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By on April 8, 2014

After beginning her acting career in 1986 in a minor role, American born Jennifer Lynn Lopez fast became the most successful Latina woman in the entertainment industry. Now aged forty four, the worldwide star boasts a CV which lists her as an actress, dancer, producer, recording artist, and the brains behind various clothing, perfume and cosmetic lines. Twenty eight years since she started her career and she still shows no signs of wishing to retire, in fact she’s a busy as ever and all the while she’s looking a young and as fantastic as ever too.

While the star has an undeniably lean, toned and admirable body what you may not know is that Jennifer Lopez isn’t obsessive over keeping it that way. She’s happy with herself no matter how she looks and urges other women to feel the same. Yes, she works out and eats relatively clean but she’s not obsessive and to her gaining a few pounds isn’t the end of the world. That’s life. Unlike some celebrities, she doesn’t want to whittle away every second of her spare time picking at salad or doing push ups, she’s rather simply enjoy her time. That said, she still does do some exercise, more to keep fit than anything else, so let’s take a look at Jennifer Lopez’s diet plan and workout routine.


Who Says You Need to Lose Weight?


Like I said before, Jennifer Lopez doesn’t obsess about her weight. In fact, she believes that losing weight beyond a certain point is a waste of valuable time and energy. She’s always said that she’d rathe rook and feel good than worry about what the scales say which is why she spends her time toning her body instead of whittling it away. She does this by doing resistance training up to three times per week with the guidance of her various trainers.


Mix It Up


Cardio is said to be the Holy Grail of exercises and is what experts believe helps to burn away the most calories in one go. This is advice that Jennifer Lopez follows and therefore she does a mix of cardio including running, cycling, the stair master and boxing. She does all these exercises on a regular basis but is always carful to mix up her routine to keep her body guessing and to ensure that it doesn’t adapt to the exercise, thus defeating the point of doing them.


Keep It Consistent


Jennifer Lopez believes that consistency is the key to having a great workout. It’s not about focussing on how much weight you want to lose or what you want to look like, it’s about helping your body to remember the routine by doing it constantly and making yourself fitter over time. If you focus on fitness over looks you’ll go much further and with much less stress. Having a positive attitude is definitely the place to start in Jennifer Lopez’s opinion.


What’s Her Secret?


After giving birth to twins, Jennifer Lopez was dedicated to getting back in shape, something that many people remember about her. She says it was her extensive variation and a combination of lunges and squats that helped to shift the fat from her body. She’s a firm believer that the best tool you have to shape your body is your body and you should use its own weight against it.


Protein and Minerals


The majority of Jennifer Lopez’s diet is made up of protein. This come either in the form of meat or Soya foods. This helps her body repair dry cells which is attributed to slowing down the ageing process. It’s also a great help when it comes to tonight your body and keeping fit. The star also drinks lots of water, preferably with minerals in it, which helps her skin to glow and refreshes and cleanses her body from the inside out.




Jennifer Lopez has never starved herself to lose weight and insists that she never will. It’s her number one rule. Doing so only helps you lose energy opposed to fat. She’s completely against size zero being a size and says that once people accept that it’s not realistic their journey will be much simpler.


Never Be Greedy


The star always eats what she loves but never becomes obsessive about eating. She eats fast foods, carbs, chocolate, and anything else she fancies so long as she controls her cravings and never becomes greedy. Greed only leads to increased weight gain, she insists. You don’t have to control and count every single calorie you consume but be aware of how much you’re eating and try not to indulge and overeat (or at least try not to indulge too often if you must). Keep your diet balanced by eating plenty of good and bad foods. Your body will be happier for it.


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