Is He Interested in Me?

By on January 27, 2014


You have had your eye on that special someone for weeks and cannot read them. Are they interested in you? Figuring out if a crush really likes you or is just being nice is not always a clear cut matter. If you want to know if he or she is really interested in you, read on for some of the top signs.


Rambling is a Sign of Nerves

One of the first signs that your crush has eyes for you is how they act. If they have a habit of rambling or fall silent when you are around, it is because they are nervous around you. They like you and do not know how to behave. When your crush cannot seem to fall silent, they are probably interested in you.

You Know His Friends

Late night booty calls are seldom around to meet friends and family. For many guys and gals, the date only meets the family after the relationship has continued for months. If your crush has already introduced you to his family and friends, your chances are strong. Dates and crushes never bring a girl around to their friends unless the interest is real. When you have already met his friends, you can be certain that he likes you.

Spending Time Together

Do you remember When Harry Met Sally? Meg Ryan was shocked when Billy Crystal said girls and guys cannot just be friends. Although this is not always the case, it does ring true. If the guy you like is trying to spend time with you, it is likely that he is interested in you. He invites you over to his house or to hang out because he wants to get to know you. When you are alone together, he can learn more about you and figure out if you truly like him as well.


He or She Tries to Connect

When you are talking with your crush, does he try to connect with you? He may ask about your family or the place you grew up. From hobbies to favorite foods, he or she will go out of their way to find out more about you. They will also notice things like an outfit that you wore or your birthday that average people just do not notice. When your crush is continuously trying find common ground, it is a surefire sign that he is interested in you.

He or She Attempts to Catch Your Eye

Even when you are hanging out with friends, he or she tries to draw your attention to them. They may try to sit next to you during lunch and pay an unusual amount of interest in you. When you are in a large group or party, you may even catch them watching you when they think you do not notice. This is more than just a sign that they are interested—it means that they cannot keep their mind or eyes off of you.


He or She Likes to Tease You

Sometimes your crush goes beyond seeking your attention. Instead of just drawing your focus to them, they will tease you and try to get you to smile. Some biologists and anthropologists have noted that humor could have developed during evolution as a way for men to find a mate. In studies, women tended to laugh when they were interested in the guy—even when the joke or comment was not amusing. Within the real world, guys do make jokes and tease the girls they like. If your crush is trying to make you laugh, they like you.

He or She is Willing to Share Their Secrets

From grade school swirlies to foolish mistakes, guys do not like to show that they are embarrassed. If he is willing to tell you how embarrassed he is, it is a sign that he is interested. He has grown comfortable with you and is starting to open up about his secrets.

Compliments and Flirts With You

Does he or she tell you how gorgeous you look or notice sudden changes to your hairstyle? If your crush is going out of their way to compliment you, they are interested in you. They like the way you look or act and want to let you know it.


His Attitude Changes

Let’s face it: guys can be gross. When it is a guy’s night, crude jokes, weird noises and unusual smells are just the norm. If you are just one of the guys, he will act just the same when he is with you. For a love interest, guys will start to act differently. They may appear to be more respectable or mature. At the very least, the crude jokes will be cut out of their normal conversation patterns.

Your Crush Tries to Be Close or Touch You

When someone is interested, they will unconsciously try to become closer to you. They may touch your arm or pat your back. It is part of human nature to try to be physically close to a love interest.


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