12 Signs You Are a Modern Day Hippie

By on December 29, 2015

So you think you may be a modern day hippie, huh? Well, ‘hippies’ have certainly changed a lot since the 1970s, no longer being a victim to tie-dye t-shirts and jeans with flared bottoms out to next week. That being said, how can one determine whether they are truly a modern day hippie? These 12 signs will help you with that decision.


  1. You Want Peace

Okay, so there is probably a very small percentage of people that ‘don’t’ want peace; but as a modern day hippie, your want and need for peace is stronger than the rest. You’re probably very against wars and have no problem protesting them. But it’s not just about war. You’re a peacekeeper among your family and friends and hate to argue with anyone, which means you’re probably rather sweet and kind to everyone you come into contact with.

  1. You Have a Simple Wardrobe

Trends and labels mean nothing to you. You don’t care about following the latest styles in the fashion world and could care less if your shirt came from Guess or Victoria’s Secret. You enjoy the simpler things in life and probably find yourself falling in love with most of the clothing at thrift stores. You love things from the past and things that have meaning and would much rather spend your money on something else. Your wardrobe is probably full of floral patterns, oversized tees, and lacy garments!

  1. You Love All Things Vintage

For a modern day hippie, vintage is life. Everything you own is probably vintage, from your gorgeous lacy dress to your beautiful vintage dresser in your bedroom. As stated in number 2, you love things from the past and things that have, at one point, had meaning to someone. Aside from that, you just enjoy vintage items and find them visually appealing.


  1. You Let Your Hair Grow Natural

One thing that’s true for modern day hippies as well as hippies from the past: they ALL love natural hair! Whether your natural hair is insanely curly or stick straight, being a modern day hippie is all about letting your locks grow free and natural. You probably don’t cut your hair very often and the thought of using a hot styling tool or special styling gels and sprays disgusts you. You just want to let your body do what it does naturally, and that means letting those tresses fall however they like.

  1. You Love Yoga and Meditation

Having a peaceful life, body, mind, and soul, starts with some meditation and yoga- two things of which you probably do rather often. If you find yourself practicing yoga either at a special yoga establishment or in the home, and consider meditation an everyday thing for you and your lifestyle, you may be a modern day hippie.

  1. Everything Has Deep Meaning to You

Hippies care very deeply about things and events. It could be an article of clothing your grandmother sewed for you when you were 3, a unique artifact you got from an amazing vacation to another country with your family, or simply a trinket you found or were given along the way in your journey through life. You also care deeply about other people around you, especially friends and family members, and things of nature, including the trees, flowers, environment, animals, and everything else.

  1. You Accept Others

While others may judge an individual on the way they dress, the way their hair is, or what their job is, you refrain from any judgment and are very accepting and friendly with others. It doesn’t matter what they look like or what they do in their life; you simply love people for who they are and don’t judge anyone. That’s a beautiful thing we should really all adapt, but it’s a definite sign you are a hippie if you’re loving and accepting of everyone around you.


  1. You Love Animals

If you’re a modern day hippie, you love animals. The three cats you found on the side of the street and adopted the wildlife in the jungles, the fish in the sea. You literally care about every animal out there and believe they should be treated with utmost respect and given all the love in the world. You may find yourself volunteering at animal shelters, adopting strays you find along the way, or donating to animal charities.

  1. You Volunteer

Hippies are very caring individuals and have a deep love for everyone and everything around them. That being said, modern day hippies are the most willing to help volunteer. You will most likely find yourself volunteering at soup kitchens or other places that help with homeless individuals, or oftentimes at animal shelters or other places designed to help hurt or suffering animals. Modern day hippies will try to volunteer every chance they get, so when an establishment asks for extra help for the community, you’ll undoubtedly do it- even if it’s something as simple as picking up trash off the highway so it looks beautiful again.

  1. You Go Organic

As a modern day hippie, you care a lot about your body as well as the environment. You want to give your body the absolute best food possible, food that will help you stay healthy and energized throughout the day. You want to ensure there are no nasty pesticides being put into your body, so you will always choose organic. Not only is it a wonderful option to ensure the utmost health of your body, but it’s also a great choice for the environment as well. It may cost a few extra bucks, but for the modern hippie that’s no big deal; you will gladly shell out an extra dollar to help yourself and the world around you!

  1. You Drive an Energy Efficient Car

Energy efficient cars can only mean one thing: they are good for the environment! And who loves to take care of the environment? The modern day hippie, of course! You will either find yourself driving an energy efficient car, or opt for a more natural means of transportation like a bike. In fact, I don’t know very many hippies who don’t choose to bike or walk at least 50% of the time if their destination is close enough!


  1. Love to Be Outdoors

With all of this love for nature, the environment, and animals, it’s no wonder why the modern day hippie LOVES to spend time outside! You love to take walks in the park with your friends, feed the ducks, enjoy the beauty surrounding you, and go for a bike ride- anything that involves getting some fresh air and being outside with NATURE, a hippies absolute favorite thing!

The modern day hippie is similar to a hippie from back in the day, just a bit different. They love the outdoors, they love to volunteer, and aren’t judgmental of others. They also have an eye for vintage items and take care of their bodies, choosing all natural hair styling and food products. After reading through this list of 12 signs you are a modern day hippie, would you consider yourself a hippie?


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