Karlie Kloss Diet and Workout

By on April 12, 2015

Let’s be honest about this ladies; if you were going to want the body of any celebrity in this world, it would be a Victoria’s Secret model, right? Those women are, by far, some of the most exotic and beautiful women of our generation, and although thin, try to promote healthiness where possible.

Take 22 year old Karlie Elizabeth Kloss, for example; this American fashion model keeps herself in shape with a healthy and balanced diet over starving herself and other behaviours that case us to frown on the modelling industry. At 6ft 1in tall, height is already on her side, but it’s not just good genes that keeps her looking in tip-top shape.

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Karlie Kloss Diet

Following a vegetarian diet has helped this stunner to achieve that photo-ready body, and although she still has her favourite “unhealthy” foods that she likes to splurge on every now and again, the bulk of her diet is packed with fresh fruit and vegetables, giving her body the vital minerals and vitamins it needs to look THAT good.

Her breakfast would typically be something low fat and healthy – perhaps an egg white omelette with a protein shake made with almond milk, or some porridge with a little side helping of natural yogurt and fresh fruit and berries. Not just her favourite meal of the day, breakfast is also your most important meal of the day and by skipping this, you’re only doing yourself more harm than good.

Skipping meals and therefore calories may seem like the easiest option when you are trying to get in shape but what you must remember is that overnight, your body is fasting, normally going through six to eight hours of no fuel whatsoever. Breakfast is the meal that kick-starts your body first thing in the morning, and a good breakfast with plenty of energy-rich foods is the perfect thing to get you started on the right kind of day.

Ideally, you should be looking at eating breakfast within two hours of waking up to reap the most benefits, something that Karlie tries to do every day, right before her morning workout .

Karlie Kloss Workout

The Victoria’s Secret stunner already has a trim physique anyway, with her tall frame, so she concentrates on strength training to keep in shape, with workouts like Pilates and yoga alongside interval training and small weight lifting. Using rubber or elastic bands is a great way to give your muscles a great workout, and resistance training is the easiest thing that you can do to help tone your body from the comfort of your own home.

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To keep her ass looking as great as it does in those teeny-tiny little outfits (if you can call them that) she wears on stage, she does squats and butt lifts to give her that sought-after derriere, and she openly admits to giving herself the odd day off, choosing to give her body a break rather than pushing it too far past the limits. As fit as you want to be, you need to ensure you’re taking care of your body too and sometimes, it just needs a day off.

Running and walking with her dog is another way that Karlie works out and in fact, this is something that you can easily do as a form of losing weight without signing up to expensive gym memberships. If you have kids, you could take them to the park for the day to throw around balls, frisbees and other toys designed for outdoor play, and it even encourages them to get into he swing of things and to stay fit and healthy too! Essentially, you’re killing two birds with one stone.

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Getting a body just like Karlie Kloss does take hard work and dedication, but when you find the right kind of exercise for you, you’ll soon start to appreciate how addictive it can be. It doesn’t need to be hours spent in the gym that helps you to get a killer body – it could be something as simple as an enjoyable moving-around at home. Even something as simple and mundane as cleaning the windows could be the perfect workout when you live a normally sedentary life!


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