Top 20 Most Beautiful Asian Women 2017

By on September 18, 2017

Asia is known for so many things, including these top 20 most beautiful Asian women 2017. It’s the largest continent on our planet, so it’s no wonder that some of the most beautiful female celebrities are from this part of it. The continent actually takes up a third of the land area of the world, which is another fun fact about Asia, and it currently has a population of over 4 BILLION people. But here are 20 of great interest, some of the most beautiful Asian women you’ve ever seen …

1 – Liu Wen

27-year-old Liu Wen is a beautiful fashion model from China, originally born in Hunan, China, and so beautiful is she that she became the first East Asian model to appear in the Fashion Show for Victoria’s Secret, and that’s not all. Estee Lauder loved her so much, they made her their first spokesperson of East-Asian descent, and then Forbes followed suit, listing her on one of their lists for highest paid models around the world. She’s since gone on to become the first model from China to ever appear on the cover of American Vogue.

Top 20 Most Beautiful Asian Women 2017 1

Source: liuwenlw

2 – Michelle Kwan

Although born in California, USA, Michelle Kwan’s parents were immigrants from Hong Kong, giving her those cultural, beautiful looks. She’s not an actress or a model like many of the women on this list of top 10 most beautiful Asian women 2017, but an athlete instead. A figure skater, retired now, she’s won Olympic medals twice, once in 1998 and again in 2002, as well as a string of other impressive records that are literally too long to list.

Top 20 Most Beautiful Asian Women 2017 2

Source: michellewkwan

3 – Song Hye-kyo

Just this year, Song Hye-kyo appeared on the list of Forbes’ Korea’s Power Celebrities, coming in seventh on the list! After first starting out wanting to be a name in the figuring skating industry, she went on to major in Film Arts, but it was at just 14 years of age that she won her very first modeling contest. This saw her bagging the role in a TV drama, from which she then went on to star in a number of shows, and in 2000, she hit Asia-wide fame with the drama for KBS, Autumn in My Heart.

Top 20 Most Beautiful Asian Women 2017 3

Source: kyo1122

Not just a beautiful face, Song Hye-kyo decided to use her beauty in 2011 by releasing a book of photos, the proceeds of which would be donated to a charity for children. Even better news than that, she’s getting married in just over a month and we can’t wait to see what the dress looks like!

Top 20 Most Beautiful Asian Women 2017 4

Source: kyo1122

4 – Lucy Liu

You would never believe that this American actress, with parents from Beijing and Shanghai, was 48 years old, but Lucy Liu was born in Queens, New York City, on December 2nd, 1968. We had to double check that info for ourselves too! It was in Ally McBeal that Lucy first rose to fame, and it was as a very vicious character indeed. She has since gone on to make a real name for herself in the world of Hollywood, with Charlie’s Angels, Chicago, Kill Bill, and Payback under her belt.

Top 20 Most Beautiful Asian Women 2017 5

Source: lucyliu

5 – Lee Ha-nui

Some may know her as Lee Ha-nui, whereas others will know her more as Honey Lee, but she’s a 34-year-old actress from South Korea who isn’t just an actress, but a beauty pageant titleholder, a model, and a classical musician too. Not just known for her beautiful face, she’s also got a beautiful heart when it comes to animals and is one of the leading vegetarians from the country. She even has a TV show in South Korea, called Lee Ha-Nui’s Vegan Recipe, but she’s also featured in many TV shows and movies too.

Top 20 Most Beautiful Asian Women 2017 6

Source: honey_lee32

6 – Pan Xiaoting

Here’s a fun fact about 35 year old, Pan Xiaoting; she’s the first ever Chinese pool player to be a woman and play professionally. Talk about girl power! She’s earned the nickname, “Queen of Nine Ball” too, and when her great sporting prowess is combined with good looks, you have a recipe for success.

Top 20 Most Beautiful Asian Women 2017 7

Source: Pinterest

7 – Claudia Kim

32-year-old Claudia Kim was born in South Korea but spent some of her childhood chilling in New Jersey before making the move back home. Her first touch at fame hit when she entered a modeling contest back in 2005 and then won, and it wasn’t long before she was appearing in Korean TV shows and movies. International fame followed soon after, and there have been three big hit movies so far, with one rumored to be coming out next year in 2018. You may recall seeing her in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Equals, and also The Dark Tower.

Top 20 Most Beautiful Asian Women 2017 8

Source: claudiashkim

8 – Zhang Zilin

The 33-year-old actress, fashion model, and singer, Zhang Zilin, is also a beauty pageant winner, crowned Miss World and Miss China World in the same year, 2007. As well as having a degree in business administration, Zhang is also a keen athlete and showed great athletic talent from an early point in her life.

Top 20 Most Beautiful Asian Women 2017 9

Source: zilinzhang

9 – Katrina Kaif

Born in Hong Kong, 34-year-old Katrina Kaif is better known for her work in the Indian film industry and is actually considered to be one of the most attractive celebrities in Indian culture, as well as one of the highest-paid women in Bollywood movies.

Top 20 Most Beautiful Asian Women 2017 10

Source: katrinakaif

It was as a teenager that Katrina Kaif first saw limelight, moving to London and bagging herself a modeling contract. During fashion shows in London, she was picked up by acting agents and earned herself a few film roles, although it would be some time before she made the name for herself that she did.

Top 20 Most Beautiful Asian Women 2017 11

Source: katrinakaif

10 – Kimiko Glenn

Have you ever seen Orange is the New Black? That’s where you’ll likely know Kimiko Glenn from, she plays Brook Soso in the series on Netflix, but she has also starred in Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, BoJack Horseman, and Voltron: Legacy Defender for TV too. She’s even had her stint on stage for Broadway too!

Top 20 Most Beautiful Asian Women 2017 12

Source: ohlittleasianone

11 – Marian Rivera

33-year-old Marian Rivera is Filipino-Spanish, born in Madrid, Spain, to a Spanish father and a Filipino mother. She spent most of her childhood in the Philippines after her parents split up and her mother moved back there. It was in Filipino-Malaysian TV shows that her career started, before she then went on to star in movies too, and she has been regularly voted as one of the sexiest women in the world in polls hosted by FHM magazine and similar. Still a regular on both TV and movies, she’s also a firm breastfeeding campaigner these days, after her first baby in 2015.

Top 20 Most Beautiful Asian Women 2017 13

Source: marianrivera

12 – Constance Wu

35-year-old Constance Wu was born in Virginia, USA, but is a Taiwanese-American celebrity, more known for her acting skills. It wasn’t in movies or TV that she started her career, however, originally starting out in theater and stage. It was Fresh off the Boat for ABC that saw her becoming a person of TV interest, and just this year, Time Magazine recognized her as one of the top 100 People Who Help Shape the World.

Top 20 Most Beautiful Asian Women 2017 14

Source: wonstancecoo

13 – Zhang Ziyi

Although her first big-time role was Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in 2000, she actually first made the leap into Hollywood with The Road Home, released just a year before. That’s not all you’ll have seen her in, however, with Rush Hour 2 and Memoirs of a Geisha; movies that even earned her award nominations aplenty.

Top 20 Most Beautiful Asian Women 2017 15

Source: Pinterest

Born in Beijing, China, she’s now 38 years old although you’d never believe it, and over the years she’s collaborated with the likes of Omega Watches, Visa, Maybelline, Garnier, and a whole bunch more, and has become a spokesperson or image ambassador for a number of charities, organizations, and causes. Impressive, right?

Top 20 Most Beautiful Asian Women 2017 16

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14 – Fan Bingbing

A singer (pop), TV producer, and actress, Fan Bingbing looks much younger than her 36 years of age would lead you to believe! The Chinese celebrity first rose to fame in 1988 appeared in one of the biggest East-Asian TV shows, My Fair Princess, and has since gone to become an actress that has received a number of award nominations and wins, as well as winning the hearts of critics the world over.

Top 20 Most Beautiful Asian Women 2017 17

Source: bingbing_fan

15 – Rila Fukushima

If you’re a Netflix junkie, you may already know who Rila Fukushima is. She currently stars n the Netflix show, Million Yen Women, but she has also popped up in an episode of Game of Thrones, and even appeared in The Wolverine back in 2013, and you may recall that she played the part of Yukio in that.

Top 20 Most Beautiful Asian Women 2017 19

Source: rila_fukushima

Ria actually started her career in modeling, but she wanted to be an agent, rather than a model herself. It was only after she was persuaded to go for modeling that she first started her rise to fame, and it’s clearly a decision that was very good for her.

Top 20 Most Beautiful Asian Women 2017 18

Source: rila_fukushima

16 – Du Juan

Born in Shanghai, China, 35-year-old Du Juan was once a professional ballet dancer, but not acts in movies, and also does fashion modeling too. In fact, some refer to her warmly as the first supermodel ever to come from China. Vogue Paris has featured her, making her the only model of Asian descent to feature on the cover, and that’s alongside appearing on the Chinese cover of the magazine no fewer than 13 times, a record that has not yet been broken by another Chinese celebrity or model!

Top 20 Most Beautiful Asian Women 2017 20

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17 – Doona Bae

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Doona Bae is a 37-year-old photographer and actress, better known for her voice in the movie, Jupiter Ascending in 2015. If you’ve ever seen Sense8, the TV show, you may also recognize her. She’s been in that for a couple of years now. A big name in both TV and film in South Korea, she’s a very talented and beautiful actress indeed.

Top 20 Most Beautiful Asian Women 2017 21

Source: doonabae

18 – Liu Yifei

With an adorable, delicate and sweet image, Liu Yifei has been given an apt nickname — “Fairy Sister”. It probably comes as no surprise that this beautiful starlet is a model as well as an actress, but she’s also a singer too.

Top 20 Most Beautiful Asian Women 2017 22

Source: Pinterest

Born in Hubei, China, she attended the Beijing Film Academy when she was just 15 years old, and it wasn’t long after that, that her beauty was soon picked up on. She was offered multiple roles, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Top 20 Most Beautiful Asian Women 2017 23

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19 – Jamie Chung

34-year-old Jamie Chung is not just an actress and TV personality, but also a blogger too. She was born in America, but her parents moved there from Korea just three years before, and she was raised rather traditionally. Technically, she’s second generation Korean-American.

Top 20 Most Beautiful Asian Women 2017 24

Source: jamiejchung

It was The Real World for MTV that first saw Jamie Chung rise to real fame, but at the time, was known as somewhat of a party gal, and one with really, really bad taste in boyfriends too. (Haven’t we all been through that phase?) From there, she went on to have stints in Days of Our Lives, and it wasn’t long until she made the move into Hollywood too. In 2007, she appeared in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, and then there was Grown Ups and Sucker Punch, The Hangover Part II, and then The Hangover Part III too. That’s before you look into her fabulous TV career too, recently seen in The Gifted, and also popping up in Gotham, Once Upon a Time, Grey’s Anatomy, CSI: NY, Days of our Lives, ER, and more.

Top 20 Most Beautiful Asian Women 2017 25

Source: jamiejchung

20 – Jeanette Lee

She was born in America, Brooklyn in New York, to be exact, but she is of Korean descent too. Another sporting great, this contender on the list of Top 20 Most Beautiful Asian Women 2017 is 46 years old, and also often referred to as “the Black Widow”. It’s not for her spider-like demeanor, of course, unless you’re talking about around the pool table. She was apparently the nicest person in real life until you got to a pool table. That’s the point at which she was reportedly “eat people alive” and show them what tricks she had up her sleeve.

Top 20 Most Beautiful Asian Women 2017 26

Source: jeanettelee


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