20 Best Celebrity Makeup Ideas for Hazel Eyes

By on October 28, 2014

Hazel eyes are the most enigmatic of all the eye colors, ranging from light brown to almost green, and every imaginable shade in between. Make the most of your mysterious and beautiful eye color with our 20 Best Celebrity Makeup Looks for Hazel Eyes. Get inspired by fabulous and stylish makeup looks worn by popular hazel-eyed female celebs such as Sofia Vergara, Mila Kunis, Dianna Agron, and many more. With our help, you’ll soon be a pro at enhancing your hazel eyes with flattering makeup looks specifically for your eye color.


1. Sofia Vergara Makeup for Hazel Eyes: Thick, curled lashes

Best celebrity makeup looks for hazel eyes_01

Colombian actress, comedian, television hostess, and model Sofia Vergara looks simply gorgeous with her golden brown hair and thick, curled eyelashes. She keeps her look fresh and natural with subtle shimmery eye shadow in the same hue as her medium skin tone, and minimal eye makeup. To get Sofia’s flirty lashes, start by curling your lashes with an eyelash curler. You can warm it up slightly under the hot tap, but make sure it’s not too hot, or you could hurt yourself. Once you’ve curled your lashes, add a few coats of thickening mascara for a soft and sexy look.


2. Mila Kunis Makeup for Hazel Eyes: Soft rose gold

Best celebrity makeup looks for hazel eyes_02

American actress Mila Kunis looks stunning with her soft rose gold eye shadow and expertly applied eyeliner. Rose gold is a great color for hazel eyes as it’s warm, sultry, and complements the brown tones in your eyes. For best results, apply your rose gold eye shadow on your eyelids and up to your brow line, as well as under your lower lash line. For smudge-free eyeliner that looks chic and professional, use a gel or wax-based eyeliner that won’t rub off as easily. Finally, choose a glossy nude lipstick for a feminine and flirty final look.


3. Christina Ricci Makeup for Hazel Eyes: Silver and sultry

Best celebrity makeup looks for hazel eyes_03

American actress Christina Ricci looks beautiful with her silver-hued, sultry eye makeup. Grey and silver look fabulous with hazel eyes, especially when you also use a jet black eyeliner and a dark mascara. Only apply one or two thin coats of mascara to your lashes so that you can still see your eye shadow through them. When you have dark, smoky eye makeup, it’s a good idea to keep the rest of your makeup (i.e., lips and cheeks) neutral and muted to avoid overkill.


4. Rihanna Fenty Makeup for Hazel Eyes: Charcoal smoky eye effect

Best celebrity makeup looks for hazel eyes_04

Barbadian songstress Rihanna Fenty looks phenomenal with her bold charcoal-hued smoky eye makeup. Her dark eye makeup emphasizes her gorgeous, radiant hazel eyes, drawing all the attention to the upper half of her face. For best results, gradate your color from the lightest eye shadow in the inner corners of your eyes to the darkest shadow in the outer corners. Line your eyes all the way around, and apply false eyelashes for a super sexy final look.


5. Dianna Agron Makeup for Hazel Eyes: Shimmery cranberry

Best celebrity makeup looks for hazel eyes_05

American actress, singer, dancer and director Dianna Agron looks flirty and feminine with her shimmery cranberry colored eye shadow. This dark shade of red is perfect for the festive season, and it’s subtle enough for daytime wear. Apply the eye shadow below your lash line as well as on your eyelids, and apply a coat or two of thickening mascara for a sexy final look. For longer lasting eye makeup that won’t smudge on a night out, try using a primer on your eyelids and under your lower lashes before applying the rest of your eye makeup. Also, carry a small wet towel or ear-bud in your purse to touch up your makeup if need be.


6. Kristin Kreuk Makeup for Hazel Eyes: Golden apricot

Best celebrity makeup looks for hazel eyes_06

Canadian actress Kristin Kreuk looks striking with her large greeny-hazel eyes and golden apricot eyeliner. Apricot is a warm hue somewhere in-between orange and brown, and it looks great with an olive complexion and hazel eyes that are more on the green side. For best results, try purchasing a chubby eye shadow pencil. It’s easy to apply, and creates lovely thick lines of color. Finally, don’t forget to groom your brows! Tidy up your natural brow shape and fill your brows in if need be, and then set them with a clear eyebrow gel to keep each and every hair in place.


7. Rose McGowan Makeup for Hazel Eyes: Pretty peach eyelids

Best celebrity makeup looks for hazel eyes_07

American actress and singer Rose McGowan looks gorgeous with her pretty peach eye shadow and soft, fluttery lashes. As Rose shows us, you can experiment with unusual color combinations to find a winning combo that suits your unique eye color. Rose sports a warm milk chocolate brown shade in the crease of her eyelids, and a creamy peach that accentuates her mysterious hazel eyes.


8. Demi Moore Makeup for Hazel Eyes: Thick, jet black lashes

Best celebrity makeup looks for hazel eyes_08

American actress, filmmaker, former songwriter, and model Demi Moore looks sublime with her thick, jet black lashes. This simple look achieves exactly what it sets out to do – it gives Demi wide open, bright eyes that exude youth and personality. The trick is to keep your eye shadow as natural as possible, and then go all out with the lashes. Use a liquid liner on your upper lash line, and lots of mascara on both upper and lower lashes for extra impact.


9. Heidi Klum Makeup for Hazel Eyes: Flirty doe eyes

Best celebrity makeup looks for hazel eyes_09

German model, television host, businesswoman, fashion designer, television producer, and occasional actress Heidi Klum looks fabulous with her signature flirty doe eyes. Recreate this classic look by applying white eyeliner to your waterline. This creates a wide-eyed, innocent look which is enhanced by the contrast of her pitch black lashes. Apply a light, shimmery sand-colored eye shadow to your lids and below your lower lash line for extra impact.


10. Hilary Duff Makeup for Hazel Eyes: Super-long, curled lashes

Best celebrity makeup looks for hazel eyes_10

American actress and singer Hilary Duff looks effortlessly glamorous with her super-long, curled lashes and huge statement earrings. She sports dewy, subtle eye shadow that illuminates her gorgeous skin tone, and a slick of clear lip-gloss that gives her a natural yet stylish look. To recreate her look at home, pay extra attention to your lashes. Curl them very carefully with an eyelash curler before brushing them gently (look for a soft eyelash/eyebrow brush) and then apply mascara. Choose a mascara that doesn’t clump for long, skinny lashes that look fabulous.


11. Lady Gaga Makeup for Hazel Eyes: Natural colors, fierce lashes

Best celebrity makeup looks for hazel eyes_11

American singer, songwriter, and actress Lady Gaga looks surprisingly vanilla with her natural looking makeup and neutral nails. We love her fierce lashes and her unruly eyebrows – very high fashion and contemporary. Get Gaga’s look by choosing makeup the same color as your skin tone, but in a matte version. Leave your waterline and lower lashes bare, apply eyeliner above your upper lash line, and apply false eyelashes for maximum flirting potential. Easy!


12. Rashida Jones Makeup for Hazel Eyes: Bold charcoal eyeliner

Best celebrity makeup looks for hazel eyes_12

American film and television actress, comic book author, screenwriter, and occasional singer Rashida Jones looks utterly gorgeous with her bold charcoal eyeliner. Her color choice for her eyeliner is spot on, as charcoal is a bit softer than jet black, and it creates a lovely smoky eye effect. Her eyeliner is extended beyond the outer corners of her eyes in a “cat eye” style that further emphasizes her stunning hazel eyes.


13. Keri Hilson Makeup for Hazel Eyes: Pretty in purple

Best celebrity makeup looks for hazel eyes_13

American singer, songwriter and actress Keri Hilson mixes it up with a pop of bright purple and long, glamorous eyelashes. We love her daring, funky color choice, and her flawless lashes. For best results, apply a light lavender or lilac eye shadow to your eyelids, and a deeper violet under your lower lash line. Use a black eyeliner pencil on your waterline, and apply a lash lengthening mascara to both your upper and lower lashes for a chic and glamorous final look.


14. Olivia Munn Makeup for Hazel Eyes: Bronze and gold

Best celebrity makeup looks for hazel eyes_14

American actress, comedian, model, television personality and author Olivia Munn looks breathtakingly beautiful with her bronze and gold dusted eyes. Olivia has quite small eyes, and so these illuminating hues work well to create the illusion of bigger, more “wide-awake” eyes. We adore her flawless complexion and her summery, sun-kissed color palette – gold, bronze, dusty rose, and rich brown brows. Keep this look natural with minimal eye shadow (just enough to apply color), subtle mascara, and bare lower lashes. Apply bronzing powder to your cheekbones and some cream blush to the apples of your cheeks for a gorgeous sun-princess makeup look.


15. Emma Roberts Makeup for Hazel Eyes: Bold black and white

Best celebrity makeup looks for hazel eyes_15

American actress, model and singer Emma Roberts looks striking and sexy with her bold black and white eye makeup. Her chalky white eye shadow makes a style statement as well as accentuating her dark hazel eyes, and her long, jet black lashes create even more of a contrast. This makeup look is modern and edgy, and it’s a great alternative to classic eye makeup looks.


16. Petra Nemcova Makeup for Hazel Eyes: Soft rose tint

Best celebrity makeup looks for hazel eyes_16

Czech model, television host, and philanthropist Petra Nemcova looks divine with her soft, rose-tinted eye makeup. Petra has quite small eyes, which is why she’s opted for a soft and misty eye shadow instead of a very dark and heavy one. Similarly, she hasn’t used eyeliner, and she only wears a bit of mascara on her upper lashes. Pair your soft, romantic eyes with groomed brows (not too dark or filled in, just some powder), rosy cheeks, and creamy pink lipstick.


17. Tyra Banks Makeup for Hazel Eyes: Crisp black liner

Best celebrity makeup looks for hazel eyes_17

American television personality, producer, author, actress, and former model Tyra Banks knows exactly how to make a striking first impression. Here she’s wearing death-defying false lashes, crisp black eyeliner, and a little bit of metallic eye shadow for extra glamour. Use a gel or wax-based eyeliner for maximum wear, and leave your lower lashes bare for more of an “eye-popping” effect. Finally, add some candyfloss pink lipstick, and you’re good to go!


18. Lily Collins Makeup for Hazel Eyes: Luscious lashes

Best celebrity makeup looks for hazel eyes_18

English-American actress and model Lily Collins looks divine with her bold brows and luscious lashes. She sports luminescent, light eye shadow in the inner corners of her eyes, and thick black eyeliner on her waterline and upper lash line. You can try “tightlining” your eyes to get this look – tightlining involves applying eyeliner directly in-between your lashes instead of on the upper or lower lash line. This is meant to create an “invisible eyeliner” look, where the darkness is there but not a very visible line. You can find out more about tightlining by searching for it on YouTube – there are several video tutorial available.


19. Kate Beckinsale Makeup for Hazel Eyes: Yellow gold

Best celebrity makeup looks for hazel eyes_19

English actress Kate Beckinsale looks radiantly beautiful with her yellow gold eye shadow and dewy, glowing complexion. Kate has pretty small eyes, and she’s sensibly chosen a pale and shimmery eye shadow to make her eyes look bigger. Her slightly unusual eye shadow choice, yellow gold, is actually incredibly flattering for her hazel eyes, and it’s also an edgy and interesting color. When you’re wearing a pale or light eye shadow, try to keep your lashes subtle with only one or two light coats of mascara.


20. Nicole Richie Makeup for Hazel Eyes: Tawny cat eyes

Best celebrity makeup looks for hazel eyes_20

American fashion designer, author, actress and television personality Nicole Richie looks glamorous with her tawny cat eye makeup look. This look features several colors and expertly shaded hues that radiate from light in the inner corners of the eyes to dark in the outer corners. We love Nicole’s fierce lioness look, and her serious gold bling in the way of chunky earrings and a huge chain linked necklace.


These are only a few of the best makeup looks for hazel eyes – experiment a little, and you could find the next fabulous look for your eye color!


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