Miley Cyrus Diet and Workout

By on April 6, 2015

She’s been in the headlines a lot over the years, and it would appear that the long-brown haired, big brown-eyed, innocent starlet that we once knew and loved is long gone. That little girl has been replaced by a grown up – her hair has had the chop, she has lost a lot of her ‘baby weight’, and she has a physique that most women could only ever dream about.

Born in Tennessee, US on November 23rd, 1992, it’s easy to forget that this little starlet is just 22 years old, but it would seem that when it comes to her diet and workout regimes, her thoughts on it are so much more mature than that. As well as cutting out ‘bad foods’ from her diet, she has started to take care of herself by using physical exercises like yoga and Pilates to both give her that super-toned body, as well as helping to clear her busy mind.

Of course, whatever she is doing seems to be working. Just take a peek at the before and after… (Not that she was ever bad-looking before, of course!)

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Miley Cyrus Diet

Recently, the songwriter, actress, and singer has given up a few things in her diet in a bid to get healthier, and along the way she has decided to eat gluten free. This means that the food you eat can only be foods that do not contain gluten at all, and these include delights such as lentils, potatoes, rice, fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, and fish.

The idea behind a gluten free diet is to remove any bad additives and processed stuff from your food, and when you do this, your digestive system has a much easier time of things. Cutting out gluten will help you to banish bloating, help remove the extra, needless pounds you’re carrying (that spare tyre you hate so much), and can even help to give you more energy. On top of that, all the good quality foods and high quantities of vitamins and minerals will help to give all areas of your body an added boost, including your skin, hair and nails. Have you ever noticed that Miley’s skin is completely blemish-free. That’s not makeup – that’s good eating!

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The foods that Miley won’t eat – foods that aren’t advised for a gluten-free diet, include wheat products, rye, and barley. This means that junk food is often off the menu, although there are now a number of ‘bad’ foods that you can buy that are gluten-free.

Miley once tweeted that her followers should try the diet, suggesting that within just a week of switching things up she had noticed that she had better skin and hair, plus bags more energy to help her get through her shows. If it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for us… Maybe it’s time we all started looking at that gluten-free diet?

Miley Cyrus Workout

Without exercise and working out, any diet would be rendered basically useless, and Miley opts for low maintenance exercises to help her stay in shape. She is often seen performing yoga on the beach, for example, and aside from that she loves to dance, and even cycle to keep her core strength up to scratch, and her body looking every bit as fabulous as it does.

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Being only 5 foot 5 inches tall, she’s not exactly the tallest chick on the stage, but by performing core muscle exercises and stretches for at least an hour, six times per day, as well as eating healthily and having a good, balanced selection various minerals and vitamins, she has kept her tiny little figure in shape, and by using her tricks, you could too.

Pilates is a great exercise for anyone, whether they are just beginning to try and lose weight, or are just looking to add some tone to their physique, and with hundreds of YouTube videos online, there has never been a better chance to throw on some of Miley’s tunes and start stretching!

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