Lea Michele Diet and Workout

By on April 18, 2015

Let’s be very honest about this – it’s very clear that this young actress loves to work out. Anything involving the great outdoors seems to be a firm passion of this beautiful girlie, whether it’s hoping or jogging, doing yoga in the park, swimming… She often gives us a glimpse into her life on Instagram, and it’s no wonder that thousands of young girls are following in her footsteps, in a bid to get the same kind of stunning physique that Lea Michele is often seen sporting in a teeny-tiny bikini!

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Lea Michele Workout

Hiking is such a great thing to do, especially in the summer, and you’ll be utterly amazed at how many calories you could burn off, just by going for a lovely leisurely stroll amongst the trees, marvelling at the wildlife around you, or just having a giggle to yourself as your prized pooch runs off to find something new to sniff around in. The average 130 pound woman will burn off over 350 calories during one hour of hiking – maybe it’s about time you started to explore what the great outdoors has to offer?

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Jump rope is another great exercise you can do without incorporating to the gym, and from recent snaps shared by her on her social media pages, it looks like it might be pretty exhausting stuff. Maybe it’s about time you grabbed the rope from your kids in the garden this summer? Just ten minutes of hopping, skipping, and jumping around with that rope could burn over 150 calories!

Lea Michele Diet

Keeping in tune with her healthy lifestyle, Lea only likes to pump good stuff into her body, and juicing is a great way to do just that. Often seen downing the latest celebrity-inspired juice diet plan, Lea is living proof that these vitamin-rich drinks could be the answer to all your problems, giving you more energy throughout the day, pumping much-needed minerals into the skin to give you a much fresher look, and even letting your hair and nails grow fast too. Oh, and when you’re eating only the good stuff, you won’t have quite so many calories to burn off either. A juice for breakfast is much better for you than that fast food breakfast you were thinking of grabbing on the way to work. Stop and ask yourself – do you want this bikini body, or not?

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As well as drinking plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in her juices, Lea also loves to drink plenty of water. She needs to do this in order to keep hydrated, otherwise she won’t be able to enjoy all of those outdoor activities. Although she doesn’t really enjoy fad diets, or diets that promise you’ll lose loads of weight by starving your body, she does enjoy a good detox from time to time, mostly to flush out the bad stuff – this is something it’s well worth you considering too!

Lea Michele tends to vary between a vegan and a non-vegan diet, but she has said she prefers her vegan one to help banish bloating, keep her energy levels up, and keeping her in great shape. Maybe it’s time to give up on the meat for a while and go back to basics, choosing only fresh fruit, vegetables, and other high-vitamin meat substitutes for a while to get your summer body round up on to a good head start?

It does seem that Lea Michele actively enjoys the healthy lifestyle, and although its not always easy to follow with her enthusiasm, you should at least give it a try this summer. You’ll be amazed at how much happier you’ll feel with all that extra vitamin D from the sun, and all those hydration from the extra water you should be drinking. It’s time to set yourself a challenge – get yourself outside and moving as much as you can this summer. We personally guarantee it won’t be long before you start seeing some pretty astonishing results!

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