10 Signs You’ve Found Your Soulmate

By on July 24, 2015

Relationships are confusing, no doubt. And whether you’ve been in 20 relationships or 1, we all end up with the same underlying question: “Is this person my SOULMATE?” Put those worries to rest and find out if your significant other is truly your soulmate by checking out these top 10 signs you’ve found them!


1. The Relationship Comes Easy 

Everything just seems to go smoothly, all the time. Sure, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, but it seems like you and your partner come pretty close. Your conversations are always fun and interesting, and you’re never bored around each other- even when you’re not saying a word. You don’t worry or struggle and you really don’t fight all that often. It’s just, easy!

2. You Can’t Imagine Life Without Them

Of course, we’ve all said this at one point or another, and we ended up being PERFECTLY fine without that person. But when it’s your soulmate, it’s so much more than that. You can’t imagine your significant other not sharing in your day to day activities, not being there at the end of the day. You can’t imagine going through the rest of your life without them by your side- the good, the bad, and everything in between. They are truly your better half and a PART of your life, and life would really change without them.

3. You Have an Unbreakable Bond

It’s one of those bonds that other people won’t understand. How are you guys SO close? How are the two of you ALWAYS getting along? You’re the couple that are more than just boyfriend and girlfriend, you’re best friends, and NOTHING comes in between the two of you.

4. They Always Know What to Do

When you’re having a bad day, they know exactly what to do to make you feel better. They’re the only person that can instantly make you laugh and giggle, even when you don’t feel like smiling. Something serious happen in your life that made you extremely sad? Their hug seems to make everything better in an instant. It’s amazing how they always know what to do, no matter what mood you’re in or how bad the mood is.

5. The Chemistry Never Dies Off

We’ve all been in one of those relationships that started off hot and heavy, but ended up with a short fuse. The flame burned off just as quickly as it started! But when you’re with your soulmate, the chemistry never dies off. Even if you’ve spent 5 years together, sparks still fly. You always have something to talk about and you always have an amazing time together. You still get butterflies in your stomach every time you see them, and every time you kiss, there’s fireworks all around you.

6. You Know What Each Other is Thinking WIthout Saying a Word

Have you ever been SO close to someone that you can read what each other is saying, without saying a word? This has probably happened with your best gal pal at least a hundred times, and if you’re with your soulmate, it will happen with them too. You should be able to know what they’re thinking without a single word spoken. You should be able to feel what they’re feeling without them having to tell you anything. It’s just being in sync with your partner and understanding them on a whole new level.

7. You’re Completely Comfortable With Each Other

Have you ever been with someone and you’re afraid to show your true colors? Maybe you just feel nervous around them, and don’t want to say or do the wrong thing. If you’ve found your soulmate, you’ll be one hundred percent comfortable with them. Nothing will phase you. You are free to be yourself, whether it’s good or bad. You’re not afraid to talk about anything and everything and nothing makes you feel nervous or embarrassed. You know they won’t judge you for anything you do, and you feel like you’re hanging around your best friend that you’ve known for over 10 years. It’s a great feeling, and you hold absolutely nothing back!

8. You Have No Desire to Find Someone Else

Sometimes when we’re in a relationship, we still have a bit of a wandering eye. And yes, it’s totally normal to find other people attractive while we’re exclusive with someone. But this is different. You sometimes wonder what it would be like to be with someone else, that maybe you’d have a better relationship with the guy you met at work the other night. You think maybe this relationship is a mistake. Well, if you’re in a relationship with your soulmate, you can say sayonara to these feelings. You won’t have a desire to find anyone else, in fact, the thought will never cross your mind. Remember: you couldn’t IMAGINE life without them, so why would you even dream of being with anyone other than them?

9. You Love Everything About Them

You look at your partner, and you can’t see a single thing wrong with them. Their quirky personality is utterly adorable, their slightly bent nose is as cute as can be, and their silly smile melts your heart. Everything about them sends shivers down your spine and makes your heart flutter with joy. Even their most annoying tendencies and habits don’t really bother you, and you even find them somewhat cute. To put it plainly: you love every single thing about them, and wouldn’t change them for the world. They are perfect in your eyes.

10. They Make You a Better Person

Your partner- whether they’re your soulmate or not- should make you a better person. They should push and encourage you towards your goals. They should stand by you no matter what and always offer a shoulder to cry on, a hand to help, or a few encouraging words when things get tough. They should not only be there and support you, but ignite a spark inside of you that actually makes you want to better yourself in every way, whether it’s losing a couple pounds, getting a promotion at work, or going after your dreams.

Have you found your soulmate? How did you know?


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