10 Movies Like the Notebook

By on December 3, 2014

Whether you are getting over a breakup or just love romantic movies, the Notebook is one of the best options that you can choose. Unfortunately, you can only watch the Notebook ten…or twenty…or thirty…times before you need to find a different movie. On the following list of films, you will find some of the best romances and a few that manage to live up to the Notebook in terms of quality and plot lines.



Directed by Jerry Zucker in 1990, Ghost is one of the classic romance films. In the early portions of the film you will be instantly attracted to the tragedy and love story that are portrayed. Since this can be a bit of a sad film, make sure to pack a box of tissues because there will be tears. If fall in love with the movie, you can also check out the musical version of Ghost. It has music written by Dave Steward and is an equally strong love story.


Pretty Woman

If you have never seen Pretty Woman, you should stop reading this article and turn it on immediately. Pretty Woman is a modern version of a Cinderella story. Starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, it follows the life of a prostitute who ends up meeting a high-powered businessman who stops for directions. After meeting the Roberts, Gere’s character buys her time for the entire week. As they begin to fall for each other, viewers are left wondering if the love is made to last. It is the quintessential rags-to-riches story about love conquering all.

how to lose a guy

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

If you blinked during 2003, you could have easily missed the film, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. This movie starred the lovely Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. In the movie, Hudson plays a journalist who wants to write an article about turning a guy away over just ten days. In the mean time, McConaughey’s character bets that he can make a girl fall in love with him completely in just ten days. Like most romantic comedies, this film has a few hilarious moments, embarrassing mishaps and a tear jerker ending.


Dirty Dancing

After hitting the theaters in 1987, Dirty Dancing has turned into one of the most popular romantic films of all times. It stars the talented Jennifer Grey and Hollywood heartthrob, Patrick Swayze. Like many romances, the character played by Grey falls in love with a boy, Johnny (Swayze), from the wrong side of the tracks. While on summer vacation, she starts to take dance lessons from Johnny. As her dancing skills increase, her love for him begins to increase as well. As the end of the film, fans are left on edge wondering if love will ultimately be more important than prestige or money.


Notting Hill

One of the cutest romantic comedies of all time is actually fairly unknown. It stars the talented Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. In the movie, Julia Roberts is a movie star like she is in real life. She ends up encountering Will (Hugh Grant) in the bookstore that he owns. It is love at first sight for the pair, but they try to keep their blossoming relationship under wraps. While it tugs at the heart strings, this film also manages to be enormously hilarious. Plus, Hugh Grant’s accent is undeniably sexy. For a happily ever after ending, check out this film.


Definitely, Maybe

Directed by Adam Brooks in 2008, Definitely, Maybe is fairly similar to the Notebook. It follows the tale of Will (played by Ryan Reynolds) and his daughter, Myla (played by Abigail Breslin). Will tells the story of the three most important relationships in his life, but does not reveal which relationship was with her mother. To make it more interesting, he changes the name of each woman so that Myla keeps guessing. Meanwhile, a divorce is impending and jealousy, romance and attraction are in the air. All of these features add up to an especially poignant film that is the perfect beginning to any romantic movie marathon.



When it comes to romances, few films can compete with the Blockbuster hit, Titanic. This movie follows the characters of Jack and Rose who are played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. In the film, Rose and Jack are aboard the Titanic and headed toward America. Rose feels trapped by her rich upbringing and her mother’s decision that she marry a rich man who is also aboard the ship. In comparison, Jack hopped the Titanic in steerage as a chance to reach a new world of opportunity. When the pair meet, it leads to immediate passion and sparks almost visibly shoot between the two of them. As any historian knows, the Titanic did not end well in real life and this ending does not change in the movie. If you want a story about true love and a chance to cry, this is the movie to watch.


Jane Eyre

If you love reading books, you probably read Jane Eyre as a child. Before orphan Annie was a legend, Jane Eyre was the original down-and-out orphan girl. The film follows the parallel lives of Mr. Rochester, Mrs. Rochester and Jane. Each scene between Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester is a perfect example of withheld passion. This emotionally intense movie keeps you at the edge of your seat and full of hope that these characters will be able to love freely by the end of the movie. Directed by Cary Fukunaga in 2011, this film stars the exceptional actors, Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender.


Gone With the Wind

Produced in 1939, Gone With the Wind does not contain the exceptional visual quality or special effects of a modern film. Fortunately, that does not matter at all. This old film perfectly illustrates the love of a Civil War era Southern belle and a bad boy. In the movie, Scarlet O’Hara’s goal is to get the gorgeous Ashley Wilkes to marry her instead of Melanie. As she manipulates those around her, the dashing Rhett Butler enters her life. As the movie unfolds, Butler remembers again and again until she realizes belatedly that he was the one she truly loved all along. This awe-inspiring tale has remained a classic because of its intricate plot line, tragic ending and talented storytelling.


Moulin Rouge

The last movie on this list of 10 movies like the notebook happens to be one of my favorite romances of all time. Part of the attraction of this film is due to the talented direction given by Baz Luhrman. You may recognize his name from the recent blockbuster film, the Great Gatsby. Before he made the Great Gatsby, Baz created a romantic film that will remain a classic for decades. In the movie, Nicole Kidman plays Satine and Ewan McGregor plays the writer. Satine is a famed courtesan at the Moulin Rouge while Christian (McGregor) is the bohemian writer who is supposed to write a play for the Moulin Rouge. From the moment they first meet, Christian falls in love with the undeniably gorgeous Satine. Amusing mishaps, mistaken identities and a doomed love story all make up the remainder of this exceptional film. Even if it did not have an awe-inspiring love story, you would still want to watch it for the artistic design, exceptional songs and beautiful colors.


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