100 Jewelry Store Names

By on September 18, 2018

A jewelry store can be a fun business to run, but it can also be a lot of work. Before you can register your new store, you have to find the right jewelry store names. You should think of a jewelry store name that reflects the purpose of your business and the type of jewelry store that you sell. Your goal is to show customers exactly what to expect before they ever walk into your store. To get you started on finding the right jewelry store names, we have compiled a list of 100 different options.

Creative Names for Jewelry Business

100 Jewelry Store Names

1. The Gemstone Gallery: This name is great because of the alliteration and because it says exactly what your jewelry store sells.

2. The Velvet Box: This name sounds extremely luxurious.

3. Pandora’s Box: Trying to pick the right jewelry is like opening Pandora’s Box.

4. Made For Her: This is perfect for a jewelry store that caters to ladies.

5. Embellished Life: Nice!

6. Beadniks: This is a cute play on words.

7. ABC Beads & Things: Cute.

8. Bead Adorned: You can also “be adorned.”

9. Beading Hearts: This is a play on the phrase, “bleeding hearts.”

10. Cultured Curio: This wins bonus points for alliteration.

11. Illuminate Jewelers: Nice!

12. Magic Clasp Jewelry: This is an adorable name.

13. Lux Fine Jewelry: This certainly sounds luxurious.

14. Past to Present: Perfect for a shop that blends antiques and modern jewelry.

15. Thrifty Trinkets: Cute!

16. The Golden Goose: This is a fun name.

17. Grace of Hearts: This certainly sounds graceful.

18. Jewelry Palace: Fun!

19. Treasure Chest: Because your shop is filled with treasure.

20. Tribal Style: This is a cool-sounding name.

21. Jewel Junkie: For people who have a true addiction to jewelry.

22. Pretty Little Things: Cute!

23. Bohemian Findings: This is a good way to show that you sell an eclectic, bohemian selection.

24. Funky Found: Nice one.

25. Velvet Lux: This sounds luxurious.

26. Lovely Mosaic: This is a fun option.

27. Adornet: This is a play on the phrase, “Adorn It.”

28. Patina Jewel: Cute!

29. The Vintage Wheel: For a shop that specializes in antique items.

30. The Southern Nest: Nice.

31. Treasure Box: This is an accurate description.

32. Stranded Memories: This is a play on the word “strand.”

33. Relics to Riches: Cute!

34. Jewels and Gems: This is an accurate jewelry store name.

35. Green Chic: Use this name for a green, eco-friendly shop.

36. Regal Creations: Nice.

37. Phoenix Creations: A phoenix is reincarnated every 500 years, so this would be a good name for a shop that gives new life to vintage items.

38. Metamorphic Creations: This is a fun choice.

39. Jeweled Feather: This is certainly one of the better jewelry store names.

40. Holidaze Jewelry: After leaving your shop, customers will feel like they are in a
holiday daze.

41. Discoveries: This s an easy option.

42. Deja Jewel: This is a fun play on words.

43. Chokers and Charms: Cute!

44. Chameleons: This is a fun choice.

45. Be Adorned: Nice one!

46. EarthNique Jewelry: For unique, earthly jewels.

47. A Strand Above: Nice!

48. Bead Chic: This is a great name for a bead shop.

49. Charming Crafts: This is certainly charming.

50. Classical Customs: This wins bonus points for alliteration.

51. Diamond Bead: Cute!

52. Doodads: This is a simple choice.

53. Ice Jewelers: Nice one!

54. JewelJest: This is a fun choice.

55. Stone Appeal: This works perfectly for a shop that sells precious gemstones.

56. A Hill of Beads: Beautiful!

57. The Missing Piece Studio: Because at your shop, customers will find their missing pieces.

58. The Crystal Blooms: Cute!

59. The Blue Snowflake: This sounds very picturesque.

60. Uncommon Jewelry: Nice.

61. Touch of Gold: This sounds pretty.

62. Galleria of Gems: Gallerias always sound fancier than just shops.

63. Sparkles Shop: The alliteration makes this name easier to remember.

64. Retro Chic Jewelry: Nice!

65. Illuminated Accessories: This is a very illuminating name!

66. Euphorium: This is a blend of the words euphoria and emporium.

67. Creative Incarnations: Cute!

68. A Strand For You: A strand for everyone!

69. Artik: This is a cool-sounding jewelry store name.

70. Colorful Stardust: Pretty!

71. Bead Assemblage: This is a great name for a bead shop.

72. Chic and Artsy: For the chic store.

73. The Platinum People: Platinum is the way to go.

74. Creative Rage: Nice!

75. Pish Posh Pendants: This is a fun name.

76. Infinity Jewelers: They always say that diamonds are forever, right?

77. Bedazzled: Cute!

78. All That Glitters: At your shop, all that glitters is gold.

79. Sugar Rush: Because you sell arm candy.

80. The Looking Glass Jewelers: This is a fun name.

81. Transforming Trinkets: This is an adorable jewelry store name.

82. Jewel Treasury: Because your treasury is filled with the finest jewels.

83. Gold Galore: This certainly sounds like a luxurious name.

84. Pot of Gold: You don’t need a rainbow to have a pot of gold.

85. Greater Than Gold Jewelers: Your jewelry store sells items that are truly better
than gold.

86. The Gallery: This is a simple, easy name.

87. The Jeweler’s Loop: Cute!

88. Gem Palace: Because you have a palace of gems and precious stones.

89. De Lux Jewels: This is a play on the word luxury and deluxe.

90. The Glittering Galleria: Cute!

91. Stone Appeal: This is a great option to go with for your jewelry store name.

92. The Gold Lodge: This sounds like a jewelry store that is located near an alpine ridge or mountain range.

93. Empire of Jewels: That is my kind of empire!

94. Holy Grail Jewelers: When customers come to your shop, it is like finding the Holy Grail!

95. Love’s Jewelers: Perfect for a shop that specializes in engagement and wedding

96. Tick Tock Jewelers: This would be one of the best jewelry store names for a shop that specializes in watches.

97. Bead Alternique: This is a fun option.

98. Gold ‘N’ Classics: This is great for a shop that sells classic jewels. Plus, it is a play on the words “golden classics.”

99. Beadiful Things: Adorable!

100. Elegant Embellishments: The alliteration makes this jewelry store name even easier to remember.

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