Jennifer Aniston Diet and Workout

By on April 2, 2014

Perhaps best known for her role as the beloved Rachel Green in the hit sit-com Friends, Jennifer Aniston is one of the most well known actresses on the planet. In addition to Friends, she’s also starred in plenty of movies, a vast majority of them rom-coms, and been critically acclaimed for her work. In recent years, she’s also branched out and has become a producer and director in addition to being an actress too.

The fact that she has talent is undeniable but another well known fact about the star is that she has an amazing figure too. She looks toned and lean while still looking amazingly feminine too. In fact, in 2012 Fitness Magazine named her best body of the year. If that isn’t an incredible list of achievements then I don’t know what is. Women everywhere envy her figure which begs the question just what does it take to look like Jennifer Aniston? You’ll be pleased to know what I have the secrets of her diet plan and workout routine right here!


For Breakfast…


Breakfast for the star is usually simple and consists of freeze watermelon (normally three cups) and a smoothie of whatever she fancies that day.


For Lunch…


Jennifer Aniston loves a bowl of soup for her lunch but not plain old tomato like you or I might have. She loves a mix of spinach, arugula, dandelion greens, ginger, garlic, uncooked soya sauce, zucchini, lemon, onion and cayenne. Believe it or not, all that blended with perhaps a touch of pumpkin or almonds is said to taste incredibly good and is also wonderfully healthy. When she starred in Friends, Jennifer Aniston was seen eating Cobb salad for lunch daily but with various toppings such as bacon and garbanzo beans.


For Dinner…


Dinner for Jennifer Aniston is often seaweed salad, one of her favourites and the most common food in her diet, but she also sometimes has blended garlic, lemon, olive oil and  sea salt poured over a salad or onions, tomatoes and parsley. It’s a very high protein and low fat diet. Very healthy, Jen!


The Zone Diet


While she’s not following it now, Jennifer Aniston has also reportedly followed the Zone Diet. It consists of a  40:30:30 ratio plan of carbs, fats and proteins.


Muscle Building


Jennifer Aniston is a big fan of strength training. It helps her to keep her muscle tone which even helps her to burn off more calories. She often works out with a resistance band or does Pilates to focus on this. It’s said Jennifer Aniston is also a big fan of lifting weights and always carries them with her while working so she can workout in front of the TV in her hotel while on a break. It’s a great was to multitask and is obviously working out for her.


A Hectic Routine


Jennifer Aniston has a very busy life which means she’s a fan of exercises that don’t require her to have equipment with her, that way she can workout whenever she gets a minute free. She loves doing things like yoga (which she ensures she does at least three times a week), squats and crunches every morning as she doesn’t need to worry about hitting the gym or finding the equipment to do them. It’s said that she always stretches every morning and every night before bed to keep her body in tip top condition.




Jennifer Aniston works out a minimum of five to six times a week (though most weeks she works out every day) and on all these days she makes sure she does at least forty minutes of cardio. This may include running, elliptical or spinning. This keeps her physically fit and contributes to her killer set of legs.


Something’s Fishy


Jennifer Aniston loves eating fish and always makes sure she has it at least twice a week. It’s omega three rich and helps to control weight and also improves the look of skin and hair. It’s reported that her favourite fish to eat is salmon, especially with a side salad and some lemon.


She Doesn’t Restrict Herself


If Jennifer Aniston wants to indulge in a specific food she does just that. She doesn’t hold back and allows herself to eat a slice of pizza or a bar of chocolate if she’s in the mood. While she doesn’t restrict herself by banning certain foods however, she always knows the calorie count of these foods so that she can make sure she burns off that many calories by working out to makeup for it. She’s always very strict with herself and makes sure she works off the indulgence no later than the next day.


So there you have it, Jennifer Aniston’s diet plan and workout routine. It’s amazing that she manages to do all this despite her busy schedule which means that surely we can manage it too. Good luck!

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