Top 10 Lifestyle Blogs for Women in 2015

By on June 6, 2015

Lifestyle blogs are a broad topic. As a result some lifestyle blogs are focused on fashion with a bit of everything else, whilst others are focused on food with a bit of everything else. Amongst the blogs I’ve chosen you will definitively find a bit of everything because there are so many cool women who blog about lifestyle – from women who live and raise their family on a ranch to women who glam it up in LA. Still, these women have a lot in common – they both adore style, but their general lifestyle is a whole lot different.

blogs for women

The Kitchn

Because you need both design and food therapy.

This blog focuses on healthy foods and designs. It’s inspirational, friendly and happy. Sleek and modern too – no frills. I like it. I like it a lot.

You find it here.

Deliciously Ella

A delicious blog about natural products, beauty, health and life. Oh and food. The pure, delicious kind.

Also, Ella has an incredible story to tell about how she recovered from a rare disease by cutting anything unnatural from her life and diet. Lots of inspiration to be found in that story!

You find it here.

The Blonde Salad

For those of you who love style, this is a top notch blog to visit. Owner, Chiara Ferragni, is an Italian based in Los Angeles and her blogs about trends, style, beauty and travel have taken the world with storm. This little lady has no less than 3M Instagram followers.

If you want to be hip, you should follow Chiara. And I’m not just saying that because I’m blonde and like salad.

You find it here.

Song of Style

As the name suggest this is another blog focused on style. But it also contains tips about interior design, travel and beauty. Even a few DIY decorating tips. The simpler kind. Like flower arrangements and other bits and bobs.

Definitively one for the fashion lovers who also love a fancy lifestyle.

You find it here.

A House in the Hills

This blog is by Sarah Mora who offers you treats when it comes to stylish designs in all sorts of ways: food, home make-overs, clothing and travel. It’s truly a very stylish blog! And like so many other California blogs it’s got a focus on all things healthy, just in a…you guessed it: stylish way! She also offers personal blogs which makes you connect with her.

A truly beautiful blog by a photographer who manages to capture exactly what she wants to convey.

You find it here.

Daily Cup of Yoga

These guys focus on a yoga lifestyle – from that zen state of mind to how to do headstands. Even if you aren’t a yogi there’s a lot to be gained from learning about the lifestyle. And from my experience most of my female friends do a little bit of yoga, or try to practice a zen way of life.

This is the perfect blog to drink with your morning cuppa for some inspiration to keep on track with your zen state of mind. Naturally choose Yogi tea when reading it. I’m thinking they should release some Yogi coffee soon. I like quotes with me coffee. At least there will be quotes with this blog. (If you drink Yogi tea you will know what I mean about the quotes. If you don’t I suggest you google it.)

You find it here.

Tiny Buddha

This is another blog that focuses on that zen state of mind. And it’s run by a woman, although she says the blog belongs to all of us. Why, thank you.

It’s a great source of inspiration. And let’s face it: all of us need to shape up our lifestyle in one way or another and this is a good place to start.

You find it here.

The Everywhereist

A travel blog by a woman. Though it covers a lot more than travel. A lot of random daily musings, sometimes with powerful messages. Always with humor. It’s like your life. Only different.

You find it here.

The Pioneer Woman

From homeschooling kids on a ranch, to ranch dressing – you find it all here. She has some juicy confessions too. Well, you know – the kind of confessions moms on a ranch would have. There are also some recipes for some seriously comforting foods, which all women need at times and a lot of free giveaways and competitions.

And let’s face it – we all dreamed of marrying a cowboy at some point.

You find it here.

Honestly WTF

From DIY bracelets to stunning art – this site covers pretty much everything. And it does so with beautiful photography. How about checking out a stunning Moroccan boutique hotel to tempt you into your next trip? Or maybe you want to discover Catalan minimalism, or how to build a house with round windows. This blog has it all. And it has it with style. Personally I was recently swooning over the wall murals post. Talk about inspiration for decorating my next home. Swoon, swoon, swoon (and pin, pin, pin).

You find it here.

A Beautiful Mess

This is the bonus blog. Because everyone likes a bit of mess. At least I do. When it’s beautiful that is.

This is a fun blog, filled with everything from nice little craft projects for gifts for someone’s birthday to super cool breakfast smoothies. You will also find tips on things like how to get awesome festival hair. Co-incidentally I have been looking to create just that hairstyle for years and mainly failed (and equally co-incidentally the hair style is a beautiful mess), so I am well happy I found that post. And whilst I might try subbing some of the products for eco-friendly all natural versions (because that’s just the way I am), I am so excited to try this I almost fell off my couch. Almost.

You find it here.

In Closing

They are not exactly blogs, but I suggest you check out Refinery29 and Daily Worth – great inspiration for women.

Did I miss any lifestyle blogs you love? Tell me about them in the comments!

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