Jessica Biel Diet and Workout

By on April 12, 2015

Firstly, we would like to say a MASSIVE congratulations to Jessica Biel (or rather Jessica Timberlake, as she is now known) and Justin Timberlake who welcomed a beautiful baby boy today – April 12th, 2015. They decided to name him Silas Randall Timberlake, which is the cutest name in the world, and the whole family are doing just fine and dandy!

The one thing the world is eagerly awaiting, of course, now that the bouncing bundle of joy has arrived, is how she is going to lose those pregnancy pounds, but knowing Jessica Biel, it will be something totally kickass!

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It was the movie Total Recall that really kicked her butt into shape, not that it needed much of a kicking, of course. And can we just say, what a fine butt that is! She learned martial arts and incorporated it into her workout routine to get fit and in shape for the movie, and as exercises go, it gives quite a big reward for something most of us can do.

Jessica Biel Workout

Things like kick-boxing are really great exercise when you want to lose weight or stay in shape, mostly because it helps to combine both cardio exercises with strength and toning exercises all in one. What makes life even better is that there are loads and loads of YouTube kick-boxing tutorials and videos, which you can follow from the comfort of your own home.

If you’re on the hunt for a way to lose those pregnant pounds, kick-boxing, dancing, and other energetic movement exercises are perfect. When the baby is asleep and you find yourself with a couple of minutes spare, it’s time to concentrate on you. As much as the baby is very important right now, you must make sure you are setting time aside to take care of you and your body. If you’re not in good health, you won’t be able to care for your child. It just makes sense to reevaluate your exercise levels, doesn’t it?

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Normally filming somewhere exotic, Jessica loves exercise that doesn’t involve an actual piece of equipment. Gyms, for example, are perfect for those that have the time to use them, but what happens when you’re 100 miles away from home on a job somewhere? Or stuck at home with a newborn baby? How do you use the gym-style equipment then?

She loves running, and although that might sound like your idea of hell, even walking can help you to lose weight and tone up. Light jogging is a great idea, even if you only do it from the comfort of your own back yard, and as well as working on hip stability, ankle strength, and posture, it burns off a whole bunch of calories. In fact, any movement that involves taking your own weight (such as walking, jogging, running) is perfect for both burning off the pounds, and toning up muscle.

Jessica Biel Diet

At the moment, we don’t imagine Jessica Biel minds much what she eats, seeing as she’s just had a baby and all but normally, this hot Hollywood star tries to eat as healthy as she can, whilst still allowing herself the odd ‘cheat day’ every now and again.

When she is doing high intensity workouts like marital arts to get in shape for demanding film roles, her diet is incredibly strict with lots of grilled chicken and turkey for protein, masses of fruit and vegetables, steamed to keep their nutrient value. Keeping carbs to a minimum to banish bloating, she opted for things like bands to get her through the mid-afternoon slump, and ensured that the meals she ate were enough to keep her feeling full for as long as possible.

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Another trick that Jessica likes to use, one that will prove especially useful now she has had her baby, is to eat little and often – five to six meals per day. When you do this, your energy levels are constant, leaving you less likely to binge, and your metabolism will be steady, stopping it from dropping and burning off calories at a slower rate – something you definitely don’t want when you are trying to lose weight!

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