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By on March 24, 2015

Her Bra Size

Although her bra size is currently unknown, she is estimated to be at an A or B cup.

Her Body Measurements

Her body measurements are currently unknown.

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5 feet 5 inches or 165 centimeters

Current Weight

130 pounds or 59 kilograms

Boyfriends and Spouses

Her dating history has not been publicly discussed.

Net Worth

Kimberly J. Brown’s net worth is believed to be at $3 million. This was gained through her many acting roles in the 1990s. Originally, she gained a level of fame through acting in the television series, the Baby-Sitters Club. By 1998, she was regularly on Unhappily Ever After. She starred as Nicole in 1998-1999’s Two of a Kind. Although she has been on soap opera’s like Guiding Light and television shows like Rose Red, her most famous role was in Halloweentwon. This iconic series remains a regular part of the Halloween lineup and a favorite of young children.

Her Name at Birth

At birth, she was given the name of Kimberly Jean Brown.

Common Nicknames

Although her nicknames are not known, it is safe to say that she has probably been called Kim or Kimmy at some point in her life.

Age and Birth Date

Kimberly J. Brown was born on November 16 of 1984, so she is currently 30 years old. In November of 2016, she will turn 31 years old.

Astrological Sun Sign

Her astrological sign is the Scorpio.

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Location of Her Birth

Kimberly was born in Gaithersburg, Maryland.


She has American citizenship by birth.

Educational History

Since she began acting when she was only five years old, Kimberly was often too busy to attend traditional schools. Instead, she spent a lot of time being home schooled and studying on set. Some of the acting training that she has received has been through Ivanna Chubbuck and Second City Conservatory.

Family Members

Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown


She has a fairly average, healthy build.

Dress Size

Her dress size is thought to be around a size four or six.

Shoe Size

Kimberly J. Brown’s shoe size is currently unknown.

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Most of Kimberly’s net worth was earned through her various acting projects.

Hair Color

She has naturally dark blonde hair.

Eye Color

Her eyes are brown.

Distinctive Features

She is easily recognizable due to her dimples and the unique shape of her face. Although her features are unusual, some fans of her childhood projects may not recognize her as an adult.




Her religious affiliation is unknown.

Best Known For

By far, Kimberly J. Brown is best known for playing the character of Marnie Piper in Halloweentown and Halloweentown II. She also portrayed the role of Sarah in the movie, Bringing Down the House. In this film, she worked alongside the legendary Steve Martin.

Her First Television Show

The first time that she was on television was in 1990. She played the character of Amanda Delaney in the Baby-Sitters Club.

Her First Film

Her first film experience occurred with Halloweentown in 1998. She played the character of Marnie Piper and worked alongside Debbie Reynolds.

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Kimberly J. Brown’s Favorite Things

Favorite Poet: Maya Angelou and Mark Nepo
Favorite Poem: Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou
Favorite Workout: Krav Maga
Favorite Hobby: Playing Guitar and Singing

Kimberly J. Brown Facts

She achieved her first acting role when she was only five years old. By the age of nine, she had already been in three shows.
Brown is a level two in Krav Maga.
One of her most recent roles was as Shana Taylor in AMC’s show, Low Winter Sun.
In her free time, she likes to produce movies. She co-produced and acted in the award-winning screenplay called Slot King.
One of her many hobbies is to perform in the Improve Conservatory Program and the Second City.
In the Quints, she played the character of Jamie Grover.
When she was only nine years old, Kimberly J. Brown was selected to play the character of Cosette in the stage performance of Les Miserables.
Her most recent project was the 2012 film, Friendship!
Kimberly J. Brown was an Emmy nominee for her role in the soap opera, Guiding Light.

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