Mila Kunis Diet and Workout

By on April 19, 2015

Believe it or not, it was only three months after Mila Kunis had her beautiful baby boy, Wyatt, with Ashton Kutcher, that she was seen sporting a body that would rival the kind of body she had pre-baby! Within just three months, not only was this yummy-mummy-actress back into her skinny jeans, but she’d also lost over 25 pounds in weight.

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The question is, of course, how did she do it?

Well, first of all, she ate healthily throughout her pregnancy, and kept up with regular light exercise too, so in reality she only gained about 25 pounds in weight throughout the entire length of it. It’s actually a great tip to keep yourself fit, healthy and active throughout your pregnancy – it is said to make losing the baby weight all the more easier afterwards, but apparently can contribute to a much easier, less painful birth too! Every little helps, I guess!

Mila Kunis - After she lost the baby weight!

Mila Kunis – After she lost the baby weight!

Going back to Mila herself, and let’s start with the important bit – her workout!

Mila Kunis Workout

Throughout her pregnancy, Mila kept up with low impact workouts such as yoga and light spinning classes, but once she’d had the baby and was back to somewhat ‘normal’ again, she headed right back to the gym to up the tempo. The sooner you try to get your life back again after your baby, the easier you will find it. By all means take it easy, but remember that you do need to get back to a regular workout at some point.

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Just like Mila does, when your child naps, you should make the most of it. For her, it’s thirty minutes in the morning to do her daily yoga while Wyatt catches some zzz’s, and when yours falls asleep in the middle of the afternoon, there is nothing wrong with grabbing a kettle ball and giving your core muscles a bit of a workout, or grabbing your yoga mat and clearing yourself a space in the living room in front of those Youtube tutorial videos. It’s all about grabbing the opportunities when you can. So why aren’t you?

Why not take your new baby out with you when you work out? You could take yourself off for a beautiful afternoon stroll in the park. Alternating the car chair every five minutes or so is going to give your arms a great workout, or you could consider carrying your child in a sling and holding your tummy in to try and work that core strength. You’ll be killing two birds with one stone then, and all that fresh air is bound to knock the cute kid out for an hour or two once you get home, giving you plenty of time to pamper yourself in reward! 😉

Mila Kunis Diet

By increasing her exercise levels and including her son in work out routines, Mila is going a great job, but not just that alone will help you get that pre-baby body back in just six months. There will need to be a few dietary tweaks to make sure that you get things just right, and just one of the things that Mila found was that carbs were bloating her out. Rather than cut carbs out completely, she dropped to a low carbohydrate based meal plan, and upped her intake her fresh fruit and leafy vegetables to give her more energy and up her immune system at a time she needed it the most.

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Carbohydrate-rich foods are great for early-day meals – you can burn off that short term energy throughout the day. When you have an evening meal that is packed with carbs, however, the end effect isn’t quite the same. The body doesn’t have enough time to burn it off and when you fall asleep, everything just ends up lodging itself in various places around your digestive system. This leads to bloating, irregular bowel movements, and the body holding onto wast products much longer than it needs to. By switching to more fruit and veg in your diet, you may find that you have an upset stomach for a couple of days. You should just ride through this pretty difficult stage because its your body’s natural way of detoxing! You’ll be amazed by the pounds you’ll lose just by eating good for a couple of days and giving your insides a good clear out!


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