30 Long Paragraphs for Your Crush

By on October 19, 2018

When you care deeply about someone, it makes sense that you would want to express these feelings. These long paragraphs for your crush are designed to help you show just how much you like that special someone. By sending these paragraphs, you can hint about your feelings and see if your crush likes you back. Hopefully, these long paragraphs will just be the first of many loving texts and paragraphs between you and your crush.


30 Long Paragraphs for Your Crush

1. Every night, I fall asleep to dreams that you are next to me. I cannot describe the depression and loneliness I feel when I wake up to realize that I am cuddling a pillow instead of you. All I can do is hope that you will one day feel the same way.

2. I truly love every minute that we get to spend together. Being around you brings such a sense of light and happiness into my life. I find myself looking forward to each moment that we spend together, and I just hope that you feel the same way as I do.

3. There are billions of people in the world, but your face is the only one that I want to see. It seems incredible that I have found the most amazing person out of all of those billions. I feel like you are the only person that I could truly love and cherish forever. You are truly one in a billion, and I am so lucky that I have found you.

4. Whenever I think about you, I feel like I have the deepest, most dire addiction. It feels like I cannot go a minute without thinking of you and wondering what you are up to. I just wish that I could spend every moment with you. I want to learn every detail about you and be your most trusted confidant. There is nothing more that I could ever hope for in life than to be at your side.

5. I feel like the luckiest person in the world today. It feels amazing that I could have found such a wonderful person to love. I find myself pinching my arm over and over again because I cannot believe that a person like you could really exist. You are all of my most amazing dreams come to life.

6. I love how my mind seems to immediately clear whenever I am around you. It is like you cast a magic spell that removes all of my doubts, fears and worries. You might not be a solution to my problems, but you certainly erase them from my mind whenever you are near. When you are in the same room as me, it feels like I cannot focus on anything other than you.

7. I have never sought out perfection in life, school or work. None of my relationships have been perfect because I never thought that it was possible. Then, you changed everything. You made me realize that perfection can actually exist in the real world.

8. Each day, I wake up with one goal on my mind: to make you smile. If I can bring a smile to your face, then my entire day is worthwhile. Your smile lights up every room and brights happiness to the darkest moments of life. I can’t wait to see you again and see that beautiful smile once more.

9. My heart shall always be at your service. The whispers of your lips touch my soul and give my heart the orders that it must follow. Seeing you warms my spirit and brings happiness to my soul. This, my dear, is why I love you.

10. My dearest promise to you is that I will always strive to give you everything that you want and need. I will work to give you the best that the world has to offer and all of my time. In return, I only wish that you would give me your love. If you love me, then I need nothing else to be happy.

11. I just wanted to wish you an amazing day today. I know that life can be tough, but I know that you can get through it. You are so talented, kind and amazing that you can accomplish anything in life. Whenever you need help, know that your greatest fan is here waiting to lend a hand.

12. The reason why I began flirting with you is because you are the most beautiful being that I have ever seen. In that moment, I was stunned and awed that such a beauty could be real. Then, I discovered that you had the beautiful heart, natural intelligence and lovely charm to match your looks. Now, I think that I am falling more and more in love with you each day.

13. It did not take me long to realize how I felt. Soon, I found it impossible to fall asleep because seeing you in real life was better than any dream. The only thing that I can look forward to at night is the hope of seeing you when I wake up.

14. Whenever I face some obstacle, I think of you for inspiration. The thought of you gives me the courage and energy I need to overcome any problem. I just hope that I can give you the same happiness and courage that you have given me.

15. There are always times when it is hard to find a bright side to life’s problems. It seems like there are constant problems and issues to solve. Now, I find myself happy no matter what happens to me. As soon as I feel disgruntled, I think of you and immediately feel optimistic about everything that the world has to offer.

16. I don’t know why looking at you makes me feel so alive or why I look forward to seeing your face so much. I don’t know why seeing you makes me smile like crazy. I am confused and have no clue what is going on, but I can’t complain—I’ve never felt this happy before.

17. Before we first met, I think that I was suffering from commitment phobia. It seemed impossible that two people could ever be compatible enough to enjoy a lifetime together. Now that I know you, I realize that all I want to do is commit. It feels like I am addicted to you, and I never want my addiction to stop.

18. I know that we can’t see each other as much as I’d like, but I just wanted you to know that I think about you all the time. Memories of you lift me up when I am having a bad day and remind me of all that life has to offer. You are like the sunshine that brightens my darkest days, and I am so thankful that you exist.

19. Whenever I am with you, I act completely different. I suddenly smile and laugh more, and I frown less. I never have to act like everything is okay because I always feel amazingly happy when you are around. You are so easy to talk to, and I just love how happy I feel whenever I am with you.

20. When I look in the mirror, the luckiest person in the world looks back at me. I already loved my life, but now I have found the perfect person to share it with. I cannot know what the future holds for us, but I look forward to every minute of it as long as it is with you.

21. Everyone has experienced a moment that they wish that they could freeze forever. For me, these moments happen all the time. Every second that I spend with you feels perfect. I wish that I could just freeze time so that I could enjoy each second over and over again forever.

22. You are the most amazing, gorgeous person that I have ever met. It seems impossible to put my feelings into words, but I have to try. All I can say is that meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me. It feels like my heart travels with you whenever you are away, and you are constantly on my mind.

23. Each morning, I wake up with a smile on my face because I am thinking about you. I am excited to face another day because I know that I might get to see you. I can only hope for more opportunities to see you each and every day because my life has been infinitely better since you became a part of it.

24. Whenever you feel uncertain or full of doubt, you can always turn to me for help. When everything seems to be going horribly wrong, my arms can be your safe haven. My heart will always be charmed by you and entranced by your presence. No matter what happens to you, I will always be here for you whenever you need me.

25. The rising sun shines light upon my day. In the evening, my thoughts cool with the gentle breeze. When I hear the birds singing, my heart leaps for joy. No matter how beautiful the day happens to be though, nothing can make me happier or more entranced than the sight of your face. Seeing you is the bright point in every day.

26. I used to love sitting back and daydreaming for hours. I would dream up amazing fantasies and unusual dreams. I always wished that they were real, but none of my daydreams came true. Then, I met you and everything was different. I realized that daydreaming was pointless because reality was so much better than any dream.

27. As a child, I read love stories and heroic tales and wondered what my future would hold. Would I find my other half and a partner for life? What would my love story be like? I did not believe that a magic really existed until I met you. Now, it seems like my dreams of a charmed fairy tale is actually a possibility.

28. The easiest part is loving you and getting to know you better. The difficulty begins whenever you are away from my side. When we cannot be physically next to each other, all I can do is count down every moment until I can be near you again. Being next to you is the best thing that I could ever imagine.

29. Whenever I feel down and depressed, thinking of you always cheers me up. There is nothing bad that can ever affect me if I can be with you at the end of the day. Just seeing you brightens my entire outlook. I look forward to every moment I get to spend with you and get to know you better.

30. I cannot imagine how terrible life would be without you. Before you were a part of my life, my world felt empty, but I was unaware of it. Then, you showed up and made me realize how empty my life was. Now that I know the happiness and brightness of having you in my life, I can never go back to that emptiness.