Moon Tattoo Meaning

By on December 18, 2016

Moon tattoos are ideal for anyone who believes in a higher power, astronomy or who just likes whimsical tattoos. Since pre-history, man has been fascinated by the otherworldly nature of the moon. The changes of the moon where linked to the tides and closely watched. Some cultures believed that the moon held special powers or was governed by a god. Depending on your tattoo design and personal interests, your moon tattoo can have a unique meaning.


The Moon Tattoo Meaning

While there are many meanings associated with the moon tattoo, some of the most common meanings include:

– Feminine Mystique
– Fertility
– Cyclical Nature
– Wiccan Beliefs
– Mischief
– Release of Negative Energy
– Insanity
– Magic
– Creativity
– The Power of Astrology
– Darkness
– Memory of Loved Ones
– Rarity
– Growth

There are a variety of different variations that can be made to change the tattoo’s meaning. In addition, you can incorporate other symbols into your tattoo to make a more unique symbol. Since the moon waxes and wanes each month, your first step is to decide which cycle of the moon that you want. The tides are governed by the moon, so you may also want to incorporate water elements into your tattoo to represent nature or the interconnectedness of the world.


The Full Moon Tattoo Meaning

The full moon has been a source of superstitions since the beginning of man. When the moon is full, it has the strongest celestial power over the earth. While this directly relates the the ocean’s tides, many cultures believe a full moon is connected to change and insanity. According to some superstitions, a full moon is a time when the boundaries between here and the next world are especially fluid.

When creating a full moon tattoo, some individuals choose to embrace the otherworldly connection. They may use symbols from Wicca or images like a witch flying across the moon. Gothic emblems like the transformation of werewolves during the full moon are also popular. For a more realistic tattoo, you could draw in the Sea of Tranquility and other landmarks from the moon. This style is especially popular among people who love studying astronomy.


The Half Moon and Crescent Moon Tattoo Meaning

The half moon is a perfect natural element to represent the yin and yang of the world. At this moment, the moon is in a perfect balance between waxing and waning. This can symbolize the removal of negative spiritual, professional or personal energy. In the waxing crescent phase, you can create a symbol of creativity and growth.

Since the crescent moon is fairly small, it is ideal for small parts of the body like behind the ear, the wrists or the ankles. It can be filled in or just outlined in black. Other symbols like butterflies or vines can make the moon more feminine. While the moon is often drawn in yellow or white, there is no reason to limit yourself to just these colors. The moon is often associated with the feminine, so you could create a female moon. Since it is also considered a time of lunacy, you could create a crazy natural scene or a wild looking moon to represent this ideal.

The Evil Moon Tattoo Meaning

Light is often associated with purity, honesty and goodness. Because of this, the moon is sometimes considered dark or evil. You can create a tattoo that showcases the more sinister aspects of the moon. You can create an ominous looking face on the moon or scowling eyes.


Half Moon and Half Sun

For a natural replication of the yin and yang symbol, you can design a tattoo that is made half of the sun and half of the moon. The moon represents lunar traits like intuition and emotions. The sun symbolizes solar traits like leadership, intellect, reason and ego. A balance of these two traits is necessary for a harmonious life. If you are in harmony with yourself and the world, you may want to make the sun and moon face each other in contentment. If you are facing an inner struggle and are not in harmony, you may want to make the moon and sun face away from each other. In extreme cases, you can even design a tattoo where the moon and sun pull away from each other.


The Blue Moon Tattoo Meaning

A blue moon is a rare event, so it is often used to symbolize an unexpected event or a personal achievement. For tattoos, the moon is often literally made into a blue color. You can also make the moon white with a blue aura encircling it. Other whimsical elements like a black cat or stars could also be added. Since a blue moon symbolizes something rare, each star could be a loved one who passed away. The star shows their uniqueness while the blue moon demonstrates that they were a rare, special person in this world.

The Dragon and Moon Tattoo Meaning

One popular element for moon tattoos is the dragon. In Chinese culture, the dragon is a symbol of good fortune and strength. When combined with a full moon, it could symbolize the supernatural power of the moon. A waxing moon and dragon could indicate a growing sense of power. Since the moon is most powerful when it is full, a dragon with a full moon maximizes the strength and good fortune of the dragon and moon.

The Wolf and Moon Tattoo Meaning

Wolves are known for being an intelligent animal that works well with members of the path. In Native American culture, the wolf is connected to the afterlife. When you use a wolf and a moon in the same image, it creates a deep connection to the afterlife. A pack of wolves could be used to show that you are a leader or believe that you are extremely good at communication. Wolves are also used in tattoos by people who have a deep connection to nature or an environmentalist mindset.


Alchemy Meanings

In alchemy, the moon is considered to be connected to silver. Silver is a clarifying and purifying energy. It is strong, malleable and reflective. When connected to the sun (gold), silver creates a cosmic balance. This meaning is especially true in tattoos that use the sun and moon motif.

Religious Meanings of the Moon Tattoo

In Native American cultures, you may find stories about the moon as the Great Woman. She beams from the moon as an eternal, all-knowing being who watches over creation. In Egyptian culture, the moon is connected to the Queen of the Heavens, Isis. Meanwhile, Taoism holds that the moon is yin. It is an eye that shines through the darkness and is a symbol of the illumination of an enlightened being. In many mythologies, the moon is a symbol of a goddess, priestess, mother or lover.

While you can mimic a mythological moon or create a basic yellow moon, your tattoo can be anything that you can imagine. It can be surrounded by colorful stars or drawn in black and white. Your moon can have a cat sleeping along the edge or a wolf howling at the bottom. Just make sure to check with your tattoo artist before getting the tattoo to make sure that your design can be drawn well in the spot that you want it to be at.

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