50 Love Messages for Him

By on November 18, 2015

So you love your man, but how do you express it? Of course you need to cover all bases (or what Gary Chapman calls the five love languages – acts of service, physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time and gifts), but one simple, yet effective way is through text messages. Can you imagine how much better a relationship could be if at least twice a week you received a lovely message from your partner for no particular reason? It’s only too easy to take someone for granted once you’ve been with them for a while. To keep it alive you have to remember why you love them and show it to them.

So let’s start with the compliments, move onto the good night and good morning texts, then the I miss you’s, the truly romantic stuff and the slightly naughty ones.

Remember, shorter texts are often more effective. Of course sometimes you want to really explain something, but as a general rule – less is more in writing.

Also, remember to time texts correctly – you don’t want to text someone non stop. Nor do you get too lovey dovey with someone until you know the time is right. Start with the flirting, then when things get serious in the relationship you can use some of the messages that are for someone you know loves you.

1. You’re legendary, do you know that? 😉

Who doesn’t like being a legend? Also, it’s sweet but it’s not over the top sugary. It’s a compliment a man can handle, in other words.

2. If I forgot to tell you, last night you looked so hot in that suit!

If you did indeed already tell him, you can add: “…or maybe I already said that? Like fifty times…” He will be so flattered you found him attractive! (Obviously you can substitute “suit” with whatever he was wearing that you found hot!)

3. Do you know what I love about you? Your kindness.

You can add whatever you want to the question “do you know what I love about you?” Just finish it with what you feel like. If you want you can turn it into a series of texts you send over the course of a week/month. For example:


  • kindness
  • laughter
  • smile
  • work ethic
  • honesty
  • big heart
  • smarts
  • incredible attitude
  • wish to make the world a better place
  • determination to work real hard to make your dreams come true

4. I just love it when you treat me to something like you did yesterday. Thank you.

Giving thanks when your guy does something you enjoy doesn’t just make him feel good, it makes him want to do it again. Nagging won’t get you far in a relationship – complimenting when a guy does something you love, on the other hand, will.

5. Do you have any idea how much your smile makes me swoon? I just love that about you.

He will definitively smile more…

6. I was just so impressed by how you handled that situation yesterday.

A guy will be truly flattered when you compliment him for his personality and how he deals with life. Maybe he managed to break up a fight between friends, maybe there was a trying situation with his family or work and it wasn’t something he enjoyed. If you compliment him for handling it well, he will feel so proud – and loved.

7. You look so sexy when you come home from the gym. / You look so sexy when out playing on the baseball field.

If you compliment a guy for working out in one way, or another, guess what? He’ll keep working out!

8. I love the way you cuddle me at night. It makes me feel wonderful.

Here you will make him remember cuddling you (a definite perk as it will instantly make him feel good) and you tell him he makes you feel wonderful, which will make him as happy as anything. He needs to know you make him feel good to be able to feel good and confident around you.

9. I think you’re fantastic. Just in case I haven’t said it enough lately…

Who doesn’t like being called fantastic?

10. You have a wonderful knack for making me feel good. I don’t know what it is, but you make me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Again, you remind him about how good he makes you feel, which will make him feel good about himself. It will make him a lot more confident around you too. And confidence is sexy!

11. I’m just about to fall asleep. I hope I’ll dream about you…

If you want to dream about someone, that means you like them. A great compliment.

12. Good night babe. I wish I was falling asleep next to you right now…

If you want to sleep next to someone it shows you really like them.

13. I wish I could kiss you good night right now…maybe I’ll just send you a kiss through this text instead. Did you get it? 😉

This is flirtatious and fun, yet, loving.

14. Good night hot stuff, dream sweet dreams about me tonight. I will dream about you for sure 🙂

This is a sweet message to fall asleep to.

15. Good morning hot stuff – have an amazing, super tremendously fabulous day!

Who doesn’t want to wake up to all those adjectives? A guaranteed way to put a smile on his lips in the morning!

16. Good morning! Do you know how I know it’s a good morning? Because I have you! I love you.

Such a nice compliment and way of showing someone just how happy you are to have them in your life.

17. Good morning. Do you know how much I love you? I just thought I’d remind you how much in case you’d forgotten 😉

If a guy is feeling down this will definitively make him happy!

18. Good morning! We have another day together. How amazing is that? 🙂

You’re showing him how wonderful you think it is to experience life with him by your side.

19. Good morning honey! I had such a nice night. I dreamt of you all night long…

He’ll be totally flattered knowing he made it to your dreams! And he’ll likely ask what you dreamt.

20. Do you know how I know it’s gonna be great day today? Because I will see you!

Alternatively you could write “Because I dreamt of you all night!” Either way he will feel loved.

21. Good morning sleepy head! Don’t you just love waking up knowing you’ll get to kiss me today?

This is cheeky, yet you are showing him you wake up thinking about kissing him, which is sort of hot.

22. It’s only 5 days, ten hours and about twenty minutes till I get to see you. Not that I’ve been thinking about that or anything.

Clearly you haven’t been thinking about him. Not at all. And he’ll be flattered because of it.

23. I really, really miss you right now. Just think – I could have been cuddling with you instead of going through an insane workload!

This shows you think about him when doing other things. Like working.

24. I’m counting the hours till I get to see you again!

A simple text to show you really do miss him.

25. I love vacation, but I think I love you more! I just can’t wait to get back and see you again. I miss hugging you.

You can exchange the bit in the end to whatever you are missing. And the entire message shows him just how important he is to you – you miss him even when you’re away on a great vacation.

26. I know I saw you just a couple of hours ago, but I already miss you. I think you’re addictive you know. Maybe you should come with a warning sign?

Cute and playful. You can then do a spin off about all the things that should be on the warning sign. Like “Offers highly addictive kisses. Can be dangerous when combined with driving – might look at me instead of road. Can cause distraction at work. Withdrawal symptoms include frequent text messages and day dreaming.”

27. Do you know what I miss the most when I’m away from you?

Hopefully he replies no…or he gives you a reply and you can confirm or deny what he’s saying, then add your own things. For example:

  • Do you know what I miss the most when I’m away from you?
  • No…tell me!
  • I really miss your hugs. And the way you play with my hair. But most of all I just miss the way you make me feel…I feel so amazing when I’m with you!
  • Do you know what I miss the most when I’m away from you?
  • Must be my super amazing cooking skills and how I always burn the rice 😉
  • I do so love burnt rice…but no… 😉 I think what I miss the most is falling asleep next to you. You know, just knowing that you’re there.

28. You know what I miss when I’m away from you? How you always make me giggle. I’m always happy around you!

For a man to hear you’re happy around him…it will make him feel great!

29. You know what the awesome thing with being away from you is? I makes me realize just how much I miss you. It’s nice to have someone to long for.

Totally romantic.

30. They say life isn’t about finding yourself – it’s about creating yourself. You have certainly turned yourself into an amazing person. I love you for all that you are.

Isn’t that an amazing compliment? Especially if he’s been through hardship and he’s taken control over his life and overcome the obstacles along the way.

31. You know what? I know we aren’t perfect. But I think it’s perfect how we make the most of it and overcome the obstacles together. You still make me feel butterflies…and I still wanna tear all your clothes off!

If you’ve been with someone for a while and you’ve had an argument and have resolved it or are still working to resolve it, this is a great text. Relationships are all about how we make each other feel. Arguments often make us feel bad. So you have to flip that on its head and turn it into something good.

32. I love all those little things about you. Like how you do that special half smile. And how you always end up with messy hair, which is totally gorgeous. I love how strong your hands are and how they feel when you hold me. And how you always help others. You drive me crazy.

This will make him feel amazing. How you have observed and adore those little things about him, but also the big things like what a great person he is. And mentioning his muscles…always gets a guy! They love feeling strong!

33. The more I know about you, the more I like you.

If you’ve had a heart to heart conversation, especially one where he felt vulnerable, this is a great text. It will make him feel like you love all of him – not just the shiny bits. If you know him well you can exchange the “like” to “love.”

34. You know what? I’m even more in love with you today than I was yesterday 🙂

This is just plain cute!

35. I just came across this XYZ which reminded me of how we met! Am I lucky to have found you, or what? I love you so much.

It’s sweet to know that you are reminded of him in everyday life and, of course, that you are so happy to have found him.

36. I’ve done many things in life I’m proud of, but knowing you love me, is one of the best! I must have gotten something right to find someone like you.

This shows that you are happy you have a personality he’s attracted to and how much you value that.

37. I may not be the smartest cookie in the cookie jar, but I have figured out that if you love me it must mean I’m pretty fabulous given how wonderful you are 😉

Same as 36, just a bit more of a playful take on it.

38. They say love is frail, but I think it is one of the strongest things in the world. Knowing what we’ve experienced together and how much we support each other makes me feel stronger.

Just a sweet message if you feel you have been through a lot together.

39. You know I really trust you. You’ve always got my back. I can rely on you to bring me a smile on the rainiest of days. Thank you for just being there.

This will make a man as proud as a peacock if he values your trust!

40. I love you. Do you know how I know? Because I wake up every morning thinking about you!

How sweet isn’t it to be someone’s first thought in the morning?

41. You know what? I don’t think I knew love till I found you.

A man always loves knowing he’s different from the rest.

42. You’re looking so hot right now. Just thought I’d let you know.

If you’re at a party, or function together, this message will drive him wild. Knowing you are thinking he’s hot, but he can’t very well just start making out with you then and there!

43. Do you know how hot you looked this morning when I left home? It was so hard to leave you…

This will certainly add a sparkle to his day!

44. You know what the problem with you is? You’re irresistible. I’m having coffee and instead of cake I want you to go with it. I’m thinking thoughts I just shouldn’t be thinking right now…

Now here’s something that will make his coffee break a lot better!

45. I just saw three women check you out…I’m totally jealous. When we get home you better prove you’re mine… 😉

This will make him feel like the king of the world. Other women are checking him out and you want him to prove he’s yours… He’s gonna be in Heaven!

46. I can’t stop thinking about last night…

This could refer to a great date…or something a lot more naughty! Either way, it will make him smile.

47. I love your sexiness. That’s all.

This is simple, straight forward and to the point. Of course, it’s also a great compliment.

48. I just thought your pants off.

Works every time.

49. You know your body is irresistibly hot, don’t you? 😉

Men love compliments about their body. It will make him feel more relaxed around you too as he’s sure you like him. Just think about it – how much better don’t you feel if you know a man loves your body?

50. I can’t sleep. I’m just thinking about what I could be doing with you right now…

That could, of course, be interpreted in many different ways…

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