brown blend harmoniously together; top with golden glitter and you’re done.

6. Pastel Yellow with Flowers

short nail design_6

via instagram/nailsbysophia

Matte yellow can be such as romantic color for the summer. Mix it with pink or green and your hands will definitely grab people’s attention on the street. However, make sure you don’t use striking yellow; consider a lighter version and your nails will look chic and modern.

7. Creamy Beige & Zigzag Glitter 

short nail design_7

via instagram/nailsbysophia

This creamy blend of beige with pink makes an ideal nail polish nuance. But because some women may consider it to be too simple, you can always add more flair to the design with zigzags. Consider glittery hues on one or two nails, and you’ll adore the final outcome.

8. Hot Black & Red with Hearts

short nail design_8

via instagram/nailside

Red is such a hot color. Pair it with black and have some hearts designed on the nail and you’ll have the coolest manicure. Perfect for daytime, the design goes really well with a little black dress.

9. Light Brown with  Bronzy Glitter

short nail design_9

via nailpolis/crisalvarado17

This earthy nuance of brown is incredibly alluring. Use glitter at the base of the nail, in the same nuance, and your nails will be all set for the party. Discreet but at the same time enticing, the design will instantly grab people’s attention.

10. Light Blue with Pretty Designs

short nail design_10

via nailpolis/9th princess

Light blue is a perfect summer shade. In combination with pretty, structural designs it becomes alive. Ideal for short nails, this ocean blue manicure will complement beautifully a fresh, fluid summer dress.

11. Shiny Black with Funny Drawings 

short nail design_11

via nailpolis/9th princess

Give a twist to your classic black nails, and consider the most interesting designs. These funny eyes drawn right on the nail look hilarious. Pair the manicure with a boyish, casual look and feel comfortable this weekend while also looking chic and stylish.

12. Lovely Tartan Design

short nail design_12

via nailpolis/Bec Symonds

We love tartan! The design is so structural and appealing for women with short nails. Use the design on a turquoise base, and make your nails look ravishing. For the lines, black polish is the best.

13. Splatter Paint Manicure 

short nail design_13

via nailpolis/Emma N.

This splatter paint manicure is incredibly fun and easy to do. All you have to do is grab a straw and soak it in polish. Blow gently from the other end onto the nail; the end result will look both messy and stylish.

14. Mechanics Nail Art 

short nail design_14

via spookynails

This nail design for short nails looks spectacular. The drawings are so meticulous and attentively made. Perfect for free-spirited women, the base is red. The mechanical designs are crafted with gold, so that the end result looks polished and royal-like.

15. Black & Gray Nail Design

short nail design_15

via instagram/nailsbyangiee

Black and gray is such an elegant combination for a manicure. The two colors blend perfectly, and they’re capable of making the simplest outfit come to life. Consider discreet sparkles spread on the nails too, and enjoy a chic nail design that will instantly grab attention.

16. Fuchsia with Silvery Glitter Design 

short nail design_16

via nailasaurus

This reversed fuchsia ombre is adorable. In combination with glittery gray, the design looks minimalistic and elegant. We love the manicure because it looks polished and neat.

17. Navy Blue with Heart Designs

short nail design_17

via fashionmio

Navy blue is a nuance that can’t go unnoticed. Consider the deepest color for your short nails, and bring the design to life with free-hand hearts drawn with white polish.

18. Pink with Polka Dots

short nail design_18

via polishpedia

Pink is a lovely color, although you might want to stay away from those super bright shades. Consider pastel pink, and make your manicure appear playful with fun polka dots at the tips. A must-have nail design for this hot summer season!

19. Nude and Striped Accents

short nail design_19via botanicalnails

If you don’t like colorful nail polish, you can always opt for nude shades. These are an excellent canvas for additional graphics designs, such as zigzags, hearts and stripes. Consider black polish for the drawings and some glitter to make the manicure appear trendy and chic.

20. Baby Blue with White Tips 

short nail design_20

via thetrendynail

This bright baby blue nuance is fantastic. Paired with matte white tips, the manicure goes perfectly with casual accessories and a cool, urban outfit. Make sure your wardrobe has at least one item in the same bright blue, just to have some balance.

21. Gradient Blue and Silver Lines

short nail design_21

via fenzyme

Since we can’t get enough of the blue, you should also try out this gradient manicure with sliver lines. It looks both minimalistic and stylish.

22. Dark Gray with Turquoise Accents 

short nail design_22

via glamradar

Sometimes the simplest nail design can also be the coolest. The dark gray featured in the picture above looks stunning. We love that the perfect harmony created between the nails was disrupted by that sleek turquoise design on the ring finger.

23. Black Leopard Nails 

short nail design_23via Vanessa Ortega

Are you a dangerous feline eager to highlight her coolest outfit? Begin with proper accessories; consider painting your nails in this leopard-inspired design, and be ready to make an unforgettable impression on your friends.

24. Nude with Graphic Designs

short nail design_24via wsdear

Nude is a clean, fresh and soft choice of color for a manicure. However, just to spice it up you might want to consider additional graphic designs drawn onto the nails. Maintain a color balance, and play with shapes and patterns. Keep the nude as a dominant hue, and use light orange, blue and purple as additionals.

25. Matte Burgundy 

short nail design_25

via beautyhihi

Matte burgundy is a more conservative color for your nails. Suitable at the workplace, the hue appear sophisticated and it goes really well with a business-like outfit.

26. Aztec Nails

short nail design_26via pshiiit

If you’re a free-spirited type of woman who loves vintage things, then you’ll absolutely adore this Aztec-inspired nail design. Colorful and playful!

27. Tibal Nail Art with Blue Patterns


via monkeynailart

The tribal-inspired manicure is in high demand this season. Women love it because it adds originality to any outfit you decide to wear. Wear the cool blue nail design with fun patterns, and make a difference among all your friends.

28. Matte Nail Art

short nail design_28

via buzznails

Matte nail art in warm colors is the best. Consider light blue, dark blue, white and soft purple, and make your manicure appear the most original. Use fun heart shapes and cute messages too, and personalize your manicure after your own personality.

29. Starbucks Inspired Nail Art 

short nail design_29

via ideasforbeautypic

We all love Starbucks coffee! But have you ever tried the Starbucks-inspired manicure? It looks fun and playful, and it really suits women with short nails too. Wear it with a sporty outfit and make an unforgettable impression everywhere you go.

30. Black Manicure with Shiny Turquoise Designs

short nail design_30

via Chloe’s Nails

This innovative black manicure with turquoise leaf designs is breathtaking. It looks sophisticated and polished; wear it with an evening gown and discreet jewelry, and prepare yourself to wow everyone that’s looking.

31. Funny Minion Inspired Nail Art

short nail design_31

via squishstyle

This funny Minion-inspired nail art is hilarious. We adore the bright yellow nail polish, as well as the drawings. If you’re the kind of woman with a developed sense of humor, the design will certainly make your personality pop.

32. Gray with Black Dots 

short nail design_32

via naildesignideaever

Gray nail polish can be so elegant if paired with the right accessories and clothes. To make the design appear innovative, have your manicure seem different with small black dots. This way you’ll look elegant and chic without trying to hard.

33. Delicious Glittery Pink Nails

short nail design_33

via lunedress

Reverse space is a form of design we absolutely love in a manicure. Opt for glittery pink spaces and consider a matte beige nuance for the rest of the nail. Breathtaking!

34. Short Nails with Circuit Design

short nail design_34via nailasaurus

Are you a tech freak? Do you have a thing for mechanics? Because if that’s the case you should give this manicure with circuit design a try. It looks so polished on a purple base.

35. Sweet Pink with Sparkles 

short nail design_35

via pshiiit

The cutest nail design is the combination of pink with glittery pink. Excellent for any occasion, the manicure is an ideal choice for women with short nails.

36. Black & White with Structural Patterns

short nail design_37

via Instagram/sonailicious

These black and white structural patterns make the above manicure look so minimalistic. Also, the blend of matte and shiny black is absolutely incredible. Wear this nail art at a formal party and all eyes will be on your hands.

37. Striking Matte Black Nails with Purple Linings 

short nail design_38

via fashioners

In combination with deep purple, black matte nail polish looks expensive and modern. The nail design is bold and striking, perfect for the uptown girl who’s not afraid to take a risk.

38. Nude with Sparkling Gray Tips

short nail design_36via naildesignidea

If you’re not a fan of colorful nail polish, you could opt for a transparent polish. To make the manicure appear original have the tips painted in glittery gray. The final result will look modern and elegant.

39. Matter Blue & Glittery Gold 

short nail design_39

via Instagram/nailsbysophia

Matter blue and glittery gold are a killer combination for a manicure. Redefine the classic French nail design, and opt for this innovative manicure for short nails.

40. Nude with Black Negative Space

short nail design_40

via 7×7

Women adore manicures with negative spaces because they’re so original and attention-grabbing. Consider black spaces on all-natural, transparent nails, and draw people’s attention even if you have the shortest nails.

41. Gorgeous Deep Blue & Glittery Accents

short nail design_41

via hercampus

Are you heading to a party and you don’t know what accessories to wear? Wear striking nail polish instead of jewelry and consider this super deep shade of blue; have one or two nails painted in glittery blue for an added wow effect.

42. Glossy Coral 

short nail design_42

via beautytidbits

Sometimes the simplest nail design can have the greatest impact. Coral nail polish looks so sleek and stylish when topped with an extra glossy layer.

43. Glittery Black 

short nail design_43via nordstrom

Short nails can look sexy too! Have yours trimmed in an oval shape and paint them in glittery black. That’s everything you need to look gorgeous and feel confident, whether at a party of at the office.

44. Chalkboard Manicure

short nail design_44

via fashionista

Believe it or not, chalkboard manicure exists. Some women may consider it weird, while others may actually think it’s cool and enticing.

45. Deep Cherry with Golden Accents 

short nail design_45via sonailicious

Cherry and gold, two striking colors that work so beautifully together. Opt for interesting designs and give your nails a royal allure.

46. Black with Chic White Graphics

short nail design_46

via Instagram/thenailtrail

Graphic, tribal designs are in trend this summer season. Wear the coolest drawings on a black base and be the proud owner of the fanciest manicure.

47. Classic French with a Twist

short nail design_47

via nailartgallery

The classic French manicure will never go out of style. However, to make yours appear a bit different, have the tips outlined with golden stripes.

48. Reversed French with Glittery Accents

short nail design_48

via nailartgallery

This reversed French manicure is adorable. The natural color of the nail at the base blends perfectly with sparkling pink.

49. Mirror Ball Nails with Reversed French

short nail design_49

via nailartgallery

And since we just can’t get enough of the reversed French manicure, how about making yours pop? This mirror ball nail design looks both fresh and elegant.

50. Pastel Purple and Orange Nail Art

short nail design_50

via Instagram/sonailicious

Redefine the classic French manicure and consider oblique patterns rather than horizontal. Ditch the white for light purple and pastel orange, and enjoy the fresh outcome.

51. Nude Pearled Manicure

short nail design_51

via dailymakeover

Brides-to-be brace yourselves! Rather than opt for that old-fashioned French manicure, you should consider this cool pearled design. It looks fresh and modern, but also original and really attractive.

52. Golden Nail Art Design

short nail design_52

via Golden Girl

Choose to be daring this summer, and have your nails painted in gold. Make sure your accessories are also gold-like, just to maintain balance and be sure your whole outfit looks chic and stylish.

53. Coral Nail Art with Black Drawings 

short nail design_53

via Instagram/nailsbysophia

Coral and palm trees on your nails! What more can you ask for? Wear this original manicure at the beach, and be ready to turn some heads around.

54. Gray-Green Nail Art with Dots 

short nail design_54

via pshiiit

The nail polish in the picture above seems like the perfect combination between light green and gray. It is perfect for the summer, especially when topped with sweet white dots.

55. Colorful Pastels

short nail design_55

via beautyhihi

This cute pastel manicure looks more like a rainbow. The base of the nail was maintained all-natural, and the tips were polished with the maddest, most ingenious pastel combo.

56. Color-blocking Nail Design

short nail design_56

via sonailicious

Just because you have short nails, it doesn’t mean you can’t make them pop. Check out this amazing color-block combination of coral and deep purple; it is gorgeous!

57. Gradient Coloring 

short nail design_57

via popsugar

Give your short nails a complete makeover and have them painted in three colors, all belonging to the same nuance. Deep red, pink and lighter pink for example is an excellent combination you can opt for.

58. Nude with Brown Dots

short nail design_58

via ameblo

You can never go wrong with this cool nude manicure. But if you think it’s too simple, have some of the nails decorated with brown dots.

59. Animal-Themed Nail Art 

short nail design_59

via stylecraze

Are you a cat person? Because now you can state your love for cats out loud. Consider this cool black and white design, and enjoy!

60. Daisy Nail Art 

short nail design_60

via designsponge

This daisy-inspired manicure looks so fresh and original. Wear it with a summer dress and let your dashing personality shine through.

There you have it gals – 60 of the coolest, most beautiful manicure designs for short nails! Which one is your favorite?


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