20 Best Celebrity Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes

By on October 12, 2014

Make an unforgettable first impression with one of our 20 Best Celebrity Makeup Looks for Blue Eyes. Your eyes can convey your emotions and your desires with just one look, so draw attention to them with makeup looks that suit your eye color. We’ve chosen 20 fabulous makeup looks for blue eyes worn by popular blue-eyed female celebrities such as Amber Heard, Diane Kruger, Zooey Deschanel, Alexis Bledel, Cameron Diaz, and many more.

We have eye makeup looks for every occasion – sexy smoky eyes, fresh natural eyes, funky bright eyes- the list goes on!


1. Amber Heard Makeup for Blue Eyes: Lovely lavender

Makeup look for blue eyes_01

American actress and model Amber Heard looks breathtakingly beautiful with her sultry lavender eye shadow and dark, sexy lashes. Shades of purple look wonderful with blue eyes – choose between dark and mysterious hues, and light, romantic hues, depending on your intended look. Keep your eye shadow limited to your eyelid (i.e., no smoky effect) for best results.


2. Zooey Deschanel Makeup for Blue Eyes: Taupe eye shadow and liquid liner

Makeup look for blue eyes_02

New Girl actress Zooey Deschanel makes the most of her dark blue eyes by wearing soft taupe eye shadow and bold liquid liner on her upper lash line. Black eyeliner can make your eyes “pop” with a stark contrast, especially if you use it liberally on your upper eyelids and leave your waterline bare. For a more glamorous look, you can swap the matte taupe shadow for a metallic shade, such as a very light bronze or gold.


3. Blake Lively Makeup for Blue Eyes: Rose gold and bronze

Makeup look for blue eyes_03

American actress, model and celebrity homemaker Blake Lively looks radiantly beautiful with her rose gold and bronze eye shadow. This makeup look is perfect for summer, as the warm, shimmery colors accentuate her blue eyes, creating a “beachy” feel. Recreate Blake’s look with rose gold eye shadow on your eyelids, and bronze or yellow gold shadow under your lower lash line. Apply a single coat of mascara to define your lashes whilst still keeping your shimmery eyelids visible. Finish off this look with well-groomed brows and pretty pink lipstick.


4. Bar Refaeli Makeup for Blue Eyes: Subtly smoky eye shadow

Makeup look for blue eyes_04

Israeli fashion model Bar Refaeli looks gorgeous with her subtly smoky eye makeup. If you have small eyes like Bar’s, choose softer and lighter shades of eye shadow to accentuate your eyes. Don’t apply eye shadow under your lower lash line, as this can make your eyes look smaller. Similarly, keep your mascara minimal, and if you want to apply eyeliner to your waterline, keep it thin and subtle. Finally, ensure that your brows are well-groomed so that they open up the area above your eyes. Untidy brows can make your eyes look smaller, so get tweezing or book a waxing appointment ASAP!


5. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Makeup for Blue Eyes: Soft brown shadow and minimal mascara

Makeup look for blue eyes_05

English model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks breathtakingly beautiful with her soft and romantic eye makeup. She sports soft brown eye shadow on her eyelids, and long, curled eyelashes. Her lower lashes are bare, making her eyes look a lot bigger than they really are. We love her thick, sexy, and immaculately groomed eyebrows, and her gorgeous dusty rose lipstick. To get Rosie’s statement lashes, invest in an eyelash curler (that strange looking metal contraption with a kind of clamp at one end). Take care to get all your lashes in the curler (and no skin!), and then hold it closed for 3 seconds. Curl your lashes in 3 sections – bottom, middle, and tips (3 seconds each) for the most natural looking eyelashes. Finish off with a coat of mascara and you’re good to go!


6. Reese Witherspoon Makeup for Blue Eyes: Thick lashes

Makeup look for blue eyes_06

American actress and producer Reese Witherspoon looks effortlessly beautiful with her metallic eye shadow and thick, sexy eyelashes. As she has quite big eyes, she can get away with thick lashes – however, if you have smaller eyes, it’s best to opt for a single coat of mascara. Make sure that your mascara doesn’t clump by wiggling it back and forth as you apply it.


7. Cameron Diaz Makeup for Blue Eyes: Radiant bronze

Makeup look for blue eyes_07

American actress and former model Cameron Diaz looks divine with her radiant bronze eye makeup. Pale shades of eye shadow are very flattering for blue eyes, as are shimmery light metallics like silver, bronze, and gold. Pair your glowy eye shadow with subtle lashes for a fresh and romantic look.


8. Alexis Bledel Makeup for Blue Eyes: Very natural

Makeup look for blue eyes_08

American actress, model and producer Alexis Bledel is naturally beautiful with her stunningly bright blue eyes. She only needs some mascara to glam up her look, and her eyes do the rest. For a slightly more polished look, opt for eye shadow the same color as your skin tone, and fill your brows with powder and/or a brow pencil to define them.


9. Julianne Hough Makeup for Blue Eyes: Frosted eye shadow

Makeup look for blue eyes_09

American professional ballroom dancer, country music singer and actress Julianne Hough looks gorgeous with her pale, frosted eye shadow and jet black lashes. Pale eye shadow is very flattering for blue eyes, and it makes small eyes look bigger. Lighter hues of eye shadow are also fantastic for making you look refreshed and wide awake. Pair your frosty eye shadow with black lashes and nude lips for a sexy and glamorous look.


10. Amanda Seyfried Makeup for Blue Eyes: Sparkly shadow and dramatic lashes

Makeup look for blue eyes_10

American actress, singer and former model Amanda Seyfried looks fabulous with her sparkly eye shadow and bold, dramatic lashes. We love the contrast between her dark eye makeup and her light, immaculate eyebrows. Amanda has beautiful big blue eyes, and she flaunts them with attention-grabbing lilac eye shadow and thick, curled lashes. Prevent your eye liner and mascara from smudging the rest of your makeup by choosing waterproof kinds. Keep your lipstick a neutral color to draw all the attention to your eyes.


11. Liv Tyler Makeup for Blue Eyes: Blue on blue

Makeup look for blue eyes_11

American actress and former child model Liv Tyler looks divine with her bright blue eyes and subtle blue eye makeup. Blue on blue is a great look – it’s playful, romantic, and modern. Apply a little bit of blue eye shadow to your eyelids and a tiny bit under your lower lashes for a subtle splash of color. You can also use blue eyeliner on your waterline, and then apply dark brown mascara for a softer look. Pair your blue eye makeup with cotton candy pink lips and flawless skin for a winning final look.


12. Cate Blanchett Makeup for Blue Eyes: Pale lilac

Makeup look for blue eyes_12

Australian screen and stage actress Cate Blanchett looks strikingly beautiful with her pale, barely-there lilac eye shadow. Her pale eye shadow suits her fair complexion, and it accentuates her blue eyes perfectly. To recreate Cate’s look, start with your pale, shimmery eye shadow. Apply it evenly from your eyelids to the inner and outer corners of your eyes. Then, use an eyelash curler to define your lashes, and apply two or three coats of black mascara. This look works best without eyeliner, but you could use white or blue eyeliner for a more funky, modern look.


13. Taylor Swift Makeup for Blue Eyes: Bright blue and purple

Makeup look for blue eyes_13

American singer-songwriter and actress Taylor Swift looks fabulous with her bright purple and blue eye makeup. This is a great look for a special event like prom or a wedding, and it’s contemporary and fun. Don’t shy away from bright eye makeup if you have a love for color – if you choose the right shade and intensity, it can look phenomenal. Taylor’s look consists of dark blue winged liquid liner, royal purple eye shadow on her eyelids and under her lower lash line, and white shadow in the inner corners of her eyes. She also sports white eyeliner on her waterline that makes her eyes appear bigger. Simply gorgeous.


14. Ashley Benson Makeup for Blue Eyes: Electric blue

Makeup look for blue eyes_14

Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson looks stunning with her electric blue eye makeup. Her eyes are the focal point of her look, with the rest of her makeup kept very natural and toned down. Recreate Ashley’s look with bright blue eyeliner and blended blue/green eye shadow. Apply two coats of mascara, taking care not to make your lashes too thick – you want to still be able to see the blue eye shadow behind them. For perfect lashes, choose a decent brand of mascara, and curl your lashes before applying mascara. Many makeup guides recommend warming your eyelash curler before using it, but this should be done very carefully as the hot metal could injure you if it makes contact with your skin. If you want to warm it, run it under hot water and test it before using it.


15. Candice Swanepoel Makeup for Blue Eyes: Pale rose gold

Makeup look for blue eyes_15

South African fashion model and Victoria’s Secret angel Candice Swanepoel looks amazing with minimal eye makeup. She wears very subtle, pale rose gold eye shadow and a single coat of mascara on her upper lashes. This is a gorgeous everyday look, and it accentuates her natural beauty. Pair your natural eye makeup with a tinted moisturizer, blush pink cheeks, natural brows (no powder or pencil), and nude lips for a fresh-faced and gorgeous look.


16. Jennifer Lawrence Makeup for Blue Eyes: Flirty lashes

Makeup look for blue eyes_16

American actress Jennifer Lawrence looks effortlessly glamorous with her thick, flirty lashes and shimmery eye shadow. If you have small eyes like Jennifer’s, take care when choosing your eye shadow color. Pale eye shadow is more flattering than dark eye shadow – the lighter the shadow, the bigger your eyes will look.You can also leave your lower lashes and waterline bare to make your eyes look bigger.


17. Elle Fanning Makeup for Blue Eyes: Bold and bright yellow

Makeup look for blue eyes_17

American teen actress Elle Fanning looks superb with her quirky, bold and bright yellow eyeliner. Yellow isn’t usually the first choice when reaching for an eye pencil, but Elle shows us how fabulous it can look if done right. Her chosen shade, a bright canary yellow, makes her blue eyes stand out, and it suits her fair complexion. To apply your eyeliner accurately, invest in a liquid liner or a chubby eye pencil. You’ll probably need to practice a fair bit before you get this look right, but it’s definitely worth it! Keep your color theme going with yellow nail polish or a yellow bag for a cute and contemporary touch.


18. Miranda Kerr Makeup for Blue Eyes: Black and white eyeliner

Makeup look for blue eyes_18

Australian model Miranda Kerr looks striking with her bold two-tone eye makeup. She sports inky black winged liner on her eyelids, chalky white liner on her waterline, and super dark lower lashes. We love the contrast between the black and white eye makeup, and the creativity of her look. White liner is great for making your eyes look huge, as long as you use a waterproof pencil on your waterline to make sure it doesn’t wash away.


19. Diane Kruger Makeup for Blue Eyes: Striking winged liner

Makeup look for blue eyes_19

German actress and former fashion model Diane Kruger looks sublime with her striking winged eyeliner. She pulls off this look successfully with barely-there taupe eye shadow and very light mascara. Winged liner can be hard to apply, so take the time to practice with a YouTube tutorial and a mirror to help you when you get stuck.


20. Olivia Wilde Makeup for Blue Eyes: Dramatic glamour

Makeup look for blue eyes_20


American actress, screenwriter, producer, director, and model Olivia Wilde looks stunning with her dramatic and glamorous eye makeup. We love everything about her look – the cat-like eyeliner on her eyelids, her super-long lashes, nude lips, and natural brows. She definitely knows how to accentuate her best features!


So there you have it – our 20 Best Celebrity Makeup Looks for Blue Eyes! We’re sure you’ve found a few looks that appeal to you, so why wait? Start experimenting with your makeup, and let us know which looks you liked the best.


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