Nail art idea and inspiration

By on December 1, 2013

The fingernails and toenails in women are more than just protective elements. It’s a class of beauty that can be manipulated in different ways thus the reason why it’s referred to as an art and everyone that employs the ideas goes on to inspire another. Are you seeking some art nail inspirations? There are a lot you can do to your nails to make it to those catwalks, celebrities and beauty brands lists, however, you must be attentive and go through the few tricks and tactics that must be employed as listed on this article.


You must learn the difference multiple designs related and interrelated. The geometric print is a good place to start and so are the holographic diamond designs.

The pixie lott manicure with a mix of red and black is the fold manicure style that is getting a lot of reflection among women and celebrities these days. You cannot be an icon if you are not ready to look different.

Silver nails

Silver nails that showcases the metallic trend of nails and the chic like design that also ignites the feminine creature inside a woman.

Metallic studs with nail glue

Metallic studs with nail glue can make you look fierce, but is that the objective or is it beauty? Well, even beauty can be fierce. Combining those studs with matte finish like black nail polish will embellish that punk look.


Spiky extensions make your nails resemble those of a cat. However, this is fashion and beauty yet to be explored. You can use these spiky extensions with black nail polish and fix them with glue to stick. Nail fitters are also used in place of glue to fit the spikes on your natural nails!

fade out two colors nails

The fade out two colors like appearance makes the sponging gold become a world class option for finger nails pimping. This is especially classy when a smattering glitter is carefully added to enhance the sparkle nature of the nails and the general appearance.


There are new design ideas everyday and creativity is applied everywhere to improve living standards and style. Even the old methods can be spiced up by including some modern trends and this is what the light pink nail polish can be more exciting if added some more markings on the sides like in grey.

Overall, the color of the nails that you apply and the way you pimp yourself all depends on the initial skin color. Beauticians will guide you but more importantly, you must have your own style.

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