12 Transforming Makeup Tips for Pale Skin

By on October 22, 2014

There is one certain struggle every women with pale skin can understand: trying to avoid the pasty look. And trust me- it’s a lot harder than it seems. Pale skin can either have a beautiful glow, or you can blend in with the white walls behind you. How can you avoid looking like a washed up nightmare? By following these simple and effective 12 makeup tips to make the natural beauty of pale skin stand proud- instead of being washed ashore.


1. Start with Foundation

Whether you have dark skin or light skin, dry skin or oily skin, every makeup routine should start with foundation- and this holds especially true for ladies with paler skin tones. Foundation can either make you or break you, so pay extra close attention to the foundation you’re applying to your face. You may have to try on a few different colors until you find your perfect shade, as some women will need a foundation with yellow undertones while others might need pink/red undertones. So don’t stop until you find the right shade; there’s nothing worse than walking around with a mismatched face and body!


 2. Move on to Concealer

Step two of the makeup routine: concealer, of course. Just like your foundation, make sure you choose a concealer that’s right for your skin tone. The biggest problem I’ve seen with pale skinned ladies is they tend to choose too light of a concealer, which results in bright blotches around your face that do more damage than good. So make sure you take some extra time to ensure you’re handling the right concealer for your pale skin!


 3. Blush is a Must

Okay, pale skinned girls. Listen up! You need blush. I don’t care if you don’t like it or you don’t think it looks good on you. Trust me, you need it. And trust me, it does look good on you. You see, when you have incredibly light skin that’s rather pale, you need that little burst of color in your face. Blush will make you appear more vibrant, awake, and beautiful. Try and stay awake from too dark of colors, though, as that can come out looking odd. Search for subtle pinks and reds that will give you that lively, rosy red appearance.


 4. Ditch the Highlighter

Girls, your skin is already highlighted enough. It’s best to just stay away from any type of highlighter. If you notice you have dark circles or other skin imperfections, rely on your concealer to make things right and bright.

1309b7b3c87cafba706f442b8eab79c3 5. Bronzer!

On the other hand, bronzer is an absolutely must. Why? Because if there’s one thing every pale skinned woman wants, it’s a tan. But unfortunately, the majority of us are totally incapable of tanning. So what’s the next best thing? Bronzers, of course! Apply a generous amount of bronzer to make your skin come to life and really ‘pop’. Just don’t go overboard or you might look like you just stepped out of a scene from Jersey Shore.


 6. Eyeshadows: Dark and Light

One of the great things about pale skin (and yes, there ARE benefits of this lovely skin tone!) is that you can be really creative and explore different shades of eyeshadows. For a night on the town, feel free to liven up your eyes with some bright purples and blues. On the other hand, if you’re heading to the office or a college class, tone it down with some subtle browns or soft pinks. You might think nuder and subtler colors will wash you out, but it actually looks incredibly well on pale skin tones- especially if you follow up with tips number 7 and 8.

28995177654293be563a63ae25d0cdda 7. Black Eyeliner

Everything else about your face is light and washed out, right? So why not make those eyes really stand out! There’s no better way to achieve seductive, sexy eyes than by use of black eyeliner. Trust me: it’s key. The majority of the time you should absolutely be sporting black eyeliner- and a pretty generous amount of it, too. But if you’re getting extra dolled up for a night out with the girls, you could easily sport some crazy colors like deep purple or navy blue.

c412629ac6382a6a57210ed9ac05b5f4 8. Black Mascara

Okay, so pale skinned ladies are given the freedom to choose between quirky and alluring eyeshadow colors and can even get away with some interesting colored eyeliners. But when it comes to mascara, the choice should always be black. You don’t want your eyes to get drowned out by exciting colors and you don’t want them to blend in with the rest of your face. The only solution is to rock some deep, dark mascara. Seriously, your eyes will thank you!


9. Lipstick: Dark and Light

When it comes to the lips, there’s almost no limits. That’s right! Ladies on the paler side can easily rock lipsticks of all colors and shades. The absolute best colors include dark, vibrant colors like dark red wine and luscious deep purples and lighter shades of pink like pale pink and apricot.


10. Don’t Go Overboard

Sometimes when you have pale skin, you think you have to go overboard with makeup to make your skin ‘pop’. But that’s quite the opposite. Sure a little splash of color will do you some good, but your main goal should be to focus on adding some natural glow and subtle colors- so don’t combine bright eyeshadow with an equally bright lipstick. Choose one or the other.



11. Beautiful Brows

Girls with pale skin most likely have light eyebrows to match. Applying eyebrow color that is just one shade darker than your natural skin tone will really bring your entire look together magnificently.


12. Add Color Everywhere!

Putting bronzer on your face and deep red on your lips isn’t enough. If you really want to go from washed out and pale to vibrant and beautiful, try adding some color to the rest of your body as well. Maybe you could add a few dark streaks to your hair or simply apply some darker polish to your fingernails and toenails. Simply wearing earrings with a splash of deeper colors will help perk up your look!

See, pale skin doesn’t have to be a drag. What’s your biggest makeup tip for pale skin?

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