Marilyn Monroe Makeup Tips

By on October 13, 2014

Marilyn Monroe. Undoubtedly one of the biggest and hottest sex symbols of all time. She was a beauty. A vibrant, gorgeous woman with a stunning face and an enticing body to match. It’s no wonder why every man dreamed of being with her! Being one of the hottest blonde bombshells to have ever worked the films of Hollywood, there’s really no question why so many women have turned to the gorgeous blonde for makeup and beauty tips. Check out these 10 Marilyn Monroe makeup tips- you know, the inside scoop that will help you achieve that sexy, red hot style.


1. Start With the Lips: Plump and Red

There’s one major facial feature that stands out on dear Marilyn: those sexy red lips. But it’s one thing to throw on a coat of red lipstick and call it a day. Marilyn’s makeup artist took it one step further. He would apply up to 5 different coats and shades of red lipstick, each coat followed by some lip gloss to really amp up the look. The end result? Vivacious, pumped up lips that are oh-so-sexy and kissable.

2. A Soft Face is Key

Here’s one beauty tip you probably wouldn’t have guessed in a million years: Marilyn Monroe applied vaseline underneath her foundation to create gorgeous soft skin with a lovely glow (that would of course look even better on camera).


3. The Cat Eye

The Cat Eye is undoubtedly one of the hottest eyeliner trends- and what do you know, it just so happened to be Marilyn’s favorite style, too. This gave her eye more shape, widening the circumference and making them appear brighter, bolder, and of course- bigger, leaving her with tantalizing eyes that would make you melt in a heartbeat.

4. Utmost Importance: Eye Shadow

You won’t get very far in the world of elegant eyes without the use of eye shadow. Marilyn Monroe always started the application with a creamy white eyeshadow extending the entire length of her eyes, even up to the brow bone. The inner corners and underneath brow was highlighted while a smokey brown or silvery blue shade was applied to the outer corners, giving her eyes a beautiful depth that could NOT be ignored.

5. Finish the Eyes: Falsies

But not just any false eyelashes will do for Marilyn Monroe. She wanted to achieve that big, bright effect. She wanted her eyes to be round with the perfect shape. You know, the kind of eyes that are romantic and alluring. She did this by applying false eyelashes only to the outer corner of her eyes. After applying, she’d amp up and complete her eye style with plenty of jet black mascara. I think we can all agree the cat eye liner paired with false eyelashes and tons of dark mascara created a very stunning and sexy look!

6. Highlighting and Contoruing: The Perfect Heart Shape

Have you ever noticed that Marilyn Monroe had the most perfect heart-shaped face on planet earth? Of course you did. And while her natural heart-shape was beautiful, by use of highlighting and contouring, it became drop dead gorgeous. Marilyn Monroe’s makeup artist would use highlighting around her forehead to make her upper half appear wider, while using darker shades of powder at the bottom half of her face- especially the jaw line- to create a thinner appearance.

7. A Cute Little Nose: Blush

Just when you think Marilyn Monroe couldn’t get any better- then you run across that darling little nose. It’s just so cute and small. It’s that lovely, flirty little button up nose we all wished we had. But it wasn’t just fate that gave Marilyn her cutesy nose- it was also by work of blush, powder and vaseline. Marilyn’s makeup artist, named Whitey, would use blush on the tip of her nose, combining it with powder and vaseline for an all around shorter, smaller, and softer appearance.

8. Simple Blushes

With so much work going into Marilyn Monroe’s gorgeous appearance, you might be surprised that she ONLY chose light pink or coral blushes to maintain a fresh, effortless, and somewhat natural glow. Quite a turn from the darkened eyes and red hot lips, eh?


9. Keep the Eyebrow Game Strong

Marilyn Monroe never let her eyebrows go. Just as she gave high importance to the rest of her features like the lips and eyes, she also paid close attention to her brows. Marilyn maintained an arched eyebrow style- one that would eventually become part of her ‘trademark’ look. You can achieve gorgeous arched eyebrows with plucking (by yourself or professionally) and using a bit of color on the brows.

10. Complete the Look: Platinum Locks

Okay, so this might not be something for everyone. But if you want the full diva effect, you’ll have to take the plunge and dive into Marilyn Monroe’s signature bright blonde locks. Just be sure to use plenty of conditioner- all that bleach can be a bit of a hair wrecker!



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