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By on January 9, 2015

Her Bra Size

34 B

Her Body Measurements


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5 feet 7 inches or 170 centimeters

Current Weight

123.5 pounds or 56 kilograms

Boyfriends and Spouses

Michael Weatherly (2000-2003): Michael Weatherly began working with Jessica Alba on the television show, Dark Angel. Afterward, they began dating in January of 2000. He is 12 years older than Alba, and proposed to her during their relationship. By August of 2003, Alba broke off the relationship with him.

Paul Walker (2003): Pail Walker was another co-star with Jessica Alba. They were in the film, Into the Film, together in 2005. This occurred after their brief fling was already over. The couple has never said that they were officially together, but there were many rumors about it.

Sergio Garcia (2003): Sergio Garcia is a Spanish professional golfer. In December of 2004, they were spotted together frequently. Their fling only lasted for a month before it was over.

Mark Wahlberg (2004): After her fling with Garcia, Jessica Alba was spotted out and about with Mark Wahlberg. They were only spotted together for about a month in January of 2004, and the relationship was never confirmed.

Derek Jeter (2004): There are rumors that Alba was with the baseball player, Derek Jeter, in 2004. According to rumors, they were only together for a total of a month.

Cash Warren (2004- Current): Jessica Album met the director, Cash Warren, in 2004. He was the assistant director on her film, the Fantastic Four. They began dating in August of 2004. On May 19, 2008, they married at a courthouse in Beverly Hills. In 2008, they they had their first daughter, Honor Marie Warren. Their second daughter, Haven Garner Warren, was born in 2011.

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Net Worth

Jessica Alba’s estimated net worth is at about $200 million.

Her Name at Birth

At birth, her name was Jessica Marie Alba. Today, her first-born daughter has the same middle name.

Common Nicknames

She goes by the names of Jess, Jessica, Albz and Sky Angel.

Age and Birth Date

She was born on April 28 of 1981, so Alba is currently 33 years old. Jessica Alba will turn 34 years old in April of 2015.

Astrological Sun Sign

Her astrological sign is the Taurus.

Location of Her Birth

She was born in Pomona, California.


Alba is an American citizen.

Educational History

When she was only 16 years old, Jessica Alba graduated from high school. Afterward, she studied acting at the Atlantic Theater Company.

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Family Members

Father: Mark David Alba
Mother: Catherine Alba
Brother: Joshua Alba


Alba has a very slender and svelte figure.

Dress Size

2 (US)

Shoe Size

8 (US)


Alba is primarily known for her work as an actress, although she has also done modeling and directing.

Hair Color

Jessica has dark brown hair.

Eye Color

Alba has dark brown eyes.

Distinctive Features

She is recognized by her thin figure, high cheekbones and attractive curves.

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Her paternal grandparents were both immigrants from Mexico. On her mother’s side, she has Danish, Welsh, French-Canadian, German and English ancestry.


She was raised in a Roman Catholic family.

Best Known For

Alba is best known for her roles in movies like Sin City, Fantastic Four and Into the Blue.

Her First Television Show

The first time she was on television was in 1994. At the time, Jessica Alba was only 13 years old. She appeared on three episodes of The Secret World of Alex Mack as the character of Jessica.

Her First Film

Her first film was also in 1994. She was a minor character in the movie, Camp Nowhere. Alba played the role of Gail.

Jessica Alba’s Favorite Things

Favorite Perfume: Sage’s Turquoise Perfume Oil
Favorite Hobbies: Golf and Cooking
Favorite Designer: Dolce & Gabbana

Jessica Alba Facts

Despite her Mexican heritage, Jessica Alba does not speak Spanish at all.
As a child, Alba was frequently ill. In addition to multiple cases of pneumonia and asthma attacks, she had a collapsed lung twice. Due to her frequent illnesses, it was difficult for her to make friends.
Her father was in the Air Force, so Alba moved around frequently as a child.
In 2006, Ask Men ranked her as the most desirable woman alive.

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