Marrying Your Best Friend – Good Idea or Bad?

By on August 13, 2015

We’ve all heard about those people who “married their best friend”. They met in kindergarten and were inseparable since, sharing every little secret and spending every waking moment with each other. But is it really a good idea? The majority rules a big fat YES, but just like anything else, there’s down sides- we’ll discuss those later.


Why would you want to marry your best friend?
I think the answer to this question is pretty obvious: they are your best friend! The two of you know everything about each other and couldn’t be any more comfortable with one another. You’ve shared every minuscule detail of your life with this person and they don’t judge you for a single thing. Aside from utmost comfort, the two of you have fun together no matter what. You could be sitting in a dark room with absolutely nothing to do and still have the time of your lives, laughing and giggling about whatever comes to mind.

Although being comfortable with your partner and having fun no matter what are two key ingredients to a successful friendship (and relationship), there’s one thing that takes the cake: trust. And that’s where marrying your best friend comes into play. After all, you trust your best friend, right? Aside from family, they are probably the only person you trust one hundred percent. Trust being the basis of any solid relationship, having this amount of trust in your partner is key to a successful marriage.


The Pros to Marrying Your Best Friend
Honestly, the list of pros could go on for days; your eyes would probably get tired by the time you’re done reading this. So we’ll just go over a few of the biggest pros of marrying your best friend, a few of which have been mentioned already!

They know everything about you. And best of all, they accept you for it! They don’t care that you picked your nose and ate it until you were in first grade. They don’t care that your favorite singer is Britney Spears. They really don’t care about any of the embarrassing stuff you’ve done or the silly things you like, and that’s beautiful.

They’ve been there through thick and thin. Relationships go through some seriously trying times. Your best friend has already stuck by you through the good times AND the bad times, so what would make it any different now that the two of you are a couple? Your strong bond and long history will only make the struggles easier.

They already know your friends and family. Yup, that’s right- no awkward meet and greet for your partner! Your family and friends already know him and they probably love him; in fact, your family probably already considers him as a part of the family. How cool is that!

They know how to make you feel better. Your best friend can always make you smile, even when you feel like your entire world is crashing down.

The two of you know how to have fun. We mentioned this one before, but it’s just so important. Ever been on a boring, awkward date? Well, those days are over when you decide to take the plunge with your best friend!

The two of you work together. Remember when the two of you stuck together when the other kids were being mean to you at school? Remember when you guys helped each other with your homework? Remember when you made the most delicious cupcakes last summer? It seems like you and your best friend work together, and that’s a big part of a successful relationship.

You trust each other. This is huge. Without trust, there is absolutely no relationship. You and your best friend obviously trust each other like no other, and that’s certainly important.

It’s more than lust. So many relationships fail because one or the other partner is confusing love for lust. Well, as best friends, you’ve been able to maintain a relationship without sex. You’ve proved that it’s so much more than just lust, you have a real deep connection.


And the Cons
Of course there’s cons! There’s a downside to everything. But what could possibly go wrong marrying your best friend?

Even friendships fall through the cracks. No relationship- whether it’s just a friendship or something more- is perfect. You’re going to fight, you’re going to have hard times, and sometimes it’s going to collapse beyond your control.

No sexual chemistry. Have you ever been such good friends with someone, that when the two of you finally kiss it’s insanely awkward? Yes, this is definitely a possibility.

They know too much. Sometimes when things go from friendship to relationship, one person may find themselves holding a grudge about something you’ve done in the past. Suddenly that ‘accidental kiss’ that happened with you and someone else while you were in a relationship is a big deal.

All in all, marrying your best friend is a good idea. It’s still going to take plenty of effort to build a long lasting relationship, but the odds are in your favor!


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