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By on January 2, 2015

Her Bra Size


Her Body Measurements


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5 feet 3 inches or 160 centimeters

Current Weight

117 pounds or 53 kilograms

Boyfriends and Spouses

Jaden Smith: (2006-2011) Madison Pettis’ longest relationship to date was with Jaden Smith. Tehy first met in August of 2006 when they were only eight years old. At the time, they began a cute, childlike relationship. For the next five years, they “dated” off and on. In 2011, they were photographed cuddling at Madison’s birthday party. After Stella Hudgens posted a picture of herself in Smith’s hat, Madison Pettis broke off the relationship.

Bryce Cass: (2009)- Known for his work as an actor, Bryce began dating Madison Pettis in January of 2009. By March of 2009, the couple decided to call it quits.

Cameron Boyce: (2013) According to rumors, Madison Pettis briefly dated Cameron Boyce in 2013.

Net Worth

Her current net worth is unknown.

Her Name at Birth

At birth, she was named Madison Michelle Pettis.

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Common Nicknames

She goes by the names of Madison or Maddie.

Age and Birth Date

Madison Pettis was born on July 22 of 1998, so she is currently 16 years old. She will turn 17 years old in July of 2015.

Astrological Sun Sign

Her astrological sun sign is Cancer.

Location of Her Birth

She was born in Arlington, Texas. Currently, Madison Pettis lives in Los Angeles, California.


Madison Pettis is an American citizen by birth.

Educational History

Her school history is not entirely known. In interviews, Madison has said that she goes to school on days when she is not on set. She is an honor roll student and studies in between takes. As a young child, she went to Bebensee Elementary School in her hometown of Arlington, Texas.

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Family Members

Father: Steven Pettis
Mother: Michelle Pettis
Brother: Steven Pettis


She has a fairly slender, athletic build.

Dress Size

Size 2 to 4(US)

Shoe Size

Size 6 (US)


She is a Hollywood actress.

Hair Color

She has brown hair.

Eye Color

Her eyes are dark brown.

Distinctive Features

Her distinctive feature is her extremely curly hair.


Her ethnic background is Brazilian, Australian, French, Irish and Italian.

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She is Roman Catholic.

Best Known For

From 2007 to 2008, she played the role of Sophie Martinez in Disney’s television show, Cory in the House. She is also well-known for playing the character of Allie Brookes in Life With Boys.

Her First Television Show

The first time she was on television was on television was in 2006. She played the character of Stacy Clemons in the pilot episode of the drama, Jericho.

Her First Film

In 2005, she played the character of Bridget on Barney: Can You Sing That Song? Her first “real” film role was in the movie, The Game Plan, in 2007. She played the main role of Peyton Kelly.

Madison Pettis’s Favorite Things

Favorite Hobby: Songwriting
Favorite Animal: Dogs
Favorite Celebrities: Jennifer Lopez and Dakota Fanning
Favorite Food: Chicken Rice and Soup
Favorite Hobby: Cooking, Song Writing and Dancing

Madison Pettis Facts

Previously, Madison Pettis has endorsed the kids brand, Love Pastry.
She was originally discovered at the age of five years old. Her picture appeared in a Fort Worth local magazine, and she was given an agent.
In 2007, she was the spokeswoman for the Disney Channel Games.
Interestingly, she shares a birthday with Selena Gomez.
She has a pet dog that she named Muffin.
Madison Pettis has an allergy to dairy products.
When she was younger, Madison Pettis used to take ten dancing classes each week.
One of her early inspirations behind becoming an actress was watching the television show, That’s So Raven.
She is passionate about fashion and dancing. To prepare for her role in the Game Plan, she studied ballet at the Boston Ballet School.
Madison Pettis was almost unable to do Cory in the House because of her commitment to the Game Plan. She had auditioned for both parts on the same day and was given both roles. Since filming was pushed back on one project for three months, she was luckily able to do both acting gigs.

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