Kelly Ripa Diet and Workout

By on April 8, 2015

Back in 2012, Kelly Ripa was voted as one of the Most Powerful People in Media by The Hollywood Reporter, so you can’t forgive this 44 year old for thinking she has to keep herself in great shape. Of course, as beautiful as she is, without the right diet and exercise, even someone as hot as Kelly could slip into obesity if she wasn’t careful, but with some carefully thought out exercises and a great diet, even after three kids, Kelly Ripa is in the best shape of her life.

Born in New Jersey on October 2nd, 1970, you can barely believe that this chick is over 40 years old, and the TV producer, talk show host and actress really does have an absolutely impeccable body. She really does set the standard for all 40-something mothers out there, doesn’t she? If she can manage a busy career with three kids, so can the rest of us!

Kelly Ripa Diet

According to reports, Kelly starts her day the same way every day – she wakes up at 630 and has a cup of coffee made for her by her husband. See, although we are lead to believe that high-calorie coffees are BAD for you, first thing in the morning they could be just the trick to set up up for the day and get you buzzing on your way. That’s the thing about diet and weight loss – sometimes you need to think outside the box and work out what will be productive for YOU!

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She eats everything, banning nothing for her menu, and by doing this, she is not running the risk of binge eating anything that she told herself she couldn’t have. How many times have you gone on a diet only to ruin it all by eating three slices of chocolate cake? If you had just let yourself have that one piece, you would have consumed fewer calories which you’ll then need to burn off. It just makes sense to let yourself have a little of everything that you like – it’s just about having them in moderation.

Her biggest loves are white wine and french fries, two very high calorie things right there. However, she incorporates plenty of healthy foods and high intensity workouts to burn off the bad stuff, eating things like plain yoghurt, plenty of fresh leafy greens, and mounds of fruit to give her energy and see her though the day.

There is a firm family history of heart disease in Kelly Ripa’s family, so she tried to incorporate as much heart-healthy foods as she can in her diet, and these include fish (with Omega-3 fatty acids), avocado, almonds and other nuts, kidney beans and lentils, tofu and more.

Kelly Ripa Workout

Starting her day nice, bright and early gives her plenty of energy, apparently, and this is when most people find is the easiest time to work out. You work out, shower, and then get ready for your day knowing that your metabolism has been giving a kick-start in the right direction, and your body is already buzzing and ready for the day ahead. She likes to hit the gym around seven days a week, although most of us just wouldn’t have the time for that. Even three to four times a week is better than nothing, though, so if you’re struggling to get up off the couch, it might be time to give yourself a stern word.

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When she wants to relax, she does what most other celebs do and turn to yoga, but for the days when she wants a really good workout, she loves to do cardio which includes running and other machines which you can find in your local gym. A few times per week, she will end her cardio training with some strength training to help tone up those muscles, and even if she doesn’t have the time to actually head to the gym, she’ll still do some sort of physical exercise, even if it is walking outside. In fact, you’ll be amazed at how many calories you can burn off just by walking.

If you’re at home and can’t get yourself to the gym, there are plenty of other things that you can do from the comfort of your living roommate get the same effect. Jumping jacks, running on the spot, and even running up and down the stairs can be classed as cardio, and with sit-ups, lunges and squats, you could have the abs and the booty to go along with your new trimmer physique!

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