Jennifer Lawrence Diet and Workout

By on April 7, 2015

24 year old Jennifer Lawrence is well known in Hollywood these days for her unbelievable acting in massive hit movies such as The Hunger Games, but also for her huge-mouth that doesn’t know when to be quiet, and the great sense of humour that comes across even when she is being deadly silent. There is a reason she has become one of the most loved actresses around the world, and why Pinterest is filled with meme’s of this hot chick and all the really funny things she says.

One of the reasons she is most loved, especially among young women, is because of her refusal to become a stick-insect – a size zero waif, with no meat on her bones. Much preferring to be curvy and vivacious over a teeny tiny size zero, she eats pizza at awards ceremonies and even once said that she would much rather sit on her ass all day and eat junk food on the couch when she has one of her very few days to herself.

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In the run-up to The Hunger Games movies, however, she had to battle the bugle and not only eat healthy, but train well in order to achieve that magnificent physique we have come to associate with Katniss Everdeen – the kick-ass part she plays in the movies.

Jennifer Lawrence Diet

There were a few rules that this young starlet had to live by if she wanted to look the part when it comes to staying alive in the dog-eat-dog world of the book-come-movies that took the world by storm. She had to watch her calorie intake, for example, but rather than focus on dieting as such, she was to eat plenty, but of the good foods, rather than the bad ones.

Jennifer has openly admitted to hating dieting, much like the rest of us, and it just goes to show that a healthy and balanced diet with plenty of exercise will give you the body you’d always wanted, while still being able to enjoy a nice juicy slice of pizza, or a lump of chocolate cake. It’s all about counting those calories, and when you consider that it takes around 3,500 calories to burn off just one pound of fat, every little bit really does help.

Drinks are something that are often overlooked in the dieting world, but this was something that Jennifer Lawrence needed to pay particular attention to. Alcoholic drinks, for example, are just empty calories – you don’t gain any nutrients from them but you will get a bit tipsy, and at the end of the day, you’re still going to need to burn them off, much like you would any other calorie. Coffee, orange juice, and even smoothies and milkshakes can contain more calories than single burger, and sometimes it helps to do a little bit more research on how many calories really are in your favourite foods and drinks.

Of course, above all else, the most important thing in Jennifer’s (and therefore, yours) diet plan, is consistency. You need to keep up with your hard work. What’s the point in behaving yourself for a couple of weeks, start to notice the difference, and then give up simply because you really wanted to binge out all day. By all means, let yourself have cheat days, but always pick yourself up and get right back on track. Just because you had one bad day, doesn’t mean that it needs to spoil all of your hard work.

Jennifer Lawrence Workout

The right diet must be combined with the right exercise in order to get that beautiful, buff body you had always dreamed of, and for The Hunger Games, Jennifer really did up her exercise levels. Morning exercise help to get the blood pumping and set you for the rest of the day and on top of that, you also help to give your metabolism a boot in the right direction too!

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Jennifer’s lean and trim physique is down to cardio workouts, combined with weight training to further tone. The treadmill has become her best friend, and it will become yours too with a decent support bra and some good music to listen to. That’s one tip you should never forget – any workout is all the more fun with a bit of upbeat, happy music, so pick your favourite tunes, set up a playlist, and get running!

Yoga is another great exercise to perform if you want to increase your strength and sort out those abs. A flexible body will do many more things that you tell it to than one that isn’t so flexible, so get stretching and remember to breathe!

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