30 Lavender Hair Ideas

By on October 20, 2017

If you want hair that is soft, pretty, feminine, but still a little bit kick-ass, you should definitely check out these lavender hair ideas. There are so many different tones and shades to play around and a hundred and one ways to wear them too. In fact, once you’ve seen some of these delights, you might just find yourself marching to the salon to get your own little hint of lavender too.

Leave your comments in the box below and let us know which ones are your favorite. We hope you’re nice and comfortable, perhaps with a nice cup of coffee in hand. Here are a few purple-lavender-toned hair ideas that you’re most definitely going to want to recreate …

1 – Lilac Toner & Silver

Speaking from experience, this look is actually quite easy to achieve at home, but you must know the right way of doing things. This purple-over-silver look is usually achieved by first bleaching the hair, and then using layers of toner, applying it time and time again, until you finally have a good build up of colour.

30 Lavender Hair Ideas 25

Source: lolaliner

2 – Icy Cool Lilac Tones

You will need to make sure your hair has gone through some serious conditioning treatments before you can expect to walk out of the salon with a look as bold and as bright as this one. When you have dry or damaged hair, the colour won’t stick to it or spread over it as it should, and will likely leave you with patchy hair that doesn’t look that great. Make sure you keep up with your conditioning and hydrating treatments on your locks before you go booking any salon appointments.

30 Lavender Hair Ideas 29

Source: bescene

3 – Frosty Lavender

Using purple toned shampoos in the shower is a good way to add more product and, therefore, more colour to your hair over time. The same can also be said for conditioners. These products are really great to use for when you don’t have the time to head to the salon as frequently as you are advised to. Almost like a touch-up treatment at home, if you like?

30 Lavender Hair Ideas 28

source: maayanbirnstein

4 – Barely There Lavender & Blonde

When you’re looking at light and bright looks like this one, make sure you take care of your hair. This is even more so the case if you’ve gone through a whole load of bleaching treatments or sittings to get there. A good, hydrating and moisturising leave-in conditioner is a good idea for when you get out the shower, but make sure the product is weightless, otherwise it’ll make any bouncy style you have fall flat too quick.

30 Lavender Hair Ideas 11

Source: mojkahair

5 – Lavender Dreams

Opting for a balayage or ombre look to your lavender hair ideas will make life much easier on yourself. Those darker and more natural roots are all the rage right now, and this will mean that you not only have extra money on your hands, but also extra time. You wont need to run to the salon every few weeks to get your roots done and your colour touched up, because the darker roots look as though they are meant to be part of the finished look.

30 Lavender Hair Ideas 10

Source: hairbykellymoran

6 – Lavender Curls with Pops of Pink

Curls are the perfect style for showing off every dimension in your new ‘do, and this pretty in pink and lavender look is easily recreated at home using a large-barrelled curling iron. Take large and random sections of hair to curl them, but only at the ends. Remember that all your styling with heated tools will dry out your hair and fade your bright colour quicker. Keep the usage of these to a minimum.

30 Lavender Hair Ideas 16

Source: hairbymisskellyo

7 – Cute, Everyday Mussy Top Bun Look

A messy top bun is the perfect thing for when you have no time at all to wash your roots. Shorter looks generally need washing more frequently than longer hair will, and you can’t just throw shorter hair back into a lazy ponytail like you can with longer hair too. This look, however, gives you the best of both worlds. Just remember to have your dry shampoo to hand. It’ll be your best friend when you have a colourful look that you don’t want to wash and fade too quickly.

30 Lavender Hair Ideas 23

Source: aprilmarie.beauty

8 – Short, Stacked Wavy Bob with Lavender Highlights

Stacked bobs are perfect for adding volume and oomph to your locks, and while you’re drawing attention to your fabulous new locks, why not throw some new tones and shades into the mix?

30 Lavender Hair Ideas 22

Source: hkwilliams_hairstudio

9 – Loose Lavender Waves in Shoulder Length Hair

As a general rule, you should look to go one shade darker than the one you’re actually hoping to achieve. Brighter colours, like these lavender hair ideas, will fade quicker than you expect. By going that one shade darker, you’ll be happier with the brightness of your look for longer. (And it’ll take longer to fade too.)

30 Lavender Hair Ideas 17

Source: taitkieuapril05

10 – Lovely, Long, Luscious & Lavender Locks

There are many other questions you will need to ask yourself if this is the first time you’re going for something bright and bold. How will your employer feel about your bright hair colour change, for example? Do you know whether or not the shade you have chosen will suit you? How do you know this? Have you done a strand test so that you know the products you’re using are safe on your skin? These are all things that can go wrong, so make sure you’ve answered EVERY question first. What’s the point in spending a whole bunch of money out for your boss to tell you that you need to dye it a more natural shade again, just a few days later?

30 Lavender Hair Ideas 12

Source: mojkahair

11 – Long, Dark & Lavender Waves

If you want a powdery, pastel shade, mix a brighter purple dye in with a white conditioner. This will help to tone the brightness down, as well as giving it that powdery finish. Remember that it’s much easier to add colour than it is to take it away. Start with a little bit and build your way up from there.

30 Lavender Hair Ideas 21

Source: beautybyshannonle

12 – Half n’ Half Pink & Lavender Chin Length Bob

When you think you have enough hair dye, buy a little bit more, just in case. This is not the kind of look that you will want to run out of hair dye for, and you know when you think you have enough to around, you always run out halfway through. The leftover dye can easily be added to shampoo and conditioning treatments to build up the colour over the coming washes too.

30 Lavender Hair Ideas 30

Source: hairgod_zito

13 – Braided Dark to Light Ombre Lavender Hair Ideas

Brighter colours, such as these lavender hair ideas, will fade over time, and some shades or products are well known to fade quicker than others. You should read the reviews of the hair products that you’re buying online, and maybe even look at Youtube tutorial featuring them, to get a better idea of what the finished look will turn out like.

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Source: Pinterest

14 – Mussed Up & Sassy Bob with Lavender Roots

The one thing you’ll definitely need to know about these lavender hair ideas is that you can’t wash your hair as regularly as you would have done with other shades, such as brunettes or blondes. Washing your hair regularly is a surefire way to make it fade, and if you’re opting for something more permeant than temporary, all the re-dyeing of your hair will end up being something you can’t put up with.

30 Lavender Hair Ideas 26

Source: lolaliner

15 – Light Lavender Wash

If you’re heading to the salon to achieve these wonderful lavender hair ideas, make sure you take as many pictures as you can to properly describe what you’re looking for. If you want a very specific shade of lavender or purple, for example, the more you show your stylist, the better the chances of them being able to recreate it. Communication is key. How will they know what you want if you don’t tell or show them? (And you know what they say – a picture paints a thousand words!)

30 Lavender Hair Ideas 4

Source: mojkahair

16 – Romantic & Elegant Lavender Braiding

Short-term lavender fixes can easily be achieved with products such as hair chalks, hair sprays, wash-in/wash-out and temporary home dye products. You can either use these colours straight out of the box, or get a little creative, mixing and blending shades for a really cool look that no one else has got. With the temporary dyes, the colour you mix in the bowl will be a match for the end result on your hair, as long as your hair is a very light bleached/white to start with, and it’s in good condition too.

30 Lavender Hair Ideas 24

Source: Pinterest

17 – Dusted Lavender Roots

The good news about these lavender hair ideas is that many of them can easily be temporary. You can buy products that you apply to your hair and then wash out, either immediately, or after a few washes. It’s a great idea for when you want to play around with a new shade but aren’t quite sure whether or not it will suit you.

30 Lavender Hair Ideas 20

Source: blend_studio

18 – Greys & Lavenders Ombre from Brown

You don’t need to go through all the hassle of lightening and bleaching treatments in order to recreate some of these lavender hair ideas for yourself. This darker look shows you how even brunettes can rock these purple tones. Oh, and look — roots are in! We love that, don’t you?

30 Lavender Hair Ideas 19

Source: rickeywinhair

19 – Smokey Amethyst & Lavender

If you’re using an at-home lavender hair product, you will generally find that your hair will need to be very light to start with. This will usually mean bleaching or lightening treatments of some kind. If you don’t know what you’re doing with these, we would highly recommend that you leave this stage to the professionals, if not all of the lavender process. One wrong move with the bleach products and your hair will be more fried and frazzled than fabulous.

30 Lavender Hair Ideas 13

Source: hkwilliams_hairstudio

20 – Romantic Lavender Hair Ideas

Pretty in pink, Mean Girls would be proud to rock this fab hair on Wednesdays. Worn in that beautiful and simple twisted bun, it’s a classically elegant style, and could easily be added to with a number of other hair accessories. Flowers, anyone?

30 Lavender Hair Ideas 3

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21 – Long, Lavender Balayage Locks

There are plenty of ways to incorporate these lavender tones into your hair, without the need for an all-over dye job. A balayage look hand-blends the lavender tones in with other shades, such as your own natural hair colour, and is a great way of bringing the look about in a much softer and easier-to-wear way.

30 Lavender Hair Ideas 8

Source: balayagesalonandspa

22 – Pretty Pink & Lovely Lavender Ombre

This romantic look has a beautiful powdered texture to it, both pink and lavender in its makeup. The ombre from dark and natural roots, through to a beautiful pastel and powdery pink shade, and then into that wonderful lavender tone which, let’s face it, is what you came here for, right?

30 Lavender Hair Ideas 14

Source: taitkieuapril05

23 – Light Lilacs & Lavender Dip Dye

Dip dye looks are a really cool and easy way to incorporate some new colours into your ‘do, and you could dip as much or as little of your hair as you’d like. If you only want a hint of colour for the weekend, however, you could easily rub some hair chalks over the ends of your locks to give you a party look that takes almost no time at all.

30 Lavender Hair Ideas 18

Source: kristyling1210

24 – Mauve & Lavender Hair Ideas

Lavender and mauve go well together, especially when they’ve been wonderfully blended into this short and simple bob. It catches the light — and the eyes — perfectly, and it’s one that we think we could fall in love with, over and over again.

30 Lavender Hair Ideas 7

Source: hkwilliams_hairstudio

25 – Big, Loose Curls & Lavender Loveliness

Use a wide-barrelled curling iron to achieve those big, bouncy and lavender look, really making the most of the length. Heated rollers can help to create big and rolling waves when you don’t wat to use too many heated styling tools, but just remember to use some heat protection spray, regardless of what kind of style you’re going for.

30 Lavender Hair Ideas 2

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26 – Dusky Lavender Locks

Dusky and beautiful and those are just two words we’d use to describe this fab lavender look. It’s short enough to be manageable and easy to rock day to day, but still incorporates some beautiful shades to show off your true personality.

30 Lavender Hair Ideas 6

Source: hillaryloveshair

27 – Purple & Lavender & Powdery Pink

The lavender balayage look is a universally flattering one that can actually be used with a wide range of other colours too. The clever blend makes the tones look natural, even when the tones aren’t natural at all, and brings in the tones in the right way. It doesn’t look overdone.

30 Lavender Hair Ideas 15

Source: caroline.anythingbutbasic

28 – Bright Pink to Lovely Lavender Lob

Wow, what a cool look, right? It’s bright pink at the top, right at the roots, fading into a beautiful silver tone, and then that wonderful lavender pop at the end. It just goes to show that you can play around with pretty colours, and lots of them, even when you have shorter locks. We dig it, how about you?

30 Lavender Hair Ideas 9

Source: tiffanystingrae

29 – Kissed by the Lavender

Natural tones are easily achieved with a wash or toner over the top of your natural shade, and this is a great trick for those who want a hint of purple, but not too much. A look like this one is enough to catch the light and the eyes but is still natural enough that your Grandma won’t have a heart attack when she’ sees you.

30 Lavender Hair Ideas 5

Source: kimstylesme

30 – Straight, Long & Lavender

Of course, one way to get those luscious and long lavender locks that you’ve been dreaming of is to add a few hair extensions into the mix. You can dye most hair extensions so that they match the colour of your hair, and you can use the same approach to mix and match colours too. If you felt like having a few lavender locks underneath your blonde or brown ones, you can do it, without the need to dye your own natural hair. There really is a hack for everything these days.

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