Is He in Love With Me? 20 Signs He Is In Love With You

By on March 10, 2015

Let’s face it, some good men still aren’t the best at expressing their feelings in words. Not to worry though because we can decipher their actions to know what he thinks about us.Is He in Love With Me? Here are some clear indicators, this man has fallen for you in all the right ways. See how many signs your man is displaying to see where you are in your relationship development and if you’re not quite there yet, don’t give up if you haven’t given it a good amount of time. Remember, some men will say I love you after a week and some will wait six months until they know you’re probably the one.


Introduction To The Circle of Trust

This is a big step for most men. If you are introduced to his family and closest friends, chances are he thinks very highly of you and is feeling those loving vibes.


Is He in Love With Me

Takes Care of You When You’re Sick

Guys really don’t go out of their way for women they don’t care deeply about. If he’s bringing you chicken soup and ginger ale when you can’t get out of bed, this dude has, as Usher says, got it bad.


Helps You Out in a Pinch

When he offers to help you out whether it’s fixing your tire, lending you some money when things are tight or offering to attend something that you might need some moral support for, this guy is showing he will do anything to make you happy and that’s a sign of love.


Can’t Stay Mad Long

Love is a different feeling than lust. Love is truly caring about the other person’s happiness and it’s hard for him to stay mad at you because he thinks you’re adorable. He may let you know if something bothered him but it will not be harsh and he won’t punish you with the silent treatment if he’s totally in love with you because he does not want to lose you.


love 5 

Acts Goofy Around You

Even the most serious business man will be able to be himself when he’s in love. They let their guard down and can relax around you because you make them feel amazing. You brighten up their day because you are the most beautiful person in the world to them and it makes them giddy.


Says You Would Make A Great Mom

Oh yeah this is a sure sign my dears. If he’s mentioned what a great mom you would make multiple times, you guessed it, he’s picturing you as the mother of his children! He’s scheming about your lives together because he loves you even if he hasn’t said those three words.


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He Wants To Get Away With You

If this man wants to take you all to himself and get to know you, he’s smitten darling. When he only wants to party with you around other people, he’s probably not in love but when he wants prolonged one on one time where you will be together solo for a few days, he’s head over heels for sure.

Is He in Love With Me?  


Women are very intuitive, we can tell when a man is showing us off in public and when he respects us. Public displays of affection show that he thinks the world of you and isn’t afraid to show it. If he’s grabbing for your hand at dinner or puts his arm around you when you’re with your friends, you can be sure it’s more than a crush. Those little sweet gestures give him away.


Cooks Your Favorite Foods

When he goes out of his way to make you happy, he’s trying to impress you. Guys don’t make investments in women they don’t care about so if he’s making truffled lobster rigatoni for you because it’s your kryptonite, he’s trying to melt your heart and get you to crave him more than that lobster. When he’s catering to your preferences, he’s trying to show you he’s marrying material.


Touches Your Hair

This is a dead give away. Men who like you let you fix your own hair but if he’s got those deep feelings for you he will be running his fingers through your hair or sweetly tucking it behind your ear. If he comments on your natural beauty and your unique traits, he’s looking deeper than the surface and absolutely adores you.


Overlooks Your Flaws

We all have them and when men are willing to accept them and want to still be closer than ever, it’s a big sign he’s looking at having a future with you as his queen. When he wants to know your weaknesses it shows he really wants to deepen the bond between you which is a sign he’s on cloud 9.


Makes You Feel Comfortable Opening Up

When a man tries to communicate with you and asks you deeper questions, he’s giving you a clue that he’s in love. If he’s trying to help you talk about something because he cares about you, he’s offering emotional support which is what love makes you do. You’ll know he loves you when you feel it coming from his actions.


Stays In Contact With You

When you’re away from him and he’s texting and calling, he can’t get you off of his mind and really doesn’t want you to forget him. If he’s sending you the ‘I miss you’ messages or trying to make plans to see you next, chances are his heart beats for you. If you go out of town and he sends you songs, pictures and stays in contact with you throughout the day, he’s giving himself away, he can’t help it.


Makes Sure You’re Comfortable

When a man feels as though he’s found his soul mate, he will naturally do everything he can to make sure you’re comfortable. Whether it’s helping you pick out of pair of running shoes or giving you his coat when you’re shivering, there are many ways he can help you be comfortable. If you notice him asking if you’re comfortable, he’s giving his secret away, he loves you. When he always get’s you a blanket or makes you tea, he just wants to win you over because he thinks you’re a princess, which you are.


Asks You Lots of Questions

Men can’t force themselves to make an effort until they find someone they really feel is worth it. If he thinks you’re a perfect ten, a home run and wants to snatch you up, he will dig deeper to get to know you. When he’s prowling around your mind to see what you see in your future, he’s trying to fit himself into it. When he asks about your childhood and your past, he just wants to get to know you better because he loves you.


Involves You In Everything

You can be sure a man who invites you to do everything with him and can’t get enough of you is quite in love. When he wants to do daily tasks like grocery shopping or picking out furniture together, he sees you guys as a unit and not as a casual fling. If he invites you to do silly things that he doesn’t need your help with it’s because he just loves your company.


Doesn’t Keep Secrets

If your man just blurts out the truth all the time no matter how embarrassing, this is a sign he’s in love. He’s opened up to you and vulnerable because he’s comfortable with the lady he loves. He trusts you and can’t help but be honest. When he shares his dreams and fears with you, he’s not just thinking about you as a temporary thing.


Blurts Out I Love You All The Time

Sometimes guys don’t really mean it when they say I love you but if he just says it out of the blue a lot, you’ll know he really does. When he says it from the heart, you’ll feel it girl. When a guy can’t help saying it in front of people, then you really know how deep his feelings are.


Looks You Right In The Eye

The deadlock stare is a clear sign his soul likes your soul. When a man isn’t afraid to look you right in the eye and doesn’t look away, it shows he trusts you and is showing his soul to you because, yup he loves you. When he looks you in the eye and says ‘I love you so much’ or smiles and can’t find the words, you know he’s sincere.


Makes It Clear You’re A Couple

If he lets everyone know you’re a couple and everyone knows about you, this man is proud of you and isn’t hiding you. When a man wants everyone to know you’re his girl, he’s marking his territory because there is no question about it, he is in love. When people call him and he says he’s with his girlfriend, you know he’s proud of you. Men that aren’t in love don’t want the official relationship title but when they are, they know how to use it to show their love for you too.


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