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By on March 24, 2015

Her Bra Size

Her current bra size is unknown, although some have speculated that it is an A or B cup.

Her Body Measurements

Her body measurements are not known.

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She is 5 feet 9 inches or 179 centimeters tall.

Current Weight

She weighs 123 pounds or 56 kilograms.

Boyfriends and Spouses

Although she has not revealed his name, Ludmilla Radchenko told BE Magazine that she was engaged to a man from Tuscany.

Net Worth

Ludmilla Radchenko has never released her net worth. Most of her earnings would be from her modeling, acting and artwork sales.

Her Name at Birth

She was named Ludmilla Radchenko at birth.

Common Nicknames

She goes by the name of Ludmilla.

Age and Birth Date

Ludmilla Radchenko was born on November 11 of 1978, so she is currently 36 years old. She will turn 37 years old in November of 2015.

Astrological Sun Sign

Since she was born on November 11th, her astrological sign is the Scorpio.

Location of Her Birth

She was born in the town of Omsk in the Soviet Union back before the Soviet Union broke up into different countries. Today, her hometown is located within Russia.

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Ludmilla Radchenko is a Russian citizen by birth.

Educational History

As a young adult, Ludmilla studied fashion design at a college in her town. By 1999, she graduated with her degree. While she was still in school, she tried out for the 1997 Miss Russia beauty pageant. Although she did not win, she ended up receiving an award for being Miss Congeniality. Encouraged by her success, Ludmilla Radchenko moved to Italy to pursue a career in modeling and acting. Her first major success was gaining a spot on the Italian teleivion show, Paperissma. Later, she went on to dance on La Sai l’ultima? in 2001.

Family Members

Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown


Since she regularly does modeling, she has to have a fairly slender build. Radchenko is also quite tall, so she has a rather willowy appearance.

Dress Size

Her dress size is thought to be a two or four (US).

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Shoe Size

Her shoe shoe size is unknown.


At various points in time, Ludmilla has worked as a Italian television personality, model, actress and artist. Although she is native to Russia, the majority of her acting work has been in Italy.

Hair Color

She has naturally blonde hair, although there are darker highlights mixed into her hair.

Eye Color

Ludmilla has blue eyes.

Distinctive Features

She is known for her very beautiful figure and facial features.


Ludmilla has Russian heritage.


Her religious affiliation is unknown.

Best Known For

Her most recent work was in the made-for-television film, Il viaggio, in 2005. English speakers may also recognize her as Luna in 2010’s Ganja Fiction.

Management Agency

Over the last few years, she has worked with a number of different agents. Initially, she signed on with Urban Management. Later, she switched agencies and started working with Gwen Management.

Her First Television Show

The first time she appeared on television was in the show, Paperissima.

Her First Film

Her first film was in 2005 when she appeared in the made-for-tv movie, Il viaggio.

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Ludmilla Radchenko’s Favorite Things

Favorite Hobby: Art

Ludmilla Radchenko Facts

Although Radchenko is from Russia, she has chosen to do much of her work in Italy. According to Ludmilla, she chose Italy because it allowed her to pursue her independence and her freedom.
In Italy, much of her fame was garnered through a reality television show that she was on when she first moved there.
One of her passions is painting, and Ludmilla has been in many international exhibitions. She says that she prefers to paint during the evening because those hours are the time of day when she can relax the most.
Over the last few years, Ludmilla has had her work exhibited in London, New York and Milan. She has mostly stopped acting since 2010 so that she could pursue her career as an artist full-time. In February of 2011, her work was exhibited at Milan’s House of World Cultures.
Radchenko first got her start in the world of acting when she took the award for Miss Congeniality in the 1997 Miss Russian contest.

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