Top 10 Japanese Female Models 2017

By on September 21, 2017

Japan has a population of over 127 million people, so it makes sense that some of the world’s most beautiful women would come from that part of the world. Belonging to Asia and covering over 6,800 individual islands, it’s a country that holds the title of having the third highest life expectancy across the world. Perhaps it should also have the title for creating some of the most beautiful models too? We’re paying some attention to ten of them here …

1 – Masami Nagasawa

One of Japan’s most loved actresses and models, Masami Nagasawa, is 30 years old and has made quite the name for herself, not just in the world of modelling and TV/film acting, but also as a personality on radio, making her a woman of many talents. It is within the acting world that she holds the biggest light, even going as far as to star in Internationally known movies, including 2016’s Our Little Sister. Add a music career, some stage stuff, and a string of awards and you’re looking at one of the top 10 Japanese female models 2017, and also one of the most talented, it might be argued.

Top 10 Japanese Female Models 2017 1

Source: masami_nagasawa

2 – Rio Matsumoto

It was during the mid 90’s that Rio Matsumoto first rose to fame, mostly known for her TV appearances. She’s moved on a long way since then, however, and has made her name for herself in the world of movies and modelling, as well as TV, and she can even boast of a music career to boot, releasing a single back in 2004.

Top 10 Japanese Female Models 2017 2

Source: Cinemagia

3 – Yumi Kobayashi

28-year-old Japanese model, Yumi Kobayashi, is also known by her “showbiz” name, Yumi Ono, and is regularly seen in fashion magazines across the country. Her career begin in 2002 when she started working with Loveberry, a magazine featuring fashion for teens. She’s certainly a beautiful face, but is she one of your top Japanese models?

Top 10 Japanese Female Models 2017 3

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4 – Maki Nishiyama

If you’ve ever read the monthly magazine, CanCam, you’ll know who Maki Nishiyama is. She’s one of the top 10 Japanese female models 2017 who bagged herself a deal with a magazine, and that was the one! Of course, that’s now all you’ll recognise this Japanese beauty from. She featured as a spokesperson for the fast food restaurant chain, McDonald’s in her home country, as well as various TV and movie appearances, and then she shot to tabloid fame by marrying a man six years her junior. She’s only 31 years old herself, but the ‘cougar’ headlines soon hit. We don’t think there’s anything wrong at all with wanting a younger man. For the record, it was fellow actor, Taichi Saotome that she married.

Top 10 Japanese Female Models 2017 4

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5 – Rosa Kato

Rosa Kota is 32 years old and was born in Kagoshima, Japan, becoming known for being a commercial model, as well as a Japanese actress too. She spent a brief spell modelling for a bridal magazine back in 2004, and it wasn’t long before other, bigger gigs soon followed. Rosa started popping up in lots of commercials, and even went on to win an award for appearing in Dance Drill in 2006. She’s actually half Japanese and half Irish, but she definitely deserves her spot on the top 10 Japanese female models 2017. Don’t you think?

Top 10 Japanese Female Models 2017 5

Source: katorosa_official

6 – Kurara Chibana

The 32-year-old Kurara Chibana was well known for her flirty looks and cheeky winks when she represented Japan in the 2006 Miss Universe and Miss Universe Japan competitions. She actually won Miss Universe Japan, and in Miss Universe, she ended as first runner-up. In fact, her facial expressions won the judges over so much that she made it to the top five, despite beating some of the most-favourited competition. It’s not hard to see why, really, seeing as she’s super beautiful and everything! (Not that the other women weren’t, obviously … )

Top 10 Japanese Female Models 2017 6

Source: chibanakurara.official

7 – Miyako Miyazaki

39-year-old Japanese mode, Miyako Miyazaki, is also the winner of beauty pageants, bringing Japan back into the Miss Universe pageant for the first time in more than fifteen years! Not just a beautiful model, she was also known to be somewhat of a diva and was known for her moves on the stage as well as her looks and those elegant gowns she was famed for wearing.

Top 10 Japanese Female Models 2017 7

Source: miyakomiyazaki

Back in 2003, she was voted as one of the ‘Sexiest Women Alive’ by Global Beauties, and also knows her stuff when it comes to fashion too. At Kumamoto University she studied for her degree in Arts and also loves reading and calligraphy too, and that’s before you get into her designer connections, working with Celine, Nina Ricci, and even Renault.

Top 10 Japanese Female Models 2017 8

Source: miyakomiyazaki

8 – Meisa Kuroki

29-year-old Meisa Kuroki is not just one of the contenders for the top 10 Japanese female models 2017, but a singer, signed to Sony Music Japan, and an actress too. Originally born in Okinawa, Japan, she has starred in a wide range of stage shows over her short career, as well as various TV and film roles, but it is her work with fashion that puts her well and truly on the celeb map, working with the designer, Giorgio Armani for Japan. She is also the face of Epson for Japan too.

Top 10 Japanese Female Models 2017 9

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9 – Leena

Also known by her real name, Chen-yi Lee, Leena is a Japanese model of fashion, also regularly appearing in the Japanese fashion magazine for women, CanCam. She was originally born in China but moved to Japan when she was very young – just nine years old. Just a little while after her 18th birthday, while she was studying engineering at university, she won a modelling competition and the rest, as they say, is history!

Top 10 Japanese Female Models 2017 10

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10 – Noriko Kijima

In 2005, Noriko Kijima won one of the Japanese national contests of school girl modelling, which paved the way for the rest of her career. She’s known as a gravure idol, appearing in a number of gravure videos, and has since made the move from modelling and fashion into acting.

Top 10 Japanese Female Models 2017 11

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