80 Mother-Daughter Quotes

By on July 17, 2018

The relationship between a mother and a daughter is a unique, special bond. No one is there for you like a mother is. No matter what happens in life, a mother and a daughter always know that they can depend on each other and everything will eventually turn out alright. Whether you want to uplift your daughter during a hard time or add a sweet post to your mother’s Facebook page, these mother-daughter quotes can help you perfectly express the way you feel.

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80 Mother-Daughter Quotes

1. “Because of you, I have become successful. Everything that I am in life today is because you taught me how to achieve everything.”

2. “You are the extension of my soul. You are my most faithful ally during dark days and my emotional twin in everything. I love you.”

3. “Dearest daughter, all I want is for you to find happiness in life. I want you to have a smooth path ahead of you and good health always. If you ever need a shoulder to cry on, my hugs will always be here to give you the boundless love, tenderness and support you need.”

4. “I believe that a mother creates a daughter over a lifetime. Thank you for always showing me the many dreams, feelings of happiness and love that can exist in the world. You have made me the person I am today, and I am so grateful to you.”

5. “From the moment I first heard you scream and looked into your eyes, you stole my heart. You were the prettiest thief that I ever saw and I am so thankful to have you in my life.”

6. “Once you become a mother, your daughter becomes an extension of yourself. All of your characteristics are absorbed within your daughter’s personality, so it is impossible to tell where one person ends and the other begins. Instead, you have a magical bond between two people that withstands the test of time.”

7. “You are my dearest treasure in life. Like many people, I have some regrets for the mistakes I have made and the things that I have done wrong. The one thing that I never regret is giving birth to you. You are the one thing that has made my entire life worth living. I love you.”

8. “A mother and a daughter are like one soul split into two parts. This inseparable bond can never be broken by any distance, argument, time or insult. It is a bond that truly lasts forever.”

9. “Mom, thank you for always working so hard to care for me and to raise me right. If I am able to be a loving, compassionate person in my life, it is only because you worked so hard to guide me as I grew u. One day, I hope that I will be half the mom that you are to my own children.”

10. “A daughter will always be the closest person in the world to her mother. She is the only person who was ever able to see the mother’s heart from the inside.”

11. “While there are many people who come and go in a daughter’s life, there is never anyone who can take a mother’s place. I love you.”

12. “To the entire world, you are a compassionate, kind, caring and loving mother. To me, you are my world.”

13. “I am so proud to be the mother of such an amazing human being, a wonderful daughter, a devoted wife and a faithful friend. I know that you will bring your husband and your family as much love and life as you have brought the rest of us.”

14. “A daughter is the one thing that makes a mother’s life brighter and happier. A mother is the one person who makes a daughter’s life warmer and more loving.”

15. “Because God loved the world so much, he gave each daughter a mother to guide and protect them.”

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16. “There is nothing more powerful in life than a mother’s love for her daughter. When times are tough, there is nothing that strengthens and heals more than a daughter’s love and gratitude.”

17. “Whenever I look in your eyes, I see all of the love and kindness in the world. You are the world’s best mom and my dearest friend. I love you—you are the best.”

18. “The only love that can never change in this world is the special love between a mother and a daughter. This is a love that has no limits, no beginning and no end. It is a love that only continues to grow with each passing day and never fades away.”

19. “A mother is the only person in the entire world who can transform a daughter’s worries and darkest fears into true happiness.”

20. “To see you growing up, getting married and starting a family of your own is the greatest pleasure that I can ever imagine. My deepest wish in life was to see you happy, and I can now set my mind at ease.”

21. “Mother, thank you for always being my anchor amid the stormy waves of life.”

22. “You were once an adorable little girl. Now, I see a beautiful, intelligent woman who walks through life with confidence and wisdom. I am so happy and proud of the person who you have become.”

23. “A daughter is the cherished treasure of the mother. A mother is the biggest pride for her daughter.”

24. “The lives of a mother and daughter are forever connected. The daughter is the mother’s blood that gives her life and strength. The mother is the daughter’s spine that supports her and keeps her standing tall during difficult times.”

25. “Throughout all the ups and downs of the years, I have loved you more than I have ever loved anyone. Now that I see you growing up and getting married, I am over the moon with happiness.”

26. “A daughter is not just a child. She is a part of the mother. A daughter is the closest companion and a lifelong friend to her mother.”

27. “More than gold or all the riches in the world, a mother’s dearest treasure is her daughter.”

28. “I could have never dreamed of having a daughter as amazing, wonderful or kind as you. You have truly made my life complete.”

29. “You are my sunshine. You have become such a beautiful, intelligent woman. I am so proud that I can call you my daughter!”

30. “You are my everything in one person: you are my dearest daughter and my best friend. I love you.”

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31. “A daughter’s dearest treasure may be her mother, but the mother’s purpose in life is her daughter.”

32. “My precious daughter, I truly believe that you were a gift from God. I have no clue what I ever did to deserve such a blessing. Thank you for bringing so much happiness and for allowing me to journey with you as you fulfill your dreams.”

33. “Is there a force in the entire world that is stronger than faith and hope? Yes—my love for you.”

34. “A mother and daughter share a bond so special that it is engraved upon their hearts.”

35. “You are my miracle and my greatest joy. Never stop being the wonderful, amazing person who you are today.”

36. “By the time a mom realizes that her own mother was right, she already has a daughter who is thoroughly convinced that she is wrong.”

37. “The only way to truly understand the joy and happiness of being a mother is to one day have a daughter such as yourself. I love you.”

38. “The mother and daughter relationship is intricate and exceptionally complex, yet it happens to be one of the most amazing, loving phenomena in the entire world.”

39. “Darling, it does not matter how far away you go, where you go or how long you are away. I will always be with you in spirit to encourage you whenever you are down and to celebrate when you feel happy.”

40. “A woman may be full of doubts and weak, but she suddenly develops strength and confidence as soon as she sees herself through the eyes of her daughter and eternal friend.”

41. “Darling, it has been so wonderful, yet saddening, to watch you grow older. As you fly into the world and stretch your wings, I am happy to see you grow up, but sad to see you leave. I wish that you enjoy every second and live your life to the fullest as you pursue all of your dearest dreams. I will always be here to catch you if you fall.”

42. “Your laughter is contagious, and your smile is infinitely charming. You are an intelligent, stunning woman. Most of all, you are my daughter.”

43. “My life would be incomplete without you in it, dearest daughter. Everything I do is for you and for our family’s future.”

44. “Sweetheart, whenever I see your shining eyes, I see the world from your point of view. I see an exciting, bright world that is just opening up, and I realize yet again how wonderful life really is.”

45. “Whenever I see your hands today, I remember the tiny fingers that once wrapped around mine and taught me the true meaning of life.”

46. “Mother, although we may sometimes argue and get upset, I want you to know that I love you through everything. You are the most important person in the world to me, and I want to always be there for you. I love you so very much.”

47. “It doesn’t matter what trials and tribulations are tossed my way because I know that I have the best guardian angel in the world—you!”

48. “My lovely daughter, I have tried to raise you to be a modest, intelligent, confident woman. Along the way, you have taught me more than I could have ever taught you. Thank you for making me a better person.”

49. “I have accomplished many things in life, but the one accomplishment that I am the most proud of is you. I am so lucky to be blessed with such a wonderful daughter.”

50. “In the book of my life, you are the brightest chapter. I thank God every day for giving me such a truly remarkable daughter.”

Mother Daughter Quotes

51. “When you were born, I wished that you would remain a baby forever. Now that you have grown up, I am so stunned and proud to see the amazing woman who you have become.”

52. “Mommy, I want you to know that you are the reason I keep my head raised high when I feel miserable or unloved. Your strength has inspired me to always keep trying and to do my best in everything.”

53. “Mom—you are truly the best mother in the whole world. As soon as you are around, I know that I can accomplish everything. Thank you for always being by best friend and my most ardent supporter.”

54. “My princess, you have given me the strength to become a better mother and a better person. Because of you, the sun shines brightly in every day of my life. I love you.”

55. “Mom, when I was little, I always wanted toys and candy for my birthday. Now, I just wish to see my mom happy, healthy and at my side. I love you!”

56. “Raising me could not have been easy, but you always managed it with such love and grace. Your example inspires me to be a better woman and one day a better mother to my own children.”

57. “Children are gifts from God, and daughters are the most amazing compliment that a mother can ever receive.”

58. “You are my favorite person in the world. Whenever I have a headache or a bad day, I always feel better when you are there.”

59. “When you were born, I realized that I had to stop being selfish. It was suddenly easy to sacrifice everything when I had such an amazing, important daughter in my life.”

60. “You are the biggest success in my life. I am so blessed to watch you grow into the remarkable, intelligent woman who you have become.”

61. “M.O.M.: Made Of Miracles.”

62. “Thank you for sharing the beautiful journey that you are taking through life. I am so proud of you!”

63. “My life was only ordinary, and then you were born. From that moment onward, I had a miracle to thank God for and a purpose in my life. I love you.”

64. “I always asked God to send me an angel, but I never expected it to be you. You are the answer to all of my dearest prayers.”

65. “My dear, lovely daughter, you have motivated me to always be the best mother possible because you deserved the best. Thank you for inspiring me each and every day.”

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66. “The greatest privilege and honor is having you as my daughter. I love you.”

67. “Our bond is the rarest treasure and most precious wealth. The word we use it, the greater it becomes.”

68. “I love you to the moon and back. You have taught me to be a good human being, and I hope that I am one day worthy of having someone like you in my life.”

69. “You were always such a beautiful girl, and I am amazed at the woman you have become. Even as a child, you have always been an example of kindness, courage, wisdom and compassion. Never change.”

70. “Despite all of the difficulties, you never gave up. You have shown perseverance, strength and courage. I am so proud of you!”

71. “I am so blessed to have someone like you in my life, and I am even more grateful to call you my daughter. You have made me the proudest mother in the world.”

72. “One of my greatest blessings was to realize just how amazing and wonderful you were while you were still small. Some people lose their blessings before they realize how lucky they were. Thankfully, I have always known just how special, intelligent and compassionate you are.

73. “I know that I am not the best daughter in the world, but I do know that, for me, you are the best mom ever.”

74. “The greatest title that I have ever been given was the title of Mom.”

75. “You are such an indispensable part of my life. You are like water for the flowers or nectar for bees. You have helped me to grow up, prosper and learn how to be a success in life.”

76. “I am so proud of the woman you have become and the woman you are yet to be. I am even prouder to call you my best friend as well.”

77. “Being your mother is the greatest joy that I have ever found in life.”

78. “Nothing can compare to having you in my life. From the moment you were born, you gave my life meaning. I am so lucky to have you as a daughter.”

79. “Some mothers complain about their daughters and all the trouble that they get into. I am so, so thankful that you were such a blessing. When other mothers complained, I never had anything to contribute to the conversation.”

80. “Thankful is the closest word to how I feel. It is impossible for me to say just how happy and grateful I am to have you in my life. I love you!”

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