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    Karolina Wydra Bra Size Height Weight

    By on March 17, 2015

    Her Bra Size

    Her bra size is believed to be about a 32 B.

    Her Body Measurements

    Karolina Wydra’s body measurements are 32-24-34.

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    She is 5 feet 9 inches or 175 centimeters tall.

    Current Weight

    Karolina Wydra presently weighs 121 pounds or 55 kilograms.

    Boyfriends and Spouses

    Although she has managed to achieve some notoriety on television, Karolina Wydra has managed to keep her private life mostly private. Due to this, her past romantic history is basically unknown. She has discussed being in a long-distance relationship in interviews before, as well as the experience of meeting her celebrity crushes.

    Net Worth

    Currently, Karolina Wydra’s net worth is unknown. As a co-star on two television shows, she is unlikely to be one of Hollywood’s top paid celebrities.

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    Her Name at Birth

    The only name that she has ever used publically is Karolina Wydra.

    Common Nicknames

    With a name like Karolina Wydra, a nickname is completely unnecessary. In some circles, Kara is used in placed of Karolina. Judging from her pictures and her acting talent, Wydra certainly seems more like a Karolina.

    Age and Birth Date

    Karolina Wydra was born on March 5 of 1981, so she is currently 34 years old. She will turn 35 years old in March of 2016.

    Astrological Sun Sign

    Her astrological sign is the Pisces.

    Location of Her Birth

    She was born in the town of Opole Voivodeship, Poland. This area is known for its beautiful lakes, lime quarries, industrial centers and agriculture. The Church of Our Lady of Sorrows is one of the most popular landmarks in the town of Opole.

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    By birth, Karolina Wydra is a Polish citizen.

    Educational History

    Her educational history is currently unknown. As she becomes more famous in Hollywood, more information about Wydra will most likely be released.

    Family Members

    Father: Unknown
    Mother: Unknown
    Her family background has not been released.


    She has a very classical, thin build.

    Dress Size

    Karolina Wydra wears a size 4 (US) in dresses. This can vary between different clothing brands.

    Shoe Size

    She wears a size 8 (US) in most shoes.


    Although Wydra originally began her career as a model, she quickly became interested in acting. After getting turned down at countless auditions, she planned on quitting acting as soon as her True Blood audition was over with. Once she got the part, she decided to continue acting after all.

    Hair Color

    Her hair is a beautiful, deep dark brown color.

    Eye Color

    She has gorgeous dark brown eyes.

    Distinctive Features

    Due to her porcelain skin and her pale features, she was a natural choice for any film about vampires.


    By birth, she is Polish.


    Her religious affiliation is presently unknown.

    Best Known For

    From 2011 to 2012, she played the character of Dominika Petrova in six episodes of the hit American television drama, House. In addition to this experience, she also became famous for playing Violet Mazurski from 2013 to 2014 in the vampire-based television show, True Blood. Fans may recongize her from projects like Justified, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, L.A. Crime and Scorpion.

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    Her First Television Show

    The first time she was on television was for a commercial advertisement. She played a model in the commercial Nespresso…What Else?

    Her First Film

    In 2008, Karolina Wydra had her first experience on film. She played the character of Gabrielle Bochenski in the movie, Be Kind Rewind. More recently, she played Jordyn in Crazy, Stupid, Love.

    Her First Modeling Job

    The first time that she worked as a model was in 2003. During this year, she graced the covers of Germany’s Elle Magazine and Vellum.

    Karolina Wydra Facts

    Wydra believes that her character’s death of True Blood was one of the better ways for her to die.
    To get in the spirit of her acting characters, Karolina Wydra uses a visual collage to focus her attention and understand the core of the character.
    She only appeared in the sixth and seventh seasons of True Blood.
    One of her first major television roles was on the television drama, House. She has also been on television shows like Justified and L.A. Crime.

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