10 Movies Like Easy A

By on December 11, 2014

A young girl decides to ruin her reputation by lying about losing her virginity. It begins as a small lie, but quickly starts snowball into a major rumor. If this does not sound familiar, then you should stop reading this article immediately and watch Easy A. Starring Emma Stone, Easy A is one of the best high school satires every made. For those of you who have watched Easy A before, here are 10 movies that are similar to Easy A. If I missed out on any of your favorite movies like Easy A, make sure to leave it in a comment below.


American High School

Released in 2009, this romantic comedy was directed by Sean Patrick Cannon. The main character, Gwen Adams, tries to get away from her father by getting married to her husband. Originally, she felt content with her husband and her new life. Like Easy A, her temporary happiness does not last for long. Ultimately, Gwen Adams must discover her own self-confidence and self-worth when her life gets rough. Like Easy A, it is a type of journey to truth and (somewhat) self-realization.


I Love You, Beth Cooper

If you are looking for a comedy, I Love You, Beth Cooper is an excellent movie to watch. This movie was actually based on the novel, but I cannot actually recommend the novel yet because I have not read it. The film, however, is great. It is based around the story of a man, Dennis Cooverman, who is head over heels in love with a beautiful cheerleader, Beth Cooper. He awkwardly reveals his undying love, which angers her ex-boyfriend. As the movie progresses, Beth Cooper ends up on a wild adventure with Dennis. Will their be a true-love ending to this film? You will have to watch it to find out.


Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber

Released in 2005, Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber was directed by the talented Dana Lustig. Like I Love You, Beth Cooper, this movie was based on a novel that (I am ashamed to say) I have not read. It basically follows the confession of a woman in advertising. As a corporate executive, she has built up her career by knocking other people down. The film follows her rather hilarious social climbing and a love story. It is well worth watching on a weekend afternoon or weekday evening.


The First Time

If you like romantic comedies, the First Time is hilarious. Released in 2012, this relatively new film follows the characters of Aubrey and Dave. You will spend most of this film just wishing that Aubrey and Dave will hook up. Of course, both of the main characters are occupied by other people in their lives. Dave is completely wrapped up with thoughts of a girl that he cannot have. Meanwhile, Aubrey is dating a guy who just is not the right man for her. Anyone who has ever been in a love triangle—or dated a guy who wasn’t right for them—will sympathize with the main characters in this film.


Legally Blonde

Starring Reese Witherspoon and Luke Wilson, Legally Blonde is one of the top ten romantic comedies of all time. This film starts with the story of a sorority queen who plans on marrying her boyfriend someday. Right before he leaves for law school, he breaks up with her because he wants to have a wife who could accompany him on a campaign trail someday. She ends up enrolling at law school just to show him that she has a mind and is worth more than he thinks. This movie is extremely amusing to watch and is a must-see film if you enjoyed watching Easy A.

it had

It Had to Be You

This comedy was actually first released in 2002. Directed by Steven Feder,  it follows the story of two couples who are preparing to walk down the hotel. Before the marriages actually occur, both couples check into a hotel close to Central Park. While they begin preparing for their weddings, Mr. Hudson ends up running into the beautiful Anna in the hotel elevator. He is supposed to marry someone else, but he finds himself falling in love with Anna instead. Love is in the air and this love…square?…is funny, awkward and hilarious to watch.


I Hate Valentine’s Day

Tired of all of the cute couple events and dinners on Valentine’s Day? If you are single or just want a good movie, I Hate Valentine’s Day is perfect for you. This film is a romantic comedy that first hit theaters in 2009. It focuses on the story of Genevieve. Genevieve works as a florist, but believes that a romantically fulfilling life can only be reached in up to five dates. After five dates, she breaks up with people. As you may have guessed already, there is one guy that gets her to change her tune. She meets the dashing Greg and struggles to break it off on their fifth date. Will she be able to maintain her status quo or will she give in to love? The only way to find out is to watch the movie. It is extremely cute and funny to watch. Even better, it has both of the actors from My Big Fat Greek Wedding in it, so you know this film will be good.


Cruel Intentions

Long ago, Choderlos de Laclos wrote a French novel that would one day become the famed movie, Dangerous Liaisons. If you have already watched Dangerous Liaisons, then Cruel Intentions will have a fairly familiar plot line. This movie is basically a modern take on the French novel. It stars Reese Withersppon and Michelle Gellar. In the movie, a step-brother and step-sister make a bet about the step-brother’s ability to sleep with a famed virgin known as Annette (played by Reese Witherspoon). Like Dangerous Liaisons, Cruel Intentions does not end well for at least one of the main characters.


The House Bunny

The House Bunny manages to be exceptionally corny and cute at the same time. In reality, this script should have slipped between the cracks or been tossed out. Although the script and the somewhat corny plot line left a bit to be desired, the lovely Anna Faris managed to pull everything together. Anna Faris plays the role of a disgraced Playboy bunny. Thrown out of the mansion because she is too old, Faris is forced to make her way in the world…as a motherly figure of a sorority house. What ensues is a hilarious disaster that is both sly and amusing.


Barely Legal

Last on the list of must-see films is the movie Barely Legal. In the comedy, the plot line focuses around three girls who share the same birthday: Cheryl, Sue and Lexy. For years, they have done something special on their birthday to celebrate. On their eighteenth birthday, the trio decide that it is time to lose their virginity. This 2011 film shows the girls different routes to losing their virginity and is a fairly good movie to watch.

If you loved Easy A, then one of the films on this list will be intriguing. Each movie was placed on this list in a random order without any consideration of how it ranks in comparison to the other nine movies. If I left any movies like Easy A out of the list, write it down in the comment section of the page.


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