How to Use a Kabuki Brush

By on December 27, 2015

At one point or another you’ve probably heard or seen of the term ‘kabuki brush’, whether you were watching a makeup tutorial on Youtube or treading up and down the makeup aisles. You probably have a good guess- and yes, it’s a makeup brush. But what exactly is it? Simple. It’s a makeup brush that has a very short stem or ‘handle’ and dense bristles, made from natural materials (animal hair) or synthetic materials.


How to Use a Kabuki Brush

Okay, so you took the plunge and decided to buy a kabuki brush. Now what do you do with this little thing?

Apply Finishing Powder: When you’re all done applying your foundation, use your kabuki brush to apply the finishing powder. It’s best to go in a circular motion when applying so it accurately covers the face without any blotches or weird coloring.

Apply Blush: If you’re anything like me, you may have a real big problem applying blush. You may end up with some really harsh lines and very vivid coloring that makes you look like a bad dream from the 1980s or Bozo the Clown. But when you use your kabuki brush, everything comes out perfectly. Seriously! It’s a makeup dream come true. All you need is your favorite colored powdered blush. Dip your kabuki brush in the powdered blush and apply delicately; a perfect finish every time.

Apply Foundation: It’s generally used to apply powder foundations, but some women say they have luck using it on their liquid foundations as well. Seriously, is there anything a kabuki brush can’t do?


Buff and Blend: When you’re done applying your makeup- and I’m talking about ALL of your makeup, from your foundation to your blush to your powder- use your kabuki brush to blend and buff everything to perfection. Seriously, it’s so simple. You don’t even need any product! Simply whip out your kabuki brush and start brushing your face in a circular motion. Brush over your forehead, your cheeks, your chin- everywhere there’s makeup. This will get rid of any pesky unblended lines or weird blotches that can sometimes be left over with foundation and primer.

Always Clean Your Brush!

You need to clean your kabuki brush! Not every day, but ideally once a week. This will ensure your brush lasts as long as possible and delivers the best performance. Any makeup brush that isn’t cleaned gets a buildup of makeup and bacteria- do you really want to continue spreading that over your delicate face? Of course not! Soak it in makeup remover or create a nifty little mixture of ½ shampoo and ½ water. Soak it then let it dry before you use it.

Basically a kabuki brush is a miracle in bristle form. It can do almost anything, from applying your favorite blush to fixing up blotchy powder. It can really take your makeup game to the next level and deliver FLAWLESS results. Just make sure you buy a QUALITY kabuki brush. It may cost a bit more, but you’ll be pleased with its longevity and its results. Don’t compromise on quality!

What’s your favorite kabuki brush? What do you use a kabuki brush for?

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