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    Lauren Cohan Bra Size Height Weight

    By on March 17, 2015

    Her Bra Size

    Lauren Cohan wears a 34 B.

    Her Body Measurements

    Her body measurements are 36-25-35.

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    5 feet 7 inches or 170 centimeters

    Current Weight

    121 pounds or 55 kilograms

    Boyfriends and Spouses

    Her dating history has never been discussed publically.

    Net Worth

    Lauren Cohan is thought to have a net worth of about $2 million from her various acting projects.

    Her Name at Birth

    At birth, her name was Lauren Cohan.

    Common Nicknames

    She goes by the nicknames of Lauren, LC or Laurie.

    Age and Birth Date

    Lauren Cohan was born on January 7 of 1982, so she is currently 33 years old. In January of 2016, she will turn 34 years old.

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    Astrological Sun Sign

    She is a Capricorn.

    Location of Her Birth

    Lauren Cohan was born within the town of Cherry Hill, New Jersey.


    Cohan is an American citizen since she was born in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

    Educational History

    When Lauren was 13 years old, she moved to the United Kingdom with her family. While there, she converted to Judaism like her step-father and had a bat mitzvah. Following graduation, she enrolled at the University of Winchester. She ultimately graduated with a degree in English literature and drama.

    Family Members

    Since her parents did not remain together, her mother remarried when Lauren was older. Including step-siblings, Lauren had five younger siblings. She was raised in Judaism like her step-father.


    She has a fairly slender build. Although she is taller than average, her body type is fairly typical.

    Dress Size

    8 (US)

    Shoe Size

    4 (US)


    Lauren Cohan is primarily known for her work as an actress.

    Hair Color

    She has beautiful dark brown hair, although she will occasionally change it for acting roles.

    Eye Color

    Lauren Cohan has vivid green eyes.

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    Distinctive Features

    She is recognizable for her porcelain skin coloring and dark brown hair. Her bright green eyes are also abnormally pretty.


    Lauren Cohan is Scottish-American. She was born in the United States, but she spent much of her adolescence living in the United Kingdom.


    Lauren Cohan is Jewish.

    Best Known For

    Originally, she became famous for playing Bella Talbot in Supernatural for three episodes. More recently, Lauren Cohan has become famous for her work as Maggie Greene in the Walking Dead. She has been in this television show since 2011. In addition, she has played Rose in The Vampire Diaries from 2010 to 2012.

    Her First Television Show

    The first time she appeared on television was in 2007. During that year, she was the character of an employee at Forrester Creations in one episode of the Bold and the Beautiful.

    Her First Film

    The first time that she was in a movie was in 2005. She was the character of Alessia in the film, the Quiet Assassins.

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    Lauren Cohan’s Favorite Things

    Favorite Snack: Fruit
    Favorite Character in Supernatural: Gordon Walker
    Favorite Hobby: Dancing
    Favorite Instrument: the Piano
    Favorite Actor: Tom Hanks
    Favorite Workout: Kickboxing
    Favorite Subject: History

    Lauren Cohan Facts

    Lauren Cohan enjoys eating a gluten-free diet to stay in shape.
    When Cohan was still in college, she started her own theater company.
    Since she really loves history, Cohan wants to do a historical role set among the Vikings or in Ancient Egypt.
    In 2013, she played the character of Avery Jordan in the Law & Order SVU episode called “Legitimate Rape”.
    When she was a teenager, she lived next to a pet cemetery.
    Originally, she started working as a model. As acting gigs started to roll in, Lauren Cohan switched to working as a full-time actress.
    To stay in shape, Lauren eats lots of fruits and vegetables. She complements this routine with kickboxing and dancing sessions.
    Lauren loves to bring her dog to work, but he likes the taste of salt and oils. Unfortunately, the makeup on the zombies consists of exactly these ingredients, so her puppy licks any unattended zombies!
    After her mother remarried, Cohan adopted her step-father’s surname and his religion.
    Amy Shiels is Lauren Cohan’s best friend in the entertainment industry.
    Cohan considers her crush to be Jeff Bridges. Since he is in his late 60s, she says that it is not a romantic crush.

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