20 Best Celebrity Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

By on October 10, 2014

Your eyes are powerful tools of seduction, so make the most of these windows to the soul by enhancing them with makeup looks that suit your natural eye color. We’ve found the 20 Best Celebrity Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes for all you beautiful brown-eyed girls out there. Get inspired by new makeup looks for your gorgeous brown eyes, as seen on fabulous brown-eyed female celebrities such as Minka Kelly, Kim Kardashian, Emma Watson, Nicole Scherzinger, Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley, and many more.


1. Minka Kelly Makeup for Brown Eyes: Blush pink eye shadow and bold lashes

Best Celebrity Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes_01

American actress Minka Kelly looks fresh and radiant with her subtle blush pink eye shadow and bold black lashes. The blush pink shadow is soft and romantic, and it complements her dewy, peachy complexion. She sports some simple black liquid liner along the top lash line, and thick dark lashes that flutter when she blinks. Keep the lower lashes bare for more natural and playful looking eyes. This look is super-flirty and great for everyday occasions or a casual date. Finish off with some cerise lipstick and healthy, glossy hair for a gorgeous final look.


2. Vanessa Hudgens Makeup for Brown Eyes: Smoky eyes with glamorous gold flecks

Best Celebrity Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes_02

American actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens looks seriously sexy with her dark, smoky eye shadow, flecks of gold on her eyelids, and long, statement lashes. We love the blended grey and gold smoky eye shadow, and the subtle gold flecks that catch the light every now and again. Her look is made even more dramatic with super-long lashes and black eyeliner. Take inspiration from Vanessa and dab a little bit of sparkly gold dust eye shadow onto your eyelids once you’ve done the smoky effect with your grey, black and matte gold shadow.


3. Emma Watson Makeup for Brown Eyes: Sexy smudge effect

Best Celebrity Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes_03

English actress, model, and activist Emma Watson looks divine with her sexy smudge-effect eye makeup and bright, bold pink lips. The key to this look is to make the smudging look intentional, and not as if you accidentally rubbed your eyes and messed up your mascara! Start with dark grey or black shadow on the outer corners of your eyelids, and smudge the shadow a bit for a messy and sexy look. Then, dab some light eye shadow around the inner corners of your eyes, add some thin eyeliner along the waterline, and layer on the mascara until you get the desired effect.


4. Nicole Scherzinger Makeup for Brown Eyes: Smoky cat eyes

Best Celebrity Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes_04

American recording artist, actress and television personality Nicole Scherzinger looks seductive with her soft, smoky cat-eye makeup and nude lipstick. The cat eye look is achieved by extending the eye shadow along the upper lash line until it is about the same length as your brows. Apply eye shadow on both your eyelids and under your lower lashes for extra impact. Be very careful when doing the sweeping cat eye “wings” on either side, as they need to be as symmetrical as possible. Finish off with mascara on your upper and lower lashes, and a bit of eyebrow powder and a few touches with an eyebrow pencil to make your brows stand out.


5. Jessica Alba Makeup for Brown Eyes: Shimmery shadow and thick lashes

Best Celebrity Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes_05

American film and television actress, model, and businesswoman Jessica Alba looks radiantly beautiful with her shimmery eye shadow and thick, dark eyelashes. The light, shimmery eye shadow complements her medium skin tone, and it accentuates her dark chocolate brown eyes. To get Jessica’s thick, full eyelashes, choose a mascara that adds thickness as well as length. Leave your lower lashes bare for a more striking, flirty look.


6. Mila Kunis Makeup for Brown Eyes: Winged eyeliner and wide eyes

Best Celebrity Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes_06

American actress and new mother Mila Kunis looks fabulous with her winged eyeliner and big, expressive eyes. We love her expertly applied liquid liner and her soft, nude colored lips. Get Mila’s retro look by applying a soft brown eye shadow to your eyelids, and then using liquid liner just above your upper eyelashes, taking care to follow your lash line and then to carry on past the outer corners of your eyes. Apply mascara in a thin coat to both your upper and lower lashes to make your eyes seem bigger.


7. Carey Mulligan Makeup for Brown Eyes: Soft and sooty

Best Celebrity Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes_07

English actress Carey Mulligan looks gorgeous with her light hazel brown eyes and soft, sooty eye shadow. She sports carefully layered eye shadow, with a metallic chocolaty brown hue at the bottom and bolder grey and black layers on top. Apply eye shadow below your lower lashes as well for a sexy and mysterious look, and use a bit of eyeliner to make the whites of your eyes stand out. Finish off with a coat or two of black or dark brown mascara.


8. Jennifer Lopez Makeup for Brown Eyes: Dove grey and shimmery taupe

Best Celebrity Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes_08

American actress, author, fashion designer, dancer, producer, singer, and songwriter Jennifer Lopez looks effortlessly glamorous with her soft, shimmery eye makeup and her gorgeous side-swept hairstyle. Apply a shimmery light taupe hue to the inner corners of your eyes, and dove grey towards the outer corners and below your lower lashes. Add liquid liner on your upper lids and a little bit of liner to your waterline to further make your eyes “pop”. Finish off with mascara to make your lashes look extra long and sexy.


9. Rachel Bilson Makeup for Brown Eyes: Russet and copper eye shadow

Best Celebrity Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes_09

American actress Rachel Bilson sports a stunning fall / autumn look with warm russet and copper eye shadow. Rich browny-red hues look fantastic with brown eyes, especially if you add a bit of grey and black for a soft and smoky effect. Pair your romantic eye makeup with dusty rose blusher on the apples of your cheeks and a pretty pink shade of lipstick for a flirty and feminine final look.


10. Penelope Cruz Makeup for Brown eyes: Bold liner

Best Celebrity Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes_10

Spanish actress and model Penelope Cruz looks sultry and sensual with her bold eyeliner and soft, matte, taupe-colored eye shadow. The thick eyeliner accentuates the whites of her eyes, making the deep brown irises look even more striking. Take care to line the waterline with a waterproof eye pencil to prevent the color from washing away, and use a liquid liner in the same shade (black or dark brown) on your upper lids. Apply only one coat of mascara for a more delicate look. You needn’t use an extra thick mascara as your liquid eyeliner will accentuate your eyes enough.


11. Lily Collins Makeup for Brown Eyes: Super-long lashes

Best Celebrity Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes_11

English-American actress and model Lily Collins looks fabulous with her dark metallic eye shadow and super-long lashes. Dark metallic hues such as bronze, copper, and gold look superb with brown eyes. Pair your shimmery, dark eye shadow with crisp black eyeliner and super-long lashes. For an eye-popping final look, you could even try out some faux eyelashes for extra length and maximum flirting potential. Make sure to glue them on properly and allow enough time for them to dry so they don’t accidentally drop off during your night out!


12. Natalie Portman Makeup for Brown Eyes: Soft and smoky eye shadow

Best Celebrity Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes_12

American-Israeli actress Natalie Portman looks utterly gorgeous with her soft, smoky eye shadow and subtle lashes. Her eye shadow encircles her eyes, making them stand out even more. If you’re using a lighter shadow like Natalie’s shimmery copper and silver shadow, you can go for a bold black eyeliner for an interesting contrast. Keep the rest of your makeup simple and toned down when you have bold, dark eye makeup – you don’t want to have too many focal points at one time.


13. Keira Knightley Makeup for Brown Eyes: All about the lashes

Best Celebrity Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes_13

English actress and singer Keira Knightley looks effortlessly glamorous with her bold black eyeliner and long, statement lashes. Her eyeliner extends right into the inner corners of her eyes, accentuating their perfect almond shape. We love her thick, immaculately groomed brows and her dark, sultry eye makeup – a true killer combination! Try to choose a non-clumping mascara with a good wand that won’t make your lashes stick together – wiggle the wand to further coat each lash and separate them from one another.


14. Emmy Rossum Makeup for Brown Eyes: Olive and emerald green

Best Celebrity Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes_14

American actress and singer-songwriter Emmy Rossum looks fabulous with her colorful olive- and emerald-green eye makeup. Green goes very well with brown eyes, especially if you have dark hair and brows. Recreate Emmy’s forest-inspired look with olive green eye shadow on your eyelids, emerald green eyeliner on your waterline, and a single coat of mascara to keep your green eye shadow visible.


15. Kim Kardashian Makeup for Brown Eyes: Shimmery bronze and long lashes

Best Celebrity Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes_15

American television and social media personality, socialite, fashion designer, businesswoman, model, and actress Kim Kardashian rocks her signature look with shimmery eye shadow and extra-long lashes. Her eyes are well defined with black eye liner applied right into the inner corners of her eyes, and she sports super-skinny, long eyelashes that almost touch her eyebrows. If you’re wearing faux eyelashes and they actually do touch your brows, trim them carefully so that they look more natural.


16. Bella Thorne Makeup for Brown Eyes: Glamorous gold

Best Celebrity Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes_16

American teen actress, singer, model and dancer Bella Thorne looks gorgeous with her gold rimmed eyes and long, thick eyelashes. Gold looks especially good with dark brown eyes, and we love Bella’s gold eyelids and the thin line of gold shadow under her lower lash line. The contrast between the light, shimmery gold and the dark, matte lashes makes for a particularly striking look. Once again, if your natural lashes won’t quite make do, try some false lashes for extra impact.


17. Eva Longoria Makeup for Brown Eyes: Moody metallic

Best Celebrity Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes_17

American actress, producer, director, activist and businesswoman Eva Longoria looks smoking hot with her moody metallic eye makeup. She wears a mixture of gold and bronze eye shadow and mascara on both her upper and lower lashes. Finish off this look with powdered and groomed brows, and some nude lipstick for a chic and sexy final look.


18. Beyonce Knowles Makeup for Brown Eyes: Soft and sexy

Best Celebrity Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes_18

Songstress Beyonce Knowles looks beautiful with her soft smoky eye makeup and bold cherry-red lips. She keeps her eye makeup toned down to let her lips stand out – an important note when trying to balance your features. If you have very dark eye makeup, keep your lips subtle, and if you have bold and bright lips, keep your eye makeup subtle. Easy!


19. Nina Dobrev Makeup for Brown Eyes: Classic sooty eyes

Best Celebrity Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes_19

Bulgarian-Canadian actress and model Nina Dobrev looks smoking hot with her classic sooty eye makeup. This look is great for dark brown eyes, and it’s perfect for a first dinner date or a night out. When applying black or dark grey eye shadow, take care to balance out your eyes so that they look symmetrical. For a softer and more romantic look, only apply one coat of mascara so that your lashes are long, delicate, and light.


20. Gemma Arterton Makeup for Brown Eyes: Winged eyeliner and big lashes

Best Celebrity Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes_20

English actress Gemma Arterton looks effortlessly glamorous with her dark, winged eyeliner and big upper lashes. We love that she’s opted for bold upper lashes and bare lower lashes, creating  a startling contrast that draws all the attention to her eyes. For best results, invest in a liquid eyeliner and practice lining your upper lids a few times before doing your makeup for going out. If you find you’re struggling, look for a tutorial on YouTube to help you out.


These are only a few popular makeup ideas for brown eyes, but we’re sure that you’ve found at least one or two that you’d like to try out. Get creative and find which looks suit you – mix different colors and textures while following our guidelines and you may come across an amazing, unique makeup look!


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