Leo Traits

By on October 18, 2013


Leo’s are extremely gracious and packed with energy, they believe in action more than words. They have a firm passion and desire to be Warm, action-oriented and driven by the longing to be cherished and appreciated for their vigilant actions. They have a royal air about them and they always want to shine and be in the spot light. This is the reason they choose career paths that lead them towards the performing arts. The Leo’s personality is comprised of some negative as well as some positive traits let’s have a quick look at them:
Positive traits

Giant Hearted and Kind:

The Lions are always appreciated and applauded for their generosity, kindness and helpful attitude towards their loved ones. As they have such big hearts. The Lions are always admired for their kindness and helpful nature. Big-hearted that they are, the Leo graciously showers love and affection on people.

Leo born people are ruled by Sun, which is the giant source of boundless energy, the Leo are vibrant, optimistic and energetic individuals, and extend their gratitude and keep spreading the  positive vibes around.

Cheerful and Jovial:

The Leo’s are not concerned with either the glass half empty or half full, they are content with the fact that at least they have a glass and it has water in it. The Leo’s are never disappointed by setbacks and failures; they always want to get back on top regardless of the hurdles and difficulties.

Clear-cut and simply straightforward:
Leo born people are extremely clear cut and direct, they never mince their words and always speak their heart’s content. Beating about the bush is not a trait of theirs; they always want to be straightforward and frank.

Devotion and Fidelity:
The Leo’s are extremely loyal and trustworthy and similarly they expect loyalty from their partners as well. Leo’s demand trust and give the same in return.


Negative traits

Stubborn and Head strong:
The Leos are extremely headstrong and wilfully opinionated, it always takes a whole lot of convincing to change their and it takes a lot of convincing to make them change their view point.

their ego is massive and very easily broken. Their ego can get hurt very easily over very small things and often it becomes a big hurdle, in their career path to success.
As they hold everything that belongs to them very closely, and in their attempt towards holding them tight, they tend to get very selfishly possessive and jealous. They are very giving but sharing is not their cup of tea. They can also be very dominating in their relationships.


Impatient and Intolerant:

They are sometimes very impatient and it leads them, towards uncalled for anxiety and tensions, they want to get things done sooner than possible. They expect things to work out and it often leads them towards failures and anxiety.
Overconfidence and Superiority:

They tend to get very self-centred and may come across even harsh at times; they say things that might end up hurting someone, to satisfy their ego.


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