40 Love Poems For Him To Make Him Fall For You

By on May 6, 2017

A poem is a good medium to express one’s feelings. It can be sad, romantic or joyful – there’s always a poem that reflects what you’re going through. Let these poems help you say I love you to the man of your dreams. Give him the best feeling in the world, let him know that he is cherished.

1. We’re just a bunch of fools trying to be understood by the world.
Trying to make a difference in our own little ways.
We’re young and ambitious and naïve.
But even if the world seems like a scary place sometimes,
having you by my side makes everything worthwhile.

2. My love was honest, raw, and passionate
but I’ve been burned before.
What I want is to recreate that kind of love again,
but this time, I don’t want to be blinded by it.
Be filled with love and passion,
And be left with nothing when it ends.
I don’t want my next love to be you;
I want you to be the last.

3. They say if you want it bad enough,
You should be willing to bleed
and pour your heart out.
So here I am,
telling you everything I feel.
Wishing you will know the intensity
of every I love you spoken
and every tear I cried in your absence.

4. I want a smile meant only for me.
A love to last a lifetime.
Hugs and kisses on bad days.
And good days, too.
If you’re up for it, then I’ll meet you
at my doorway.

5. I’ll let you leave
The way I let the others before you
There’d be no begging
at your doorsteps.
No vague, drunk texts
to tell you I missed you.
I’ll let you leave.
But please don’t go yet.

6. Here I am again
falling deeply in love.
I’m trying so hard to be level-headed
because I’m afraid.
Afraid that this will be like the last.
Months of suffering and pain –
after a short period of bliss.

7. When love fails,
I always remember the first guy
who broke my heart.
I know better now.
I know love fades eventually.
But the heart can heal itself.
you’ll just wake up one day and realize,
it doesn’t hurt as much anymore.
All I’m saying is that,
you have my heart.
Please don’t break it.

8. I love you is not a question
but we are always obliged to answer back.
My reality has started when I met you.
And there were no second thoughts when
I said, I love you too.

9. The hardest to find is not Mr. Right,
your soulmate, or the person who likes
the same music, books, and movies.
Not the person you’re most compatible with
or shares the same interest.
The hardest to find is the person
who’s on the same page with you.
The one who makes plans for both of you.
Who wouldn’t choose the road most
convenient for him,
if it would mean losing you.
I realized all that when I met you.

10. Sometimes life is cruel for people
who love deeply.
Missing you is like
waiting for a storm in summer.
It’s hopeless,
but I can’t help it.

11. Every man in the world
is nothing compared to you.
I’m not just saying this
because you’re mine.
I’m saying this because
it’s a truth that needs to be told.

12. Some people say
we are not meant to last.
And that we are too young
to understand love.
I tell them,
the purest love
always starts
between two innocent hearts.
Hearts like ours.

13. Sometimes I ask myself,
what I would do when you were gone.
But I know, I’ll just continue loving you.
Whether you’re near or far.

14. The day you came into my life
painted a new revelation.
A boy once took the smile from my eyes,
and I thought no one could bring it back.
But I was wrong,
Oh, I was wrong.

15. I don’t want to wake up one day
and find you gone.
I can’t bear knowing you are happy
somewhere without me.
Tell me this will never happen.
And that our love will stand the test of time.

16. It all came so suddenly
we met, we fell in love.
And now we’re completely inseparable.
You are my silver lining.
This cruel world ain’t that bad,
with you around.

17. You once asked me what it is about you
that made me fall in love.
I couldn’t tell you why
because it took me a long time to discover.
Why loving you feels like heaven.
Why your eyes look like
they coudn’t tell lies.
Why I’m suddendly powerless
against the sound of your voice.
All my efforts to push you away
have been all in vain.
I guess I should stop resisting
and love you all the way.

18. There are no words to what I feel
but I will try anyway.
I want to tell you how my life changed
when I met you.
How my dream started to come to life.
How the world suddenly looks like
a better place.
There are no words to what I feel,
yet I couldn’t stop talking.
I want to share every moment with you.
I want to tell the world
how I owe everything to you.

19. You think I’m crazy for loving you
but you just couldn’t see what I see.
You’re an angel sent from above.
You are a wish I’ve held on for so long.
You are the best give anyone could ever have.
I hope someday you’ll realize,
I’m not just blinded by love.
I love you, it’s a proven fact.
But only because you’re not hard to love.

20. I guess opposites do attract:
You are the silent type,
I am the talkative kind.
I am hot as fire.
You are cold as ice.
You believe in practicality, logic, and reason.
I believe in love, emotion, and compassion.
Though we’re worlds apart, our hearts did collide.
Here’s for more years of an exciting ride.

21. My heart sings just being by your side.
So much feelings I can’t hide.
I can’t bear every minute away from you.
I hope you’re starting to see
how much you mean to me.
My love for you will always be true.
Eventhough it’s hard to describe what I truly feel,
when you call my name, I will always be there.
I’ll wipe your tears when you are sad.
I’ll make you happy when you’re mad.
All these things I would do
just to prove my love for you.

22. We’ve experienced a lot of hardships.
But our hearts never ceased to love.
I can still happily smile,
and tell the world you’re mine.
When we first met,
I was nursning a broken heart.
I was a depressed person that
had been pushed and pulled apart.
I never thought I would still be
capable of loving someone.
I never thought our love will last.
My heart has finally healed.
Thanks to you, my love.
I can’t wait for the day
when you can finally call me – wife.

23. You drive all my demons away.
Took away all my fears.
You gave me inspiration and undying love.
You made me realized that true love could last.
The way you love me and my family,
brings tears to my eyes.
I love how you call my name.
I love how you make my eyes sparkle in delight.
You are the true embodiment of a man.
You are the only one I want.
So hold me close and don’t let go.
Give me the gift of your smile.

24. I keep seashells in my pocket.
And flowers on my hair.
There are pictures in my locket,
that I have with me all day.
I keep letters in a shoe box,
and happy thoughts on my mind.
I have dried leaves pressed between book pages.
And rainbows in my eyes.
I keep beautiful dreams in my head.
and extra smiles when I’m feeling blue.
But in my heart is a special place
only meant for you.

25. When someone talks about love,
they smile unknowingly.
When someone talks about love,
they think of a special person.
When someone talks about love,
it is out of kindness and compassion.
When someone talks about love,
their eyes are filled with hope.
When someone talks about love,
they think of dreams that came true.
When I talk about love,
it’s only you I think about.

26. It’s useless forgetting you;
you are stuck in my heart.
I’ll go where you want me to go.
I’ll follow you no matter how far.
When you’re around I can finally see.
All the things I’ve neglected around me.
Now I know only the brave can find true love.
And the one with a pure heart wins.

27. I love you for giving me your trust.
I love you for entrusting me with your heart.
I love you for needing me and
wanting me by your side.
I love you for the little things you do that cheers me up.
I love you for the things you don’t forget.
I love you for always keeping me in your mind.
I love you for loving the ugly parts of me.
I love you for making me feel beautiful when you look at me.
I love you for singing the lyrics to my songs.
I love you for painting the sky blue.
But most of all, I love you for loving every bit of me.

28. As long as you love me,
I’ll stay forever true.
As long as you love me,
I’ll be your lover and your friend.
As long as you love me,
I will cherish all our memories.
As long as you love me,
I’ll do anything for you.

29. When my eyes are locked with yours,
My lips are longing for your kiss.
When our bodies are intertwined,
there is something in my soul that awakens.
When we’re laying there cheek to cheek,
our hearts speaks of love and happiness.
We cried so many tears and shared so many laughs.
But here we are still standing strong.
Waiting for forever
because our love is no ordinary love.

30. My heart will never learn how to let you go.
The love that we have was unexpected.
My heart was left unprotected.
But I feel that our paths were meant to cross.
Every life journey led me to you.
I need you to trust our love and see this through.
I don’t want to go back with an empty heart.
I want our story to never stop.
You are my friend and my greatest lover.
I’m willing to do everything to make this last.
Just don’t give up on what we have,
and promise that you will always stay true.
That’s all I need, my love.
For you to be my heart’s final destiny.

31. Sometimes I get mad at you for no reason.
Sometimes I yell without provocation.
But it’s only because I’m begging for your attention.
I know I can be hard to deal with.
I know I’m stubborn and hard-headed.
But just one kiss from you makes my knees weak.
Just one hug makes me soft.
I may not be perfect but one thing is true.
I never love anyone as much as I love you.

32. No matter where life takes us,
I will never give up on you.
I will walk with you hand in hand,
and make you realize that everything will be alright.
Never in a million years would I wish for another.
Now that I have a love like no other.
No one can take your place in my heart.
I will always belong to you.

33. I promise to wipe your tears
when life is hard.
I promise to lift you up
when failures bring you down.
I promise to always find ways
to make you smile.
I promise to be your voice
when you’re lost for words.
I promise to be your eyes
when you couldn’t see.
I promise to boost your confidence
when you’re disheartened.
I promise to heal your wounds
when you’re black and blue.
I promise to be a shoulder
you can lean on.
I’ll be the angel that guides you.
That’s my promise to you.

34. I’ll follow you wherever you go.
I’ll gather up the rainbows and
bring you sunshine in dark days.
I will comfort your lonely heart.
I will share with you my dreams.
Until forever, my love will always be true.
For as long as you love me, I will only love you.

35. So many times I’ve been hurt by your silence.
Crossing all the lines
when I try to show my feelings.
When I’m down and I need you beside me,
you just sit there, dumbfounded
not knowing what to do.
I know that you are giving your all.
I know this isn’t all your fault.
But I wish you try to be more sensitive.
Because it’s hard to bear your feelings
and be misunderstood.
I don’t want to say goodbye.
Leaving you is the last thing on my mind.
I just hope you’ll give me
a reason to stay.

36. I’m thinking about you.
I know that’s nothing new.
You’re always in my head, day and night.
I can never get you out of my system
no matter what I do.
I love you and that’s not a lie.
If you’ll spend your life with me,
I will live my whole life proving it to you.

37. I beg for you to believe me.
Though these words have long
been used by others.
Spoken loosely and selfishly
by others before me.
But there are no other words
that can describe
how my heart flutters
when I hear your name.
I love you and
it’s not gonna end.

38. My love for you is undeniable.
My feelings for you is uncontrollable.
No matter how I try to stop myself,
I can’t go a day without thinking of you.
When you’re away, I’m incomplete.
Only with you my heart can beat.
Sometimes I wonder how I survive
a life without you.
Thank you for finding me, my love,
my soulmate.

39. You pulled me out of a dark hole.
I found the love I never thought I deserve.
You held me tight in your arms.
And convinced me that everything
will be alright.
You healed the bruises in my heart.
You handled me like a delicate flower.
I can’t thank you enough for loving me.
And I don’t know how I can repay you
except by loving you sincerely.

40. I met you and I knew
that you’re the only man I wanted.
You walked into my life,
and made the flowers bloom.
Painted rainbows in the sky.
You will be my always.
And I will be your forever.
I will love you every moment of my life.
I will love you with every beat of my heart.


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