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By on March 31, 2014

There’s no denying that the Victoria’s Secret Angel, Miranda Kerr, is an absolute beauty. Despite her gorgeous, trim figure, she’s got curves in all the right places and a fantastic set of legs to match. Lets face it, she’s got a body any woman would envy so it’s no wonder that women everywhere are asking just how to Australian manages to keep in such good shape. As much as we’d like to think it, Miranda Kerr hasn’t just achieved her figure by magic. While she’s always been slim and had a model’s physique, she’s had to work hard to look like the goddess she does today.

Miranda follows a strict diet and workout plan which relies heavily on ballet and pilates to ensure she stays in the best shape possible. Even with a hectic schedule that keeps her rushed off her feet, she still manages to find time to workout, eat healthy and all in all live a healthy lifestyle. Amazing, huh? For those of you keen to look as good as the Victoria’s Secret Angel or those who simply wish to know just how she looks so damn good, I’ve got the answers for you! Here’s what her trainer, Andie Hecker, who’s also the founder of Ballet Bodies has let slip about her training and diet routines.


Why Ballet Works For Miranda

Miranda Kerr practices ballet rigourously but don’t panic that you’ll never be able to follow her moves. She follows a simple routine which is perfect for her busy lifestyle and easily fitted into her daily routine. All you need to be able to do it is a barre (a horizontal ballet pole) and two pounds of added weight. The ballet moves Miranda practices are great for shaping up the shoulders but because of the way they require you to stretch your muscles and balance on them they’re also great for adding working the muscles of your legs, abs and arms too.


Arabesque Pulses

To do arabesque pulses, one of the many ballet moves that keeps Miranda looking as good as she does, you have to stand on one let while the other leg is extended behind you so that the two are at a right angle to each other. This is called the Arabesque stance in ballet, something which is commonly used. The pulsing part of this move is created by living your hands above your head while extending your raised leg a little higher. After holding this for a few seconds, drop your leg and arms down at the same time. This move is perfect for helping you to get toned legs and for the best results you should do thirty-two reps.


Side Lying Développé Series

When working out, our outer thighs are often forgotten and we focus mainly on our inner thighs. Miranda Kerr hasn’t forgotten however which is possible one of the reasons she looks so good! She uses this move to tone her outer thighs and her outer butt. To complete the move, lie on your side and extend your top leg out then gently return it to the starting position before finally rotating your leg. For the best results, do twenty-four reps like this then follow it with thirty-two leg rotations on their own.

a430e2052e0a6c1be414bc9424128056 Inner Thigh Splits to Sous-Sous

Gosh, that was a mouthful! This move is fantastic as by moving your legs in a distinct V shape you’re working your inner thighs. To complete this move, lie on your back on the floor with your legs straight. To work your inner thighs move your legs apart in a V shape then gently move them back to the starting position, keeping your toes pointed all the while. Again, thirty-two reps daily is recommended.


Supine Grand Battements Series

This ballet move that Miranda practices is perfect for toning and shaping the abs and arms. To complete it, it requires strength, control and not to mention total body balance. Hold your weights in both hands and cross your legs. Then, keeping your weights in hand, cross your legs the other way and repeat. In essence you’re crossing and uncrossing your ankles a total of thirty-two times while bearing weight. You can also follow this move by standing with your legs crossed and slowly lifting one leg upwards and lowering it then repeating with the other leg. It’s recommend that you do this extra position a total of sixteen times.


Fondue to Arabesque 

This is one of the very basic ballet moves which Miranda practices to keep her wonderful shape. It’s fantastic for helping to shape you arm muscles as well as helping you to achieve a peachy round bum. To do it, you have to stand on one let while the other leg is extended behind you so that the two are at a right angle to each other. While holding the pose, your hands must move and flow in to various positions while keeping the shoulders square in the exact line of direction. The idea is to elongate the body and create maximum distance between the fingers and toes. For the best results, it’s recommended that you do thirty-two reps of these.


But What Does She Eat?

To keep herself in healthy, tip-top condition, Miranda Kerr follows the Blood Type Diet. It’s a diet that was developed by Dr. Peter D’Adamo which relies on the idea that people should eat different foods dependant on their blood type. Miranda is a firm believer in this theory and thus follows the diet for her blood type as strictly as possible.

Miranda’s blood type is type A for which the Blood Type Diet suggests she eats ocean-caught fish, vegetables and small amounts of organic range chicken. She eats very little meat in general. While the diet works wonders for Miranda and she’s known to praise it, it’s not without it’s drawbacks. Miranda’s low meat diet means she’s constantly lacking in her iron levels, something which causes anemia. While meat is the most common source of iron however it’s not the only option so Miranda has to take extra care in eat plenty of veg which contain the mineral to ensure she does not suffer from her diet.

At the end of the day however, Miranda Kerr is only human like the rest of us. Yes, she follows a strict diet and exercise routine but she even confesses that she’s far from perfect. She follows her diet strictly but even admits that some of the time she lives by the 80/20 rule. This means that she eats healthy and sticks to her diet eighty percent of the time and is allowed to eat what she wants, even if it’s not so healthy, the other twenty percent of the time. This makes being on a constant diet a little easier to manage and means she’s far less likely to binge on all the things she shouldn’t.


So there you have it, Miranda Kerr’s diet and exercise plan that helps to keep her looking like the Victoria’s Secret Angel she is! The ballet moves she practices are easy to do and can be done from the comfort of your own home and, once you know your blood type and what you ‘should’ be eating, the Blood Type Diet isn’t all that hard to follow. Why not give it a go and see if you can build yourself a body like Miranda’s?

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