20 Movies Like Mean Girls

By on December 11, 2014

Sometimes, it is impossible to find a replacement for a classic high school film like Mean Girls. If you are willing to give it a go, these are 20 movies like Mean Girls. They may not be quite the same as Lindsay Lohan’s last major movie, but these movies are fairly close. They have some the same romantic characteristics, high school settings and satirical points. A few of them provide a more modern update to Mean Girls. The House Bunny utilizes a college sorority while Strangers With Candy is about a middle-aged ex-addict. Choose your favorites or schedule a movie marathon—you are sure to find some hits that you have not seen yet on this list.

Of course, there may be a few ladies out there who have never seen Mean Girls. To catch up: Mean Girls is a movie that follows a high school transfer student who was home schooled for the previous portion of her life. Like so many high school movies, she goes from the awkward nerd to the pretty popular girl over the course of the movie. Played by Lindsay Lohan, Mean Girls also starred the lovely Rachael McAdams and Jonathan Bennett. If Mean Girls tops your list of favorite movies, you are sure to enjoy the following 20 movies that are like Mean Girls.


The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Perks of Being a Wallflower is one of the more recent films on this list. Based on a book by the same name, this movie narrates a classic coming-of-age tale. Written by Stephen Chobsky, it looks at how we choose and build our relationships. Starring the talented Emma Watson, the Perks of Being a Wallflower shows that sometimes there are people that we just have to let go of. Unlike most books that were turned into movies, this film is actually fairly accurate. You can always read the book before or after watching the film—the book is worth the time.


John Tucker Must Die

Did anyone else wait impatiently for American Dreams as a child? If you did, you are already familiar with the phenomenal acting talent of Brittany Snow. Along with Arielle Kebbel, Jesse Metcalfe, Sophia Bush and Ashanti, Brittany Snow stars in the cult classic, John Tucker Must Die. In the movie, these girls have their hearts broken by the player John Tucker (played by Jesse Metcalfe). The trio of girls played by Ashanti, Arielle Kebbel and Sophia Bush discover that John Tucker has been dating all three of them. With the help of shy Kate (Brittany Snow), they begin to plot their revenge on John Tucker. Humiliation is the name of the game in this amusing film about retribution.


The Craft

Before Harry Potter was in theaters, the Craft was one of my favorite witchy shows. Produced in 1996, this movie was directed by Andrew Fleming. It basically followed a group of four teenage girls played by Rachel True, Robin Tunney, Neve Campbell and Fairuza Balk. These girls use their magical talent for their own gain in this dark, yet amusing, movie. In the film, they plot revenge on the popular kids and have fun doing it. If you had a rough time in high school or a love of magical movies, this is the film to see.



Most people have probably seen Clueless before. If you have never seen this film and you loved Mean Girls, you will most likely enjoy Clueless. It is basically a ’90s version of the Mean Girls with Cher and Dionne. Like Mean Girls, it contains a social transformation of unpopular to exceptionally popular. This is one of the films that should be placed on your movie bucket list.


Easy A

Easy A follows the story of a young girl who lies about losing her virginity to help gain socially and financially. It stars Emma Stone and was directed by Will Gluck. If you did not see this movie when it came out in 2010, then you missed out. It is exceptionally clever and interesting for a high school film. Even better, it stars Emma Stone who is phenomenal playing the lead role.


Cruel Intentions

Dangerous Liasons was the inspiritation for Cruel Intentions. If you thought that the plot line was messed up set hundreds of years in the past, then you will certainly think that this film is more than a little questionable in the modern era. Basically ,this follows the story of a step-brother and step-sister. They make a bet of the worst type. He has to get a girl known for her virginity—played by Reese Witherspoon—to sleep with him. If he does that, then his step-sister (played by Sarah Michelle Gellar) will sleep with him. If he loses, then he has to give his step-sister his jaguar. The plot line is interesting and intense to watch. Although it is trashy at times, it is still an extremely clever adaption of the Choderlos de Laclos French novel and the more recent film, Dangerous Liasons.


Never Been Kissed

For everyone who had a rough time in high school, Never Been Kissed is your dream movie. In this story, Drew Barrymore plays Josie Geller. Josie is a writer who is told to go undercover by her editor as a high school student to reveal what students are up to. In the process, she completely rewrites the past. Instead of being an unpopular, shy girl, she becomes one of the best liked, most popular girls in school. She falls in love with her teacher and basically ends up making movie magic. If you like Drew Barrymore as an actress, this is really one of her better films to watch.


Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Fast Times at Ridgemont High is known for being a good movie to watch—and a must-see classic film. It was released in the 1980s, but it has already been listed on many of the “Top 100 Movies Ever” charts. This movie was written by Cameron Crowe and contains actors like Pheobe Cates. You may also recognize the director, Amy Heckerling, because she also directed Clueless. Poignant and amusing, this is a great film to watch over the weekend or on date night.


Legally Blonde

Reese Witherspoon is one of my favorite actresses—two of her films are on this list. Legally Blonde is one of those films that is quoted over and over again. It follows the story of a sorority queen who finishes college. Her boyfriend breaks up with her because he needs a politically suitable wife. To show him that she is more than just a dumb blonde, she enrolls in law school with him and sets out to prove her own worth. This film was so popular that they made a sequel. Like most film series, I barely remember the second movie—but the first Legally Blonde is worth every minute spent watching it.


She’s the Man

She’s the Man is a little corny at times, but it still manages to be fairly humorous. Viola (played by Amanda Bynes) creates an elaborate plan to disguise herself as her brother. While her brother skips school and heads to London, she takes over his identity at his boarding school. She humourously gets tangled up in love affairs, and she ends up falling for one of the players on his soccer team. Directed by Andy Fickman, this movie also stars Laura Ramsey, Channing Tatum and Robert Hoffman. If you are a fan of Shakespeare, you will recognize She’s the Man as the plot of Twelfth Night.


White Chicks

White Chicks is one of those movies that you should see it once and never think of it again afterward. Of course, my sister and aunt disagree with me. They love, love, love White Chicks and watch it every time I visit. I like the film, but it does become a little corny at times. It essentially tells the story of two FBI agents who are played by Shawn Wayans and Marlon Wayans. They must protect two white, female heiresses from a kidnapping plot. Unfortunately for the agents, twists and turns of the plot force them to end up dressing up as the heiresses and heading to the Hamptons. If this is the first time that you have seen White Chicks, you will laugh and giggle your way through the movie.


Strangers With Candy

When it comes to creating a title, Strangers With Candy is possibly my favorite title ever. It is ominous and hilarious sounding at the same time. This film steals its name from the Comedy Central television show by the same title. It is extremely odd, yet funny, to watch. Amy Sedaris plays Jerri Blank in this hilarious film. She is a 46-year-old former junkie who ends up re-enrolling in high school. As weird as the plot line is, it ends up being comedy magic. Sedaris never disappoints.



If you are tired of the stereotypical ugly duckling stories about high school, Heathers manages to switch it up. This dark comedy stars Winona Ryder and Christian Slater as high school friends. Winona Ryer, of course, always wanted to be a member of the popular group. As her attempts to join the cool kids fails, this movie diverges from the normal Hollywood plot line. Christian Slater’s character meets up with her and convinces her of a better way to become popular: kill the popular kids that are in her way. Although this movie is comedic and amusing to watch, it has some extremely dark undertones.


Teen Witch

Teen Witch is corny at times, but it still manages to be an extremely interesting, classic high school tale. It follows the story of a girl called Louise. She makes fun of the popular girls at her school and crushes on a hot guy before she discovers a secret: she is a witch. Instead of becoming the next Bill Gates, she does what most high school girls want to do. Louise immediately starts to rise up the social ladder and gets the guy of her dreams. By the end of the film, she has to deal with the changes in her life. Who is really her friend and does her crush actually like?


The House Bunny

If you want a switch from a typical high school film, upgrade to college years. In the House Bunny, Anna Faris and Emma Stone are hilarious. Anna Faris is kicked out of the Playboy mansion because she is too old. Left to fend for herself, she ends up becoming the “mom” to a sorority that is comprised of unpopular girls. Immediately, Faris starts working to boost the girls’ morale and give them makeup tips. One-by-one, the ladies of the sorority gain confidence and a new look. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this film—I have definitely seen it more than once. Out of all of the movies on this list, the House Bunny is in my top three. Anna Faris really makes the film. Without her acting talent, the otherwise okay script would languish. Her hilarious acting and sense of humor really shine in the film.


Pitch Perfect

Release in 2012, Pitch Perfect has been compared a lot to Mean Girls. Some people even wrongly believe that it is the “new” Mean Girls. Although Pitch Perfect is an extremely good film, Mean Girls is far superior. In the movie, Rebel Wilson plays the character of Fat Amy. Sharp, witty and completely hilarious, this is a must-see film.

In this movie, a group of college women form a cappella group. Known as the Barden Bellas, these singers set out to take down another a cappella group. If they beat the other group, they will ultimately win at nationals. This musical comedy was first released in September of 2012 and was actually based on a non-fiction book by Mickey Rapkin. It initially received a lot of favorable reviews, but did not become a blockbuster immediately. Instead it was basically a “sleeper hit”, and it became famous over the next few months and years. Presently, it has attained the second highest gross revenues of any music comedy movie ever.



Before Mandy Moore was well-known as an actress (and not just as a singer), she chose Saved! as her “coming out” vehicle. She plays the character of a controlling high schooler in the movie. This film follows the lives of high school students at a Christian high school. Like Mean Girls, it is intended to be partly a satire and partly a comedy. It more than succeeds at both of these goals.


Bring It On

Football players have Remember the Titans; cheerleaders have Bring It On. Although the acting is just okay, Bring It On is the type of film that just seems to hang around in your mind. It may follow a group of cheerleaders, but it manages to impart a deep message about conformity. Even better, it has dance scenes. I cannot speak for other ladies out there, but I love dance scenes and shows like Dancing With the Stars. Call it my way of living vicariously though the dancing of others. At any rate, anyone who loves dance movies will enjoy the movie Bring It On.



Diner is one of the oldest videos on the list for a reason: there have been few coming of age films that manage to come close to it in quality. This 1982 film follows the story of four guys who are in the process of growing up. It is a great film for anyone in their early 20s to watch because it follows the painful process of trying to finally move on—even when you are not ready to grow up yet.



If you like musicals or dramas, Fame is one of the best musicals ever produced. Created in 1980, it was directed by Alan Parker. Basically, this film followed the story of young people who struggled with their feelings. It is less heartbreaking than Glee, but still has an oversized emotional impact. Fame remains one of the best musicals of all time and is a film that you have to watch during your lifetime.

Although few films could really compete with Mean Girls, the previous 20 movies come close. Ranging from high school dramas to satires, these movies will leave you laughing, crying and begging for more. If you have other movies that you like a lot, feel free to leave a comment below.

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