Mario Maurer With His Super Success.

By on May 22, 2017

One of a famous Thai actor with the dazzling smile and a heart-throb of thousands of Thai girls who is actually a half Thai-Chinese-German, Mario Maurer or his full name is Nutthawuth Maurer. Currently, he’s shooting his new TV series with Davika Hoorne, Buang Ban Ja Thorn, starring Lao Perng that will be on air in this year.

This superstar’s family background, he was born on December, 4th 1990 at The Bangkok Christian Hospital, Bangkok. Mario’s religion is Christianity and he is Roman catholic. His dad named him “Mario” by his inspiring Italian motorcycle racer. He also got Thai full name, Nutthawuth Maurer because at that time his school didn’t allow him to have an English name. About his personal life, Maurer’s interests include skateboarding, hip-hop, nature and cars. Although he’s half German and Chinese, he cannot speak some German and only understands some basic Mandarin. His father Roland died of a diabetes-related heart attack on June 27, 2011. He has a very close relationship with his brother, a hip-hop artist and actor. Marco Maurer is the brother of the well known Thai-superstar Mario Maurer. Born in Germany in January 27, 1984, Marco is also of Chinese-Thai descent with father Roland (German) and mother Pantipa. The name “Marco” was given by his father who’s a big fan of motorcycle racer in Germany, Valentino Rossi. He graduated from Assumption University, Faculty of Arts, Department of Communications Advertising.

Apart from being an actor for TV series and films, he has also participated many charity activities like being a presenter of 2008 World No Tobacco Day, a presenter of Against Drug by Office of the Narcotics Control Board. He’s also obsessed with hip-hop, Eminem from 8 Mile movie is his idol and his favorite Thai hip-hop singers are Joey Boy, Dajim, Tupac, LL Cool J, Chris Brown and T.I. Furthermore, when he was young, he liked to listen to Anan Boonnak and Hin-Lek-Fai band. Ananda Everingham is always be his inspiring actor.

Maurer studied kindergarten at Leena Kindergarten School and continued studying elemantary school and high school at Saint Dominic School. While he was choosing his university, her mother wanted him to study at Abac University but Mario chose Ramkamhaeng University because it could have cause less financial problem for his family. Once he was a freshman at faculty of humanities then moved to faculty of law, Ramkhamhaheng University. Then he moved to study bachelor’s degree at Krirk University and finished master’s degree in January 2017.

Additional he gave an interview about his big day at Krirk University on January 2017 despite his hectic schedule as an actor and brand ambassador, Mario Maurer has graduated with a master’s degree in political communication that “I graduated master’s degree with my mother, she’s got a high GPA of 3.56 and I got 3.2, I was super exhausted of managing time between studying and working and I study in Saturdays and Sundays. However, I want to thank you my mother, my manager and all the professors that helped me finishing master’s degree in 1 year. From now on, I would try to learn Chinese and use it to further my career path as an actor in China.” He also got the big bouquet from his crush, JunJira “Junji” Janpithakchai.

About his love story, he was in a nine-year relationship with actress Gubgib Sumontip, a Thai actress who has made a name for herself by starring primarily in television dramas, including Ngao Ruk Luang Jai, Dao Kiang Duen, and Dokmai Tai Mek.and who’s currently a mother of a beloved daughter Pao-Pao. They both ended their relationship on January 2013. After having broken up with Gubgib Sumonthip 2 years ago, he dated  ‘JunJi Junjira. Then Junji has become more famous because of her rumor with Maurer. She is a member of a girl group named GAIA and also an actress and a dancer.

After a birthday party of Junji was held, she gave an interview and updated about her sweet story that after made a merit, Maurer also gave her a camera as a birthday gift because she has always wanted it but she didn’t buy it. “My birthday went so good, I made a merit by releasing the fish and offering food for monk and I’ll make merit by donating food for poor children at Bangpakong Orphan House.” Plus, she said about her special birthday given by her boyfriend, “This year I’m turning 26 but my face might go further than my real age, Mario gave me a camera, I have always wanted it for so long but I didn’t buy it so he bought me as a gift, I don’t think that he would buy it for me and I don’t even buy a memory card so I haven’t shot any picture yet.”

“I love taking selfie picture as usual and I want to take a beautiful picture so I want a high quality camera to shoot, then he gave it to me and no surprising event at all, after I finish working we just had a cozy dinner at a beautiful place and I don’t expect him to be my personal photographer because he might be good at being a model than a photographer.” Plus, “Taking picture together we would definitely do it but I just don’t want it to be in a public and I don’t want anybody to mess it up.” said Junji.

His career started when he was just 16. He was approached by a scout name Koko at a shopping center in Bangkok and was offered the opportunity to model and act. He grabbed a chance to help his family about the financial problem out. Then, he started doing photo shoots, commercials and music videos. His stand out pieces of TV commercials are Exit roll on, Jack snack, Glico Colon, Tross foam, Sugus, Foremost, The Pizza Company. Plus, his previous music videos that he starred as a lead roles are Kun-Jae-Tee-Hai-Pai by Palmy, Pak-Dee-Kee-Ngao-Aw-Tae-Jai by Mila.

In 2007, he made his feature film debut in a leading role in The Love of Siam, a 2007 Thai multi-layered directed by Chookiat Sakveerakul telling story about gay romance the film was received with critical acclaim and proved financially successful. It dominated Thailand’s 2007 film awards season, winning the Best Picture category in all major events. He won the Best Actor award in Starpics Thai Films Awards and also nominated in Bangkok Critics Assembly and Star Entertainment Awards. He is known internationally for his role in movie “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”. This movie served as a milestone to boost his popularity among international fans. Also known as “First Love”, this movie was Asian sleeper hit and also one of the longest running movies in Thailand cinemas. In 2013, his starring role in Pee Mak, Thailand’s highest grossing film, elevated him to legendary status in Thailand. Pee Mak has earned more than 1 billion baht ($33 million) in revenue worldwide which mostly in Asia, and is currently the highest-grossing Thai film and it’s the most successful role for Maurer.

Nothing could be more perfect than his perfect figure and also his outstanding performance in awards and nominations. He started to receive many awards in 2008 like Hot Young Man from Hot Young Man, Best Actor from 6th Starpics Thai Films Awards, Seventeen Choice Hottie Male, Rising Star Award from 3rd OK! Awards. From  huge success from Pee Mak, he’s got Best Actor from 11th Starpics Thai Films Awards, Best Film Actor of the Year from 3rd Daradaily The Great Awards and Actor of the Year from 7th Nine Entertain Awards. Recently in 2015, he’s got his TV series “Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan” award, a Popular Leading Male of the Year from SeeSan Bunterng Awards.

We couldn’t agree more that Maurer has already be one of a famous superstar in Thailand who has great popular appeal and is widely known, prominent and successful both in Thai and international TV series, Film, TV commercials.


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