Is He Using Me ? 10 Signs He’s Just Using You

By on March 11, 2015

So how do you spot a guy that’s just using you? Read his actions. If you have a hunch but aren’t sure that Is he using me?, read these signs and see if it hits the nail on the head. If he’s just using you, he’s definitely not worth your time, no matter how cute he might be. You deserve respect and if he’s not willing to give it, you can kick him to the curb for good. Sadly, not all men have good intentions and when we are kind hearted, sometimes we can be naively fooled into phony relationships just waiting to be crushed when we find out he’s not genuine. The earlier you spot the signs of a jerk, the sooner you can leave the loser.


Is He Using Me

He Asks You To Dress A Certain Way

Any man that is just trying to improve his image by having some arm candy might be inclined to tell you what to wear. This is a big no no ladies. If a man respects you and cares about you, he will grant you the ability to use your own free will. If he ever makes condescending comments about your clothes, he’s not worth your time  (unless of course you ask for his honest opinion).


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He Insults Your Intelligence

Women know when a man isn’t listening to her. When you have to repeat yourself a lot or he brushes off what you say as unimportant, chances are you’re dealing with a jerk. If he asks you not to talk or talks over you, he clearly doesn’t think you are an equal and is probably just using you. This man is old school and it’s time to show him the door. If he speaks to you in with a belittling tone as if you’re dumb or a child, chances are he sees you as an object. Some men are pretty heartless and we have to judge their words and actions carefully to know if they are using us or not. If he thinks your decisions are a waste of time or laughs at your personal goals, you’re definitely wasting your time my dear. That’s a sign of a man that only cares about himself and he will only hurt you.


He Brags About How Much He Spends

When you notice a man is obsessed about his image and his possessions, he may also have a tendency to use women. If he’s always bragging to you about how much money he makes, how much he spends on you or his personal possessions, you can be sure his heart is probably not it it. A humble man will not make you feel small by bragging about his money and if he’s so concerned with money, he’s probably just looking for someone to improve his image and will not be there for you emotionally. That’s the truth without sugar coating it.


He Doesn’t Call You Back

When a man doesn’t respect you enough to answer your calls and only contacts you when he feels like it, that’s a big sign that he is just using you. Do not allow yourself to be used like that and don’t give him the time of day. The same goes for unanswered text messages or rude one word answers. Don’t go for men who won’t communicate with you, you’ll only get burned ladies.


He Stares At Other Women

When you’re in public and he’s giving women elevator eyes and making comments about their looks, you can be sure his heart is not with you. If he’s just out for a good time, he won’t be respectful of your feelings, especially when it comes to other women. Some men are just not capable of being in committed relationships so read the writing on the wall and save yourself while you can. Men that use women can be very manipulative and know how to break down women’s self esteem so they can control them. When you feel disrespected, don’t fight for the relationship, remove yourself from the relationship immediately and cut off all communication so you’re not tempted back.


He Cancels On You A Lot

When a man shows you he doesn’t respect your time, he will change plans a lot. He will think nothing of standing you up without calling or just not returning your calls when you’re sitting wondering where he is. When he makes all the plans and everything is on his terms, you can be sure he’s just using you.


He Only Calls Late At Night

This is an obvious sign he is just using you. After he’s had a few drinks and is looking for a good time, he might text you to meet up. This is something you should never fall for and any self respecting woman should stick up for themselves and ask men like that not to contact them. When women cater to men that use them, men think they can get away with it so don’t add to the problem.


He Keeps You A Secret

If he makes up excuses not to meet your family and won’t tell his coworkers, friends or family about you, you can be sure he’s just using you. This is not a good feeling and a truly respecting man will never do this to a woman. No matter what excuse he gives you, it’s not good enough. No man should be allowed to keep you a secret. If he wants to be with you, he needs to be willing to not keep it a secret. That’s the sign of a selfish man and you don’t want anything to do with him.


Only Parties With You

When a man doesn’t want to experience the daily tasks of life with you like going grocery shopping or going to the doctor, he’s probably just using you. The term, ‘good time friend’ is for people that you only party with and beyond that you can’t rely on them for anything. Don’t allow yourself to be put in that category. Remember, there are good men out there who won’t treat you like that, make it a point to hang out with intelligent men who also communicate about their feelings and intentions.


He Refuses To Cuddle

When a man is too stuck up to cuddle, you can be sure he’s just using you. If you feel like he doesn’t care about you, listen to your intuition. You can’t win over a man like that. Don’t waste your time trying. If he isn’t the romantic type, he’s probably also not the kind type and you should run, not walk, away from that heartless dude. Remember, things are not always what we first imagine them to be in our heads. Try to realize when things aren’t what you originally pictured in your so called relationship and if you’re being used, there are more fish in the sea and plenty of deserving ones. Don’t beat yourself up for coming across a lemon.


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