30 Gorgeous Light Brown Hair Colors

By on May 29, 2015

Looking for a great new hair color for the change in seasons? Shades of light brown – caramel, treacle, chocolate, almond, or chestnut – suit every season, and every complexion. We’ve chosen 30 Gorgeous Light Brown Hair Colors to inspire youwith fantastic hairstyles worn by popular female celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Gisele Bundchen, Amber Heard, and many more. Find out which light brown hair color would suit you, and rock a new look this weekend!

1. Jennifer Lopez Light Brown Hair Color: Soft and light caramel brown


American actress, author, fashion designer, dancer, producer, and singer Jennifer Lopez looks radiantly beautiful with her soft, light caramel brown locks and swept fringe. The color has a few warm blonde hues, which beautifully compliment her face features. The style looks fresh and easy – absolutely perfect for the beach.

2. Angelina Jolie Light Brown Hair Color: Shimmery chestnut


We love Angelina’s shimmery chestnut because it makes her look chic and sophisticated. The hairstyle has a side parting, and very loose waves at the ends. Rather simple and very easy to obtain, the hairdo complements the actress’s fabulous smile and fancy accessories.  The color matches every skin types, so whether yours is lighter or darker, Angelina’s signature look will fit you perfectly.

3. Amber Heard Light Brown Hair Color: Golden brown with hints of blonde


Amber Heard shines and it’s not about because of the makeup. Her one-side hairdo with loose, bouncy waves at the ends looks fascinating. The hairstyle has a rainbow effect with darker roots, blonde middle hues, and once again dark tips. Ideal for the summer, the hairdo complements women with a prominent bone structure.

4. Leighton Meester Light Brown Hair Color: Warm high- and low-lights


Gossip Girl super star Leighton Meester shines and it’s all about of the warm/low highlights. Beautifully layered at the ends and lighter in color around the face area, Leighton’s hairdo appears light and easy. The style works with both long and medium-length hair, and it is the perfect combination of warm and light brown for the summer.

5. Jennifer Lawrence Light Brown Hair Color: Honey and milk chocolate brown


The gorgeous and talented Jennifer Lawrence rocks this honey and milk chocolate brown hairstyle. The short bob has a side swept fringe and discreet layers. The hairdo also has an ombre effect we really love; it goes perfectly with the beautiful actress’s blue eyes and creamy skin. Furthermore, thanks to the short bob, the hairdo frames Jennifer’s heart-shaped face perfectly.

6. Kim Kardashian Light Brown Hair Color: Milky-latte brown


Kim has always had long, dark brown hair, which we loved for years. But this time around, Kanye’s sweetheart has opted for a lighter nuance of milky latte at the ends. She’s kept the bouncy curls and went for a side parting. If you want to replicate Kim’s hairdo, you need lots of hairspray and a really good blow-dryer to get that incredible volume and really sleek shine.

7. Dianna Agron Light Brown Hair Color: Caramel fudge brown


Caramel fudge brown is such an enticing hair color. Dianna Agron sure knows how to rock it. Neatly combed and with a side parting, the gorgeous actress has never looked more stylish. The hairdo features light blonde highlights too, which by the way go really well with her big green eyes and luscious pink lips.

8. Ashley Greene Light Brown Hair Color: Glossy chocolate brown


Ashley Greene’s glossy chocolate brown matches her skin tone perfectly. The medium-length hair has loose waves and a layered side parting, as well as some light blonde highlights to make the brown really pop up. Ashley’s superb blue eyes and delicate smile are also enhanced thanks to the chic hairstyle.

9. Amanda Seyfried Light Brown Hair Color: Ash brown with golden highlights


Amanda Seyfried is such a talented and beautiful actress. Her hair, eyes and lips are just memorable. Famous for having really long, blonde hair, Amada has decided to make a change. She opted for a darker nuance of ash brown with golden highlights, and we must admit that she looks stunning. The hairdo comes with a parting in the middle, and really big, light waves on the sides. Excellent for the beach, as well as for a party, the hairstyle will definitely make you stand above the crowd.

10. Rosie Huntington Whiteley: Dark ash brown


Sweet Rosie Huntington prides herself with her new dark ash brown. The hairdo is effortlessly made with a side parting and really loose waves. Featuring only a few blonde highlights, the hairstyle brings out Rosie’s spectacular blue eyes. Incredibly thin and with a gorgeous bone structure in the face, the ash brown color works really well with the actress’s light bronzed skin.

11. Anna Selezneva Light Brown Hair Color: Barely brown


Ana Selezneva’s barely brown hairdo is extremely fluid and versatile. The highlights are more obvious if you have straight hair; it can either be medium-length or long. In this case, Ana’s baby doll face allows for a middle parting with really light blond highlights. We love the porcelain skin and blue eyes because it makes the hair color appear even bolder and appealing.

12. Keira Knightley Light Brown Hair Color: Rich toffee brown


Keira has never looked better. She has the tinniest, cutest face which basically means that she could rock any type of hairdo. The super sleek bob with a middle part and side by side strands make her appear romantic and chic. As for the color, the rich coffee brown goes really well with the gorgeous brown eyes. The hairdo also has a bun on top of the head, to make her seem a bit taller and even more elegant than she already is.

13. Jessica Alba Light Brown Hair Color: Hot chocolate


Jessica Alba’s vintage-inspired hairdo is absolutely amazing. She sure knows how to rock a look. The hair is parted on a single side, and it is darker at the roots and lighter at the ends. The ombre effect makes the talented actress seem modern and incredibly sexy. We really love the waves; they add a touch of romance to the whole look.

14. Jennifer Lawrence Light Brown Hair Color: Light reddish brown


We love Jennifer Lawrence’s light reddish brown. The hairstyle is beautifully layered at the ends, and we strongly believe that the middle part adds structure to Jennifer’s face. The color combo is quite enticing; the dark brown blends perfectly with the reddish ends and warm blonde highlights.

15. Olivia Palermo Light Brown Hair Color: Sweet brown sugar


Fashion icon Olivia Palermo rocks the sweetest brown sugar. The hair has been flat ironed and discretely layered at the ends to give it an edgy appeal and make Olivia shine. The hairdo also has warm blonde highlights that bring out the fashionista’s eyes and cheekbones. For some extra shine use a gloss-inducing conditioner and your locks will look perfect for any kind of party you’d like to attend.

16. Sarah Jessica Parker Light Brown Hair Color: Medium brown with caramel highlights


Sarah Jessica Parker just turned 50 and she’s looking hot. There’s something about that medium brown hair with caramel highlights that makes her seem so fresh and natural. The ombre effect adds structure to Jessica’s face, and the middle parting frames the face perfectly.

17. Behati Prinsloo Light Brown Hair Color: Creamy espresso


The creamy espresso hair color can give your style such an interesting allure. Consider darker hues at the roots and lighter tones at the ends to create the most soothing ombre. Women with heart shaped faces can easily opt for a middle part with loose waves to bring out the eyes and hide prominent cheekbones.

18. Ellen Pompeo Light Brown Hair Color: Shimmery almond


Ellen Pomeo’s medium length hairstyle with a side swept fringe and beautiful layers frame her face perfectly. The Grey’s Anatomy super star has opted for the shimmery almond hair color with light highlights. Freshly trimmed at the ends, the style is gorgeous, and it really makes Ellen’s eyes pop out.

19. Sofia Vergara Light Brown Hair Color: Chocolate caramel blend 


Apart from a funny, sexy accent, Sofia Vergara prides herself with having great hair and skin. She’s in her 40s and she has never looked hotter. We really love the chocolate caramel blend because it makes her look natural and fresh. Darker at the roots and lighter at the tips, Sofia’s straight layered hairstyle with a side part frames her face perfectly. Let’s face it – with that smile she could rock any kind of hairdo.

20. Miranda Kerr Light Brown Hair Color: Subtle chestnut


Supermodel Miranda Kerr has always been a fan of natural hair colors. Her favorite is the subtle chestnut. The nuance goes really well with messy waves. In fact, Miranda is a huge fan of the medium-length style with a middle part and really light waves.

21. Barbara Palvin Light Brown Hair Color: Autumn acorn


Women with really long hair are incredibly lucky. They can style their locks in so many different ways. Barbara Palvin for example, has opted for a half-up pony tail with a rather messy up-do and loose waves at the bottom. We really appreciate that she’s not trying to hide her young age with a sophisticated hairstyle. Also, the nude make-up goes hand in hand with the chic, fresh hairdo.

22. Drew Barrymore Light Brown Hair Color: Dark espresso fading to milk chocolate


Drew Barrymore’s obvious ombre is exceptional. The hairdo has a parting in the middle, which goes exceptionally well with the actress’s linear makeup. The dark espresso at the roots fades into the most alluring milk chocolate tones at the tips. We also love the layers; they make the hairstyle appear so enticing and modern all at the same time.

23. Minka Kelly Light Brown Hair Color: Glossy chocolate brown


Minka Kelly’s glossy chocolate brown is absolutely delicious. We love the sexy curls too; they’re voluminous and mega chic, which is exactly what you need if you’re going to a party or social gathering. The hairstyle packs creamy blonde highlights here and there to make it appear even shinier. For some extra volume comb your hair from the tips up, and finish up with a little hairspray.

24. Gisele Bundchen Light Brown Hair Color: “Bronde” – brunette + blonde


The “bronde” hairstyle is in trend right now, and Giselle is the first celebrity to give it a try. The gorgeous supermodel has kept her natural curls and middle parting, and opted for really dark brown roots. As the hairdo unfolds, the hues get lighter and lighter, until it reaches a warm blonde tone at the ends. Sleek, sexy and fresh – what more can you ask for?

25. Chiara Ferraghi Light Brown Hair Color: Brownstone beauty


Famous fashion blogger Chiara Ferraghi has opted for a really striking brownstone hair color. The fashionista has always loved the brown, but this time around she chose to add a couple of highlights here and there too. This way, the hairdo assumes a bright, shimmery tone. Mixed with big, bouncy curls, the hairstyle is ideal for women with brown eyes and really long locks.

26. Jennifer Lopez Light Brown Hair Color: Multi-dimensional browns


If you haven’t tried the 3D hair color before, now it’s the best time to give it a go. For some inspiration, check out Jennifer Lopez’s multi dimensional brown. Layered and with a side swept fringe, the hair is dyed in light brown, but it also has warm blonde highlights on the sides. The effect is magnificent, especially in plain daylight.

27. Alessandra Ambrosia Light Brown Hair Color: Caramel fudge


Alessandra Ambrosio’s caramel fudge hair color is delightful. If you’re fond of the summer tan and you’d like your locks to match up, then go for this delicious light brown. Consider a side part and really loose curls, and the wow effect will be guaranteed. The hairdo is meant to lengthen the face and really make your eyes pop.

28. Hilary Duff Light Brown Hair Color: Chocolate with golden dip-dye


Hillary Duff’s chocolate brown match her deep green eyes impeccably. The curly hairdo is incredibly eye catching because of the striking ombre effect created. The mix of really dark brown at the roots and really light blonde at the ends is quite fascinating, not to mention that the bouncy waves add fluidity and movement to the entire look.

29. Natalie Portman Light Brown Hair Color: Light chestnut


Talented actress Natalie Portman looks amazing with this medium-length hairstyle layered on the sides, and with a middle parting. Light and easy, Natalie has opted for a natural color to make her appear youthful and casual. The hairdo also has a reversed ombre effect, which creates structure and complements Natalie’s beautiful face features.

30. Cara Delevigne Light Brown Hair Color: Soft ash bronde


Last but not least, we have the famous supermodel Cara Delevigne who rocks the soft ash “bronde”. The hair is straight but layered on the sides, thus framing Cara’s face and making her gorgeous features pop up. Those big brown eyebrows are fascinating, so opting for a lighter hair color was an excellent way of adding structure to her physiognomy.

There you have it folks, 30 gorgeous light brown hair colors you should try out! The variety is vast, and the combinations will help you find the ideal tone for this summer season. Whether you’re crazy about the J. Lo’s 3D brown or you’d rather try out Cara’s ash “bronde”, the final hairstyle should make you feel sexy, confident, and beautiful.


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