Top 25 Most Beautiful Yellow Flowers

By on September 12, 2017

Flowers can help add joy and beauty to your life. In the case of living flowers like houseplants, it can even help your physical health. Houseplants have been shown to reduce the amount of dust in the air and improve air quality.

Beyond health reasons, horticulture and botany can help make your home more beautiful. There is a wonderful symbolism in flowers that you can use to express different meanings. While a red rose means romance, baby’s breath means admiration. This type of symbolism has been used for years in giving gifts filled with happiness, warmth and compassion.

Yellow flowers are typically considered a symbol of happiness and warmth. Some yellow flowers also show friendship and empathy. This color is known for being cheerful and happy, so yellow is a good color to choose if you want to cheer up someone who is ill or depressed. It represents new beginnings, intellectual energy, joy, purity and happiness. If you want to reward your employees for a job well done, this is also a good color to choose. To help you choose the perfect flower, we have a list of the top 25 most beautiful yellow flowers.

1. Black Eyed Susan

We absolutely love this flower. To the untrained eye, they tend to look a lot like sunflowers. The main difference is that the petals are spaced farther apart. It has a large, eye-shaped center the color of chocolate in the center, which is why it is called a black-eyed Susan. This beautiful yellow flower is popular for graduation ceremonies. This is probably because the yellow flower is said to symbolize encouragement, which is a great message for outgoing graduate students.

2. Freesia

Freesia has a yellow flower option, but you can actually find it in just about any color in the rainbow. While it is pretty to look at, this is also one of the flowers on this list that also has a beautiful smell. It is said to symbolize trust, which is one of the reasons it is used in weddings. It is also the traditional choice for your seventh wedding anniversary. Freesia is also supposed to represent innocence and friendship.

3. Coreopsis

If you want to bring a little happiness into your life, try coreopsis. This flower stands for cheerfulness, hope and devotion. Because it signifies hope and cheerfulness, it is often given to people who are grieving or who are ill in the hospital. Its vibrant yellow color can easily cheer up the darkest of rooms.

4. Graham Thomas Rose

Roses are available in just about any color that you can imagine. Out of the many yellow roses out there, this is one of the most beautiful. This flower has double blooms that are deep golden yellow in color. As they age, the color turns even lighter. It smells a lot like fresh tea roses, so it has an unusually fragrant, heavenly scent.

5. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is one of the darker options on this list. With its dark yellow color, it is exceptionally beautiful. This flower is said to symbolize hope and optimism. According to traditional symbolism behind chrysanthemums, giving this as a gift shows that you are his or her secret admirer—although I imagine that your secret is not so much of a secret anymore!

6. Yellow Hydrangea

We absolutely love this flower. While few people realize it, the hydrangea is native to Asian countries like Indonesia, Korea and China as well as North America. The yellow color demonstrates gratitude, and it is a popular choice for weddings. We also love this flower because you can easily give someone a potted hydrangea that they can plant. That way, they can enjoy the cheerful blooms year after year instead of just for a single week.

7. Yellow Primrose

Primrose is a type of small flower that is native to North America and most of the Northern hemisphere. This beautiful flower blooms during early spring, although you can often buy it outside of this time from a greenhouse. This plant is a part of the Primulaceae family and the primula genus. When you see it, the basal leaves look like rosettes you would normally find on lettuce. This is a lovely give for someone you love because primroses are said to mean, “I cannot live without you.” According to the language of flowers, it is also supposed to represent youthful love.

8. Ranunculus

While the Latin name is difficult to spell, this flower is also commonly known as buttercup. Despite its buttery name, it is available in a number of different colors. Other than its beauty, it is also known for its many medicinal properties. When you buy a yellow buttercup, it comes in a rich golden color of yellow. Yellow buttercups specifically mean bedazzled. When you give it to someone, it can mean that you are bedazzled by someone.

9. Yellow Tulips

Tulips have been around for years. They are currently the national flower of Turkey and Iran. Hundreds of years ago, the Dutch became enchanted by tulips. Their enchantment led to a rapid increase in demand that caused the price of tulips to increase drastically. It was said that a few tulip bulbs could cost as much as a carriage. This beautiful flower symbolizes affection and love. Yellow tulips can also represent unrequited love, although we think it also shows sunshine, happiness and warmth. If you really love tulips, Skagit Valley in Washington State hosts a yearly tulip festival in the springtime. All of the fields become covered in a rainbow of tulips as tourists flock to the valley.

10. Acacia

Acacia is a flower that symbolizes friendship and secret love. If you want to show someone that you admire them without having to say it, give them a yellow acacia. Other than its natural beauty, this flower is a popular choice for essential oils and beautifully scented perfumes.

11. Marigold

Marigold is a popular flower that you can easily grow in your garden. While the flower is quite beautiful, it is rarely chosen for flower arrangements because of its meaning. According to the language of flowers, this yellow flower is supposed to represent negative attributes like cruelty, grief or jealousy. Some cultures even connect it to death, which is why it is used during the Day of the Dead. At the same time, Indians believe that it is an auspicious flower. Because of this, they often use marigolds in wedding decorations and garlands.

12. Strelitzia

Spelling this yellow flower is not easy, so you can use the common name: bird of paradise. As the name suggests, this flower actually looks like the real bird of paradise. It has such an unusual shape that it has become popular among designers and artists. You can find it in many different colors, but we really love the yellow Strelitzia.

13. Yellow Hibiscus

Unsure about which flower to choose? If you want to have a tropical, exotic flower, take a look at the yellow hibiscus. This is the flower type that people typically associate with Hawaii. It is said to stand for qualities like beauty, friendship, exotic charm and platonic love. Whatever the case, we are sure your loved one will enjoy this flower option.

14. Daffodils

Daffodils are a tranquil, soft flower. They are easily added to bouquets. The flower is said to mean compassion and respect. The scientific name of this flower comes from a character in Greek myth who was so narcissistic that he was transformed into a flower so that he could just stare at his reflection in a pool of water forever.

15. Calla Lilies

While they might be named calla lily, they are not an actual lily. Instead, these flowers are a part of the Araceae family. This family includes flowers like caladiums and anthurium. We love the way this flower looks like a trumpet rolled up like a paper. It has a thick stem that turns into a pretty yellow flower. While they are a great gift and can be used to decorate your house, we also think that the calla lily would be a wonderful addition to your garden at home. Then, you can take cuttings whenever you want to give someone flowers as a gift.

16. Yellow Carnation

Carnations are a popular flower, and we think that yellow carnations certainly have an added vibrancy. While the flower has a sunny quality and a fragrant scent, the flowering meaning is not quite so enjoyable. According to tradition, a yellow carnation is supposed to represent disappointment and rejection. Before you send someone this flower, you should make sure that they are not aware of flower meanings. Otherwise, you may unintentionally turn a friend into an enemy.

17. Golden Columbine

This is a very pretty flower species that looks like the physical incarnation of joy and love. They can grow wild, which makes them a cheap, easy option for a bouquet. Since the flower looks like a court jester’s hat, it is said to represent foolishness. Long ago, it was thought to be bad luck if a woman received this flower as a gift. At the same time, the flower’s petals are supposed to represent the seven gifts of the spirit. It is also supposed to symbolize the innocence of the Virgin Mary.

18. Yellow Orchids

Orchids are a notoriously difficult flower to grow, and they can be quite picky about their environment. If you give someone orchids as a gift, make sure that they know how to care for them. Otherwise, they might be unpleasantly surprised when their gift dies after a couple of weeks.

This flower is often used for ceremonial flower arrangements and wedding decorations. Out of all the flowers, this is one of the most popular for decorations. In addition to being available in a number of sizes, it also comes in colors like purple, yellow, red and blue. Yellow orchids specifically represent royalty, fertility and excellence. They have a pretty elegance that makes them easy to include in fashionable flower arrangements.

19. Peonies

Peonies are a flower that is native to the American northwest, Asia and southern Europe. This flowers have a simple elegance and are quite popular. Peonies are said to represent qualities like luck, elegance, wealth, poise and happiness. They are available in many colors, although we think that the yellow option has an added level of cheerfulness.

20. Yellow Roses

Roses are by far one of the most popular flowers to give as a gift. Red roses are typically chosen as a symbol of love, romance and passion. Each rose color actually has a different meaning, and even individual variations of roses have unique meanings. Yellow roses typically mean friendship, devotion, springtime and appreciation. Because of this meaning, roses tend to be a popular gift option for celebratory occasions like baby showers and graduations.

21. Stella d’ Oro Day Lily

This flower is both exotic in its name and the way that it looks. The name means star of gold, and it has won prizes for its beauty. The lovely yellow blooms are quite eye-catching and make an excellent bouquet.

22. Compass Flower

This flower is a part of the Asteraceae family. Its botanical name is Silphium. According to myths, the finger of God suspended through the fragile stalk to show travelers where they should go. While the myth is probably untrue, the Compass flower actually has a number of medical benefits. Traditionally, it has been used to treat conditions like glandular enlargements and rheumatism.

23. Yellow Dahlia

After the movie Black Dahlia, this flower type became increasingly popular. We think it deserves to remain a popular gift option. You can get dahlias in many shapes, sizes and colors. The petals can look spiky or be round and thin. When you give a yellow dahlia as a present, it symbolizes dignity and elegance. In the language of flowers, the yellow dahlia represents an everlasting bond and deep commitment.

24. Sunflowers

Sunflowers are by far one of the best known yellow flowers. It represents sunshine and happiness. Adding sunflowers to your room instantly makes it look happier and brighter. Because of this, sunflowers are a lovely option for a summertime wedding. If you grow sunflowers at home, you can also enjoy having sunflower seeds after harvest time!

25. Iris

Irises remain an extremely popular flower. Long ago, the iris was named after the goddess of the rainbow. This was an appropriate name because the iris is available in just about every color. There are a total of 100 different varieties of just yellow irises. This color was used by Victorian suitors to show the depth of their passion.

This list of top 25 most beautiful yellow flowers is only a starting space. As we just mentioned, irises alone have 100 different options of yellow flowers. There is no reason to limit yourself to just these options. If you want to have a sunshine-filled, butter-colored garden, you could use all of these different yellow flowers to fill your flower garden. Each flower uplifts the senses with its natural beauty, soothing color and lovely scent. If we forgot any of your favorite yellow flowers, make sure to leave a comment with the flower name at the bottom of this list of the top 25 most beautiful yellow flowers.

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